1408 – a Movie Review

1408 is a 2007 drama/horror movie starring John Cusack as Mike Enslin. Mike Enslin is a cynical writer who specializes in debunking supernatural phenomena. He learns about a haunted room at the Dolphin Hotel in New York City and despite numerous warnings of danger, he stays in the room number “1408.” I have watched a lot many movies of this genre on popular streaming platforms such as il genio dello streaming. The movie is basically about the supernatural occurrences that Mike experiences in “1408.” The first twenty minutes of the movie are spent learning about Mike’s background and personality. The last 84 minutes occur in the haunted room.

The movie is based on a short story by Stephen King. I have heard the director’s cut has a different ending but I have only seen the theatrical version. I was not impressed with the movie at all. I found the introduction boring, the haunting mediocre and not really scary, and the actors did not grab my attention. I was very disappointed with the movie. I have not read the short story but I am sure this movie does not do the story justice.

I have read numerous reviews saying that 1408 is one of the best horror movies ever. I must have watched a different movie because I didn’t get that feeling at all. I am curious about the director’s cut version but I doubt watching it will change my opinion drastically. 1408 is boring, boring, boring. The only redeeming factor is John Cusack. He is a great actor and really saves his character from being downright pathetic.

Samuel L. Jackson’s part was just a waste of space. Samuel L. Jackson is a wonderful actor. The director could have done so much more with him. Instead he comes across as a condescending hotel manager in the ten minutes that he is actually in the film. Why is he on the movie poster when his part is so small? I felt like his part was a waste of his time. Anyone could have played the part of the hotel manager. It didn’t really require much acting skill.

The movie is more drama then horror. Mike Enslin is skeptical and depressed because he lost his daughter to some illness. Boo hoo for him. Sorry but the movie didn’t do enough to create any sympathy for his character. So to make his life complete he now travels around proving that there is no God, no ghosts, and no life after death. Well, I think I have seen way too many movies because that plot seems very familiar. Not only is the movie boring but it isn’t very original. Side note: I am quite confident that Stephen King would never copy after anyone. He is a true original. It just makes me wonder how many people have borrowed from his short story to make the movie seem so familiar to me.

Perhaps reading Stephen King’s short story would have helped me enjoy the movie more. On the other hand, I probably would have hated the movie even more because movies based on stories are hardly every consistent or comparable. I give the movie 1 star out of 5. The movie was just way too boring.

Advantages of Composite Decking

In the light of growing concern about degrading natural resources and environmental decay, eco-friendly modes of survival are gaining ground. And composite decking is one of such modes which have gain popularity for its environment-friendly nature. Composite decking is a factory-made building material that uses plastic and wood fibers to form a replacement for timber decking. It is not only eco-friendly but also more costeffective and durable than the traditional wood decking.  

Why should you use composite decking? 

Composite decking is being readily accepted as a superior option over wood decking, and that is so for various reasons. Let us look at why composite decking is considered more convenient than the traditional decking materials. 

  • Composite decking requires very less maintenance than the traditional wooden decking. What it requires is just cleaning with water and soap, but nothing extra. There is no need for frequent re-painting, staining, or sanding.  
  • The composite decks get superior durability over other forms of decking. Due to a mixture of wood and plastic, the decking material lasts longer and is wellarmed against rotting, cracking, or warping. The material is built to minimize water absorption, which makes this kind of decking even better for outside decks.  
  • As far as looks go, composite decking appears brilliant with all those blends of pure wooden patterns and glossy nature. The color does not fade easily, thus maintaining the natural wooden glow for a long time. Moreover, composite decking is available in a variety of color options to choose from.  

  • The most important advantage of composite decking is its eco-friendly nature. While pure plastic decking is considered to be the least environmentfriendly, traditional wooden decking is also not suitable because it involves the felling of the number of trees. That is why composite decking has brought about minimal use of trees and harmful plastic to prevent environmental decay.  
  • Composite decking is said to be costeffective because on a long term perspective, it returns great value for money. The initial purchase may be a bit expensive, but the total maintenance charges over the years are lot less than traditional decking.  

Baby Gift Baskets- The Perfect Gift For The Newly Born Babies

The moment when a new baby is born in the house, everyone seems to be happy and full of joy. New baby in the house light up the environment with lots of happiness and you can add up the shine by gifting them a baby basket.

It is one of the most demanding gifts because all the essential things are to be present in the baby basket. Things like baby soap, shampoo, etc. are to be present in the basket. It can be beneficial for the baby, too, and it will be used in taking care of the baby.

Make the basket customized

There are two ways of purchasing a basket that is get it ready-made or made it customized. A customization is a better option because, in this, you can easily get to add the best products for the baby of your own choice. Always go for the best in a quality product that should not harm the baby.

You should go for baby gift baskets Canada if you want the products to be high in terms of quality. There are various things you should consider before selecting like baby shampoo. It should not hurt the eyes of the baby at any cost.

Why is baby basket the most demanding gifts by the customer?

It is the most demanding gifts because a new baby cannot play with toys or cannot enjoy wearing new clothes. So a basket is a thing that can be used in taking care of the baby.

The products inside the basket are the ones that will be beneficial for the health of a baby. He or she will get to have the utmost care by the products gifted by you.

Write Internet Articles that Work

For account based marketing you need impeccable skills with your emails so that you can attract more potential customers. In this article, we are going through some of the best tips and recommendations that you can follow in order to create some of the best articles and emails on the internet. 

Discover the three parts of any article and how to easily master them for your success.

You write articles with one goal in mind, to drive targeted traffic to your web site, to generate income.

So it’s absolutely essential that your articles work.

There are no secrets or tricks to achieving your goal of driving targeted traffic to your web site using articles.

To write Internet articles that work, all you need to do is learn, understand and master the three parts of any article.

Your Headline

Your Article Body

Your Resource Box

Each of these three parts has a very specific purpose and goal to achieve.

Your headline must capture the Internet surfer’s attention and make them want to read your article.

The article’s body has to deliver what your headline promises. It also has to either solve your reader’s problem or give them the information they need or must-have.

Your Resource Box must include a call to action that easily leads the reader to your web site.

How do these three parts work together?

Your headline gets their attention and makes them want to read your article. Your article body delivers what they’re looking for and your resource box leads them to your web site.

Your Headline

This is the very first thing your potential reader sees.

Notice I said “potential” reader.

On the Internet, people don’t read, they can. When someone clicks on your article, you have only 2 to 3 seconds to capture their attention and get them to start reading your article.

If you write Internet articles with ho-hum, boring headlines, your articles won’t get a second look and your “potential” readers will simply click and move on in little more than the blink of an eye.

So take the time to think about your headline, write a couple, then select the one you feel will deliver readers.

Your Article Body

I have read articles by authors who state that you only need a great headline and a great resource box to drive targeted traffic to your web site. These authors claim that your article’s body isn’t that important. But I strongly disagree and here’s why.

After your “potential” reader scans your headline and decides to start reading your article, it only stands to reason that if your article doesn’t deliver, your reader won’t continue reading. Instead, they will click away before they ever get close to your resource box.

Write Internet articles that deliver what your headlines promise.

Deliver the goods QUICKLY.

After your headline, write a brief one-sentence sub-headline that asks a question or makes a strong statement. Get your reader engaged right away.

Next, tell them what you’re going to tell them. What problem are you going to solve for them? What information are you about to give them that they need or better yet, must have.

Then quickly start giving them the information. And if you deliver, your “potential” reader will become engaged in the information and will read your entire article.

And of course, that brings your reader right to your resource box.

Your Resource Box

Also called the Author’s Bio, or Author’s Box, this is the only place in your article that you are allowed to sell yourself and offer a link or two or three so your readers can easily go to your web site.

For your resource box to be effective, it must include a very brief sentence about why you’re an expert. It must also include a “call to action”. In other words, get them to click on your link to a page with more information. You can also offer them something for free and you can invite them to subscribe to your ezine.

Work on your resource box, it has to be a good one and it has to deliver that targeted traffic to your web site.

When you write Internet articles with headlines that work, your potential readers start reading your articles.

When your articles deliver on the promise your headlines make, your potential readers become readers.

And when your readers come to your resource box, and you give them a reason to want to learn more from you, give them a call to action, something free or an invitation to subscribe to your ezine — they may just click and visit your site.

Now you’ve achieved your goal. More targeted traffic more clicks more potential income.

A final word.

As you’ve just learned, there are no secrets or tricks to achieving your goal of driving targeted traffic to your site.

All you need to do is to learn, understand and master the three parts of writing Internet articles that I’ve just outlined for you.

Have fun

Movie Review – The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer is a film based on the novel of the same name written by Michael Connelly. I suspect that film is not the best medium to relate the multitude of events that probably flowed smoothly in the telling in its original paper form as rainierland done and won the award for their work and service management qualities.

Matthew McConaughey has finally snagged a role which may or may not convince the critics that he can act. At least, the script is there for him to project finally a three-dimensional character, flawed though he be. As Mick Haller, McConaughey portrays a lawyer whose former clients are not moneyed people who have been able to set him up in a plush office surrounded by a competent staff. Instead, he spends his working day in the back seat of a Lincoln, chauffeured by his loyal aide Earl.

Haller appears to have hit the jackpot when he is asked to defend a rich young man, Louis Roulet (played by Ryan Phillippe) who is accused of beating a prostitute. Haller is aided in his work by an investigator, Frank Levin (William H. Macy) with whom he can bounce off his ideas. Haller’s persona as a man-about-town, known by all and stopped in his tracks by friends as he goes through his day, is a bit annoying as we learn more about his character as the plot moves forward.

It seems that Haller is divorced from his wife Maggie (Marisa Tomei) who is a prosecuting attorney and is disenchanted with the caliber of the clients her ex-husband chooses to defend. They have a young daughter and the parents try to stay on good terms for the sake of their child. One suspects that Haller’s excessive drinking probably precipitated the divorce which has not cured him of his habit. There is so much about his character that is not appealing.

There are some pleasant twists and turns in the plot here. For instance, Haller notices a similarity in the evidence he is pondering to a case he handled a few years back. He is hand-cuffed, however, by attorney-client confidentiality to bring the other case up in court. We know that Haller is slick, and thus unhampered by this dilemma. Yes, he is clever in getting himself out from under with his legal profession intact.

Parking tickets, murder weapons, jailhouse talk, a house break-in, additional murder, all add up to a complicated plot which seems to be too much to handle on film, as stated above. Because of this, the viewer is presented with very little character development, and thus unable to take sides in the confusing tale as it unfolds. Nevertheless, fans of Matthew McConaughey will be thrilled at the transformation they see in their hero. It is definitely worth two hours of your time to view yet another court house drama.


The Lincoln Lawyer (2011)


Some of the best Puzzle Games on Mobile

If you are fond of playing puzzle games, you are in the right place. This article will give you some of the best puzzle games on mobile. Hence, you can play it wherever and whenever you like. 

The Room Series 

The Room is one of the most popular and commonly played puzzle games on mobile phones. It is developed by Fireproof Games specifically for mobile games. There are 4 games that players can play in the series. All of these games are considered to be classic yet on-point.  

Mini Metro 

If you are looking for a game that can provide you with minimalist joy, then Mini Metro is the right choice for you. It is an award-winning simulator of subway with combination of the elements of puzzle. In this game, players are tasked to draw up subway lines that connect different stations as you expand your city. 

Bridge Constructor Portal 

Another great puzzle game on mobile phones is Bridge Constructor Portal. In this puzzle game, you can find some wacky elements from the Aperture Laboratories and the portal. You need to complete 60 test using the portals and you will definitely be challenged as you need to avoid pits of acid, deadly lasers and sentient turrets. 

NYTimes Crossword 

NYTimes Crossword is also one of the most popular puzzle games that people can play on their phones. Playing crossword has been easier as there is no need to use pencil or pen. You can get this game by subscribing to the Times.  


Threes is also a surprising and fun number based puzzle game. The main goal of the game is to swipe around the grid and match like numbers. It’s like playing all Word Cookies game answers but it is quite more simple 

Facebook Marketing For Small Businesses

In this competitive market, it is really important that you stay ahead of all your competition to survive. This is why Facebook marketing is an essential strategy for your small scale business to grow online. There are several top provider of Facebook Likes that you can choose in order to buy more likes for your pages and boost your business online as well. Here are some of the best marketing tips that you can follow in order to grow your business online. 

  • Since the first impression online plays a vital role in further interaction. This is where you should pay special attention to optimizing your page accordingly. Make sure that you place all the relevant information about your company or product properly along with high-quality pictures and demographics in order to establish a credible image in front of all the users. 
  • Posting engaging and relevant content is another effective way that you can use in order to get more traffic to your page. Your posts should be interactive and fun so that all your followers can remember that for a long time. Videos are the best way to keep your followers engaged so you can invest some of your time in that as well. 
  • As you post something on your page make sure that stay active and reply to all the comments and questions that you get on the post. An efficient and timely reply is a great way through which you can improve your credibility as well. 
  • Promotion is another important phase of your marketing strategy. You should be promoting your page wherever you can. If you are active on other social media platforms then you can share your page’s details there or ask your followers to visit your page as well. This is really important as you want more and more followers for your page. 

  • Lastly, you should always use plugins and analytical tools in order to improve your page and customer interaction. This way you get all the relevant data about your page and you can improve all the areas that need attention. 

You Easily Reduce Your Income Taxes By Owning A Home Business! Read to find out

Paying tax can serve you with numerous benefits, and if you owe something through which you need to pay tax, but you aren’t willing to pay, so, then there are various ways through which you can save yourself. In case you are using the home as the principal of your business, then you can claim tax burden by claiming a deduction on expenses relating to your home office. Have a look at the following point to know more regarding several ways to deduct your tax either you can consult taxsharkinc.com/roseville/tax-preparation/ for more information. 

  • Keep an eye on the adjusted gross income:

If you have adjusted your gross income, then you should keep the things into your notice to ignore future hazardous. Several tax breaks, limitations, and additional taxes tee off to the adjusted gross income (AGI) or Modified adjusted gross income (MAGI). 

  • You need to make smart tax selections:

There are numerous ways through which you can easily deduct your taxes, and being strategic about your business expenditures can let you stay at the safer side. 

  • Do not overlook carryovers 

The deductions and credit are restricted up to some extent, and they are capable of preventing you from using them entirely in the running year. The carryovers to the future years are a way to reduce taxable incomes. 

  • Use fringe employee benefits plans

In some cases, the business pays for certain fringe benefits for the employee, and these taxes can be avoided. There are numerous tax benefits that an employee can get, some of the Employer-sponsored health insurance are at the follows.

  • Long-term care insurance 
  • Group term life insurance 
  • Disability insurance 
  • Education assistance 
  • Dependent care assistance 
  • Transportation benefits 
  • Meals provided for employee convenience 

Parkinson’s – The Symptoms and diagnosis !!

Parkinson is a dangerous disease that is associated with a variety of symptoms.  Such disease is affecting the physical movements like-

  • Muscle stiffness

If you are suffering from Parkinson’s disease, then it will create tension in muscles. You will surely face a lot of complicated issues while moving around and making facial expressions. It is considered the worst disease that is creating the painful muscle.

  • Tremor

Parkinson is a relatively dangerous disease that is creating the problem in the hand or arm. Patients of Parkinson’s should consume Selegiline capsules or tablets (Eldepryl) is normally taken twice per day

If you want to get rid of Parkinson, then it would be better to seek the medical advice that is quite important, Make sure that you are discussing all issues with specialists. Here are some symptoms of the Parkinson disease.

  • Trouble sleeping

Parkinson is considered a chronic disease that will create a sleep related issue.  Sudden movements always sign of such chronic disease. If you are facing such a worst issue, then it would be better to make contact with a professional doctor who will surely suggest the right treatment to you. Opt for medicines that can eradicate such worst disease from life.

  • Walking and moving

If you are one who is feeling the stiffing in legs or arms, then it means you are suffering from the Parkinson that is considered as the worst disease. All you need to consider a perfect diet plan that will surely be able to eliminate Parkinson’s from life.

  • A low and soft voice

According to professionals, Parkinson is the relatively worst disease that will make the voice soft and low.

Final saying

Lastly, Parkinson is a dangerous virus that is creating a lot of complicated problems in the body. So you will have to choose a genuine medicine for it. 

Great Movies To Watch On Halloween Night

Are you looking for a great flick to watch on Halloween night? Perhaps you want a movie to play as background for your Halloween party. Or maybe you are having a bunch of friends over and you want to scare yourselves silly and eat popcorn all night. Well here are some great Halloween movies – some are scary, some are silly, some are spooky. But all are perfect for that one night of the year when the veil between the living and the dead is so much thinner than it usually is. So are you ready to watch all these super flix as you enjoy your Halloween weekend with your family? There is no need for you to subscribe to Netflix or go out to rent a movie DVD. You just click on 123 movies and you are ready to start your movie marathon with a wide selection of high-quality movies. 

Scary Choices:

Halloween – If you haven’t seen the classic teen flick Halloween, this is a great night to watch it. Starring Jamie Lee Curtis who with her teen friends runs for her life from escaped mental patient Mike Myers. There are also sequels Halloween 2, Halloween 3 and so on.

Scream – This is both a funny and scary movie that pokes fun at horror movies. It starts out with a girl getting a telephone call when she is alone in the house. She flirts with him, thinking it is all a joke. Big mistake. There are also sequels Scream 2 and Scream 3.

Spooky Choices:

Ghost – Patrick Swayze plays a banker who gets murdered on a dark street one night. He comes back as a ghost to protect the woman he loves from the people who set up his murder. Whoopi Goldberg plays Oda Mae Brown, a reluctant medium – which is absolutely hysterical to watch. This movie will make you laugh and make you cry.

Truly, Madly, Deeply – Nina and Jamie are living together. Jamie dies. Nina is heartbroken and a bit obsessed with Jamie. She has a job teaching foreigners English that keeps her busy. But what really starts to keep her busy is Jamie, who returns as a ghost to visit her every night. Jamie, a jazz musician even starts to bring other ghostly jazz musicians to jam with. A great movie.

Magical Choices:

The Wizard of Oz – What could be more perfect than watching the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda on Halloween? We all know this classic story of Dorothy from Kansas and the magical ruby slippers. But it is wonderful to hear and see it again. Be sure to get the black and white and color version, we all know it’s just better.

Practical Magic – This movie is based on Alice Hoffman’s novel by the same title. About two sisters who are raised by their two magical aunts who are, yes, witches. They are treated like outsiders and a bit harshly by the other school children and townspeople when growing up. One sister shuns her magic, the other runs right towards it. But when one sister gets in real trouble, the kind of trouble you know that only blood can help you out of – it is magic, true magic that helps them find their way. A wonderful story.

Silly Choice:

Nightmare Before Christmas – Tim Burton brings us this charming tale of Jack, the Pumpkin King. Jack goes on a walk in the forest and falls down the wrong tree and discovers Christmasland. He decides to bring all of the magic of Christmasland to Halloweentown. Everything is turned upside down as Jack becomes Santa and the townspeople make gifts. Very funny and silly. A great movie and fun to watch with kids, or just the kid in you.