Great Movies To Watch On Halloween Night

Are you looking for a great flick to watch on Halloween night? Perhaps you want a movie to play as background for your Halloween party. Or maybe you are having a bunch of friends over and you want to scare yourselves silly and eat popcorn all night. Well here are some great Halloween movies – some are scary, some are silly, some are spooky. But all are perfect for that one night of the year when the veil between the living and the dead is so much thinner than it usually is. So are you ready to watch all these super flix as you enjoy your Halloween weekend with your family? There is no need for you to subscribe to Netflix or go out to rent a movie DVD. You just click on 127 movies and you are ready to start your movie marathon with a wide selection of high-quality movies. 

Scary Choices:

Halloween – If you haven’t seen the classic teen flick Halloween, this is a great night to watch it. Starring Jamie Lee Curtis who with her teen friends runs for her life from escaped mental patient Mike Myers. There are also sequels Halloween 2, Halloween 3 and so on.

Scream – This is both a funny and scary movie that pokes fun at horror movies. It starts out with a girl getting a telephone call when she is alone in the house. She flirts with him, thinking it is all a joke. Big mistake. There are also sequels Scream 2 and Scream 3.

Spooky Choices:

Ghost – Patrick Swayze plays a banker who gets murdered on a dark street one night. He comes back as a ghost to protect the woman he loves from the people who set up his murder. Whoopi Goldberg plays Oda Mae Brown, a reluctant medium – which is absolutely hysterical to watch. This movie will make you laugh and make you cry.

Truly, Madly, Deeply – Nina and Jamie are living together. Jamie dies. Nina is heartbroken and a bit obsessed with Jamie. She has a job teaching foreigners English that keeps her busy. But what really starts to keep her busy is Jamie, who returns as a ghost to visit her every night. Jamie, a jazz musician even starts to bring other ghostly jazz musicians to jam with. A great movie.

Magical Choices:

The Wizard of Oz – What could be more perfect than watching the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda on Halloween? We all know this classic story of Dorothy from Kansas and the magical ruby slippers. But it is wonderful to hear and see it again. Be sure to get the black and white and color version, we all know it’s just better.

Practical Magic – This movie is based on Alice Hoffman’s novel by the same title. About two sisters who are raised by their two magical aunts who are, yes, witches. They are treated like outsiders and a bit harshly by the other school children and townspeople when growing up. One sister shuns her magic, the other runs right towards it. But when one sister gets in real trouble, the kind of trouble you know that only blood can help you out of – it is magic, true magic that helps them find their way. A wonderful story.

Silly Choice:

Nightmare Before Christmas – Tim Burton brings us this charming tale of Jack, the Pumpkin King. Jack goes on a walk in the forest and falls down the wrong tree and discovers Christmasland. He decides to bring all of the magic of Christmasland to Halloweentown. Everything is turned upside down as Jack becomes Santa and the townspeople make gifts. Very funny and silly. A great movie and fun to watch with kids, or just the kid in you.

Strawbale Construction: Sustainable Development At Its Best

Dried grasses have been used throughout history as a primitive material for constructing and insulating houses. The lightweight, insulative, earth-friendly and inexpensive nature of straw, it is one of the most ideal options for green architechture.

As a former member of an ecovillage– an offgrid community built around principles of ecological sustainability– I’ve had the privilege of helping to design and construct several houses and outbuildings using strawbales as base materials. I have always been deeply intrigued by the simple, beautiful results created by strawbale construction.

You can always opt for these sustainable methods as you build your house or office. You can get in touch with construction recruitment agency for this purpose. They will help you and guide you through this process as well.

Strawbales used for construction are tighty bound “bricks” created using the dry stalks of grain crops. Because the stalk is inedible to humans and usually discarded, straw bales are very inexpensive, and are an earth-friendly building material because they utilize an organic by-product of the agricultural industry. Strawbale is one of the most popular construction materials for sustainable development projects.

Compared to other construction materials like standard brick and wood, strawbale buildings are remarkably easy to erect, and are often hand-built by people with no prior construction experience. I have witnessed a group of five people construct a load-bearing, single-room strawbale house in as little as a week.

The simplest form of strawbale building is the classic load-bearing structure, also called “Nebraska Style” by fans of strawbale construction. Load-bearing strawbale houses are as easy as 1-2-3 to assemble. A basic foundation is laid using rubble, cement, or compacted earth. Iron rebars are laid to secure the foundation, and rectangular strawbales are laid like bricks to create thick, insulative walls. Finally, a roof is placed on the building–the most difficult part–and the walls are plastered with stucco, lime, or cob mixture.

More complex strawbale houses sometimes require timberframing, which is the process of using wooden posts and beams to reinforce the structure. Timberframe strawbale houses are easier to roof, have a reputation for lasting longer, and make it easier to install features like lofts and upper floors. Post-and-beam style is the most common method I have seen used for structurally reinforcing a strawbale building.

Completed strawbale buildings are extremely well-insulated. The thick walls of a strawbale home or outbuilding heat and cool efficiently owing to their denrse thermal mass. Strawbale houses stay delightfully cool in summer and surprisingly warm in winter. This has an additional ecological benefit because it allows for a significant reduction in energy to heat and cool.

The only difficulty that I have experienced regarding strawbale construction is the potential for mold and pest infestations during the time of construction. After the building is completed, the bales can not be accessed by mold or pests, but they remain vulnerable to these complications if bales are left uncovered for extended periods during the construction process itself.

Strawbale construction is quickly gaining in popularity as consumers strive for more sustainable forms of development. If you are interested in learning more about strawbale construction and other techniques for green design, visit your local library or contact a green activist organization in your area.

Top THC Free CBD Oil Brands of 2020

Post-legalization of CBD in late 2018, a number of hemp oil selling companies came to lime light for selling CBD oil to general public.   

Often people fail to look into the brighter side of CBD oil consumption and mistakenly categorize it as drug.  

But the fact is, these hemp oils are THC free. The cbd pod reviews that have been published in medical journals claims that consuming hemp oil is 100% safe and health hazard free.  

After treating patients with hemp oil it has been clinically accepted that CBD pod has neutralized some of the following diseases, 

  • Addiction 
  • Anxiety 
  • Arthritis  
  • Autism  
  • Cancer  
  • Depression 
  • Epilepsy 
  • Inflammation  
  • Insomnia  

The treatment process takes time but it’s curable.  

According to cbd pod reviews, these are few renowned and certified CBD oil selling brands, take a look yourself, 

Balance CBD 

Balance CBD, as the name signifies its THC balance, which is 0%, is a GMO- free product that’s made in USA. The product is safe to consume and due to its superior quality it’s a popular brand now.    

Apart from CBD, the brand has other products which are edible, pet products and topicals.   The product primarily comes in four different flavors, i.e. Wildberry, Strawberry, vanilla and mint. The buyers can easily pick a product as per their own taste and preferences.  

Green Roads  

Another popular CBD brand that comes in different quantity, gained quick popularity because it’s easy for both experienced as well as beginners. Primarily they come in different quantity, i.e. 100 mg, 250 mg, 350 mg, 550 mg, 1000 mg, 1500 mg and 3500 mg.  

Each batch is tested in third party lab and the result of the lab tests are uploaded on the website. On the top of that the product quality is completely unmatched with that of the other products belonging to this class.  

Ingredients used in the product: 

  • Broad spectrum CBD oil 
  • Hemp seed oil 
  • Kosher grade vegetable glycerin  

The price of the product is fairly high than the other products which are similar to it, but if you’re ready to spend an extra dollar for it, then the product is worth buying. 

Ananda Hemp 

Hailing from the domestic factory of Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Ananda hemp is well known CBD oil to the buyers. Its organic sold-compressed hemp seed oil, MCT oil and botanical terpene blend is well famed for treating a number of chronic diseases.   

According to the recent CBD pod reviews Ananda Hemp tincture comes in only 600 mg strength. The hemp is manufactured under the strict surveillance of the plant geneticists and farmers for creating first rate hemp plants.  

Before buying hemp oil, it’s better to check out some of these topmost CBD oil brands to handpick a superior product available in the market.

Understanding if CBD Oil has Overdosing Risks or none

Nuleaf naturals review along with reviews of other CBD oil brands emphasize the importance of following the right dosage each day. Hence, it’s understandable if you begin worrying about overdosing with CBD oil. You wonder if it’s safe to take larger dosage, or if you’d acquire dangerous side effects when doing so.

Thankfully, experts clarify that CBD oil is safe and free from overdosing risks.

What happens if you take too much CBD OIL?

cbd for anxiety is extracted from cannabis hemp, and is free from THC which is the addictive substance in marijuana. This means CBD oil isn’t addictive when taken on large or small dosage. However, taking too much CBD causes certain symptoms to your body.

Prime symptoms include dizziness and low blood pressure. You’d feel you’re too tired to do anything, and you’d feel wanting to sleep. That’s because CBD oil induce calmness and relaxation to the body. It’s even a great help in addressing sleep problems.

Severe symptoms include diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. You may also notice your mouth getting dry. Moreover, it changes your appetite, while making you feel too hungry.

But CBD oil doesn’t cause any lethal or harmful side effects when taken on large dosage. Experts estimate that a person need to consume 20,000mg of CBD to overdose with it. And you must consume it all in a small time. That’s practically impossible.

However, since it causes side effects to manifest, it’s still wise to control the dosage you’re taking each day. It’s best to consult a physician to know the right dose for you. Note that some factors affects the necessary dosage to feel its effects, such as your weight and health condition. You can also consume smallest possible amount first, then gradually increase until you nail the best dosage for your body.

Yes, there’s no risk of overdosing in using CBD oil. But it’s still great to take it with caution to avoid or minimize side effects.

EA Sports Active 2: New Way to Stay Fit and fine

With this new game, you can revolutionize the way you work out and have fun, as you indulge in a fitness program that is custom made with you and your particulars in mind. It is a holistic approach that really seeks to have an impact on your life, overall, your diet, your lifestyle, suggesting tips to better your entire wellbeing, so it is not just a game but also a method of life improvement and self betterment. Routines are in the game that specialize in helping tone and toughen your upper body, lower body, as well as many cardio routines that specialize in being heart happy.

There are also an abundance of challenges that test muscle endurance and agility so you will have an all around method of staying fit and in the best shape of your life all from the comfort and convenience of your living room. So no matter what the weather or how busy your day, you can squeeze in some fitness time with a game that seeks to be a good influence on your entire life, enhancing your mental and physical wellbeing.

When you start the game, you might start off with a light jog that will get you moving and in the mood to working out, then you might be told to do some bicep curls for your muscles to get active before you do some cardio boxing that will help pump that heart healthy. The best part, you will have a virtual personal trainer who will be there guiding you to success. Your trainer will be there to motivate you and will have the knowledge of your particulars and goals so that the virtual trainer can lead you to the place you seek to go. Best of all, your personal trainer will offer you constant feedback so you will always have someone there telling you where you need to improve or giving you that thumbs up that will only motivate you to work out even harder.

You can join The 30 Day Challenge, which will offer you daily tailor made workouts that give you goals each day to succeed, as well as things that are custom created to match your level of fitness. As you commence with your work out regimen, the game will track your calories as well as the intensity you put forth and keep a track record of your progression so that you can see how far you have come and how far you have left to go. This will give you a written record of your goal and your achievement so you know just what kind of work you are doing. If a person is fresher to play the multimedia games, then they can visit the website for impressive details. The gaming experience of the beginners will be great.

Your calories will also be tallied, too, so you will be able to see some visible effects of all your efforts. And, you can keep all of this in the in-game journal, too. For an even more interactive experience, you can work out with a friend, as you and a friend do co-operative modes that help both of you do the work out program together side by side, maybe taking inspiration and motivation from one another.

The Secret to Outdoing Your Competitors Online

It’s a fact that not all businesses online make a profit. Some business owners don’t even make a hundred dollars in a month. Even though their product or content is high quality, no one seems to pay attention to their sites or blogs. Want to know why this happens?

Every one fails due to a specific reason, and the reason may differ from every person conducting business online. Some may fail due to a lack of capital, while other may fail due to a lack of traffic. Under every situation testing and tracking your business is important. Without testing, you would not know which factors might have caused the failure or the success. So even if you succeed, make it a point to track what you did correctly, so that you can do the same thing to increase your business.

Some people say that my website is doing badly due to a lack of traffic, while another person would say that he is failing due to his inability to get targeted traffic. In either ways, the website suffers. To avoid such a situation, a person must learn where he is going wrong. If not, then he has to find what his competitor is doing right. Is my competitor paying money to bookmark all of his pages? Are there specific keywords that he is targeting? Is he using a software to get backlinks or is he paying anyone to get the backlinks? These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself for your website to do well.

If you have been failing till today, then its you and you alone who is supposed to be blamed for the failure. Its you who is not able to question himself about his shortcomings. Its not about money, backlinks, or traffic. Its about you as a person. Its about how well you have been taking actions to all your plans, or have you been taking action at all? Do a research on your competitor, and you will know how far he has gone in order to succeed.

I believe that everything can be done with research that is followed by action. If you see that your competitor has a lot of content on his blog, make sure you get that much content. Do a little bit of research on his backlinks and try to understand how he got them. If its a number we cant get to, then its obvious that either he has paid someone to get those backlinks, or either he is using some kind of software. If its his template that’s grabbing attention, then find out where you can get it from.

If you do your research properly and take the action required to become successful, then some day you will be!

Just don’t give up. Imitate your competitor and try to add your own twist to it, and you should find that you have copied his income stream as well. Best of luck.

Getting one up on rivals is neither easy nor too difficult as all it requires is a little bit of creativity and innovation. Fortunately, there are certain web pages that give unsolicited advice regarding how to meet and exceed your own expectations like certain websites in tampa bay, which provide friendly tips from experts in this field who have followed a similar line.

How To Consume Cbd: The Ultimate Guide?

In the past few years, CBD has turned out to be a really popular and exciting product that a lot of people are using in their daily lives. Derived from marijuna CBD can help a person to get relief from a lot of different health disorders and at the same time it does not makes you ‘high’. 

With so many CBD products available in the market, it becomes quite confusing  to decide how to consume them in the right manner. In today’s blog we are going to talk about the different ways to consume CBD. Take a look.

Consume Orally – consumption of CBD orally, is one of the most common way by which people are are making full use of this brilliant element. CBD is available in pills and capsules which are found at licensed over-the-store counters. However it is important that you consult an expert physician about the right dosage of these capsules. Taking pills can take about 40 to 45 minutes to start it’s effect and can last for hours.

Apply It Topically – one of the most important reason why CBD is so much popular is because it helps to reduce pain and inflammation in the body. The best way to make use of this benefit is by applying the CBD product topically. There are several variety of CBD lotions and creams which you can apply over the target area where you are suffering from pain or inflammation. CBD lotions are much more affordable than pills but they can only be used in limited ways.

So, these are the two most common ways by which people use CBD. Both the ways have their own kind of application and depending on the situation you are in, you need to choose the right one. Make sure to consult an expert first!

5 Tips to Keep Healthy Eating Habits in the Family

Confronted by ever-rising rates of obesity and food-related ailments like type-2 diabetes, even among young children, anyone concerned about her family’s health should consider a home food makeover.

No, I’m not talking about the four-letter word, “diet.” But by making simple changes in the way you stock your fridge and pantry, you’ll not only help your family eat more healthfully, but might also help everyone cut back on calories with a minimum of pain.

So how can you help yourself and your family eat better? Of course, adults in your family must check testogen reviews  to see the best testosterone booster today. Then, do something in your household for healthier meals. Start by implementing at least a few of these changes:

Stop stocking soda. Regular sodas are packed with sugar and calories, and the diet varieties offer no nutritional benefits of any kind. Keep low-fat milk and honey-sweetened iced tea in the fridge, and invest in a kitchen faucet filter so you can enjoy life’s most important beverage — water — without worrying about impurities. If anyone must satisfy a soda jones, let him do so at work or after school, but not at home.

Buy real foods, things that come from nature with as little middle-man processing as possible. Oranges, sweet potatoes, bananas, green tea, brown rice, barley, and sustainably raised fish, chicken, beef and pork are all real foods, stuff you would recognize in its natural state on the farm. Processed foods, even those that are labeled low-fat, low-cal, low-sugar, whatever, are still processed foods, which means a company has taken something from nature and sliced it, diced it, blended it, dehydrated it, mixed it with preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors and other chemicals, then put it in a box or plastic package and shipped it hundreds or thousands of miles to a store near you. And every step in the process robs a real food of the things that make it good in the first place: vitamins, minerals, flavenoids, natural flavors and other health-boosting qualities.

Become a copycat cook. The Internet abounds with healthful recipes for the most popular fast-food favorites, including pizza, hamburgers, enchiladas, tacos and more. By familiarizing yourself with these alternative recipes and keeping the necessary ingredients on hand — natural tomato paste, low-fat or soy cheese, veggie burgers, whole-wheat tortillas, etc. — on hand, you’ll be ready to whip up a quick, family-pleasing and nutritious meal fairly easily.

Enjoy dessert … as part of your meal. The old “clean-your-plate-if-you-want-dessert” motivator can be counter-productive, sending kids the message that eating healthful, good food is a chore to be dispensed with quickly so they can get to the tasty stuff ASAP. By including a healthful sweet dish — fresh fruit salad (not the syrup-laden canned stuff), natural yogurts, home-made date-nut bread and so on — on your dinner table, you provide a treat for the sweet-toothed in your family without sabotaging your overall good-nutrition goals.

Diversify your family’s tastes. When you do go out to eat as a family, make a point of trying new restaurants instead of the same collection of pizza places, burger joints and fast-food establishments. Keep your ears especially tuned to recommendations for inexpensive, locally owned and ethnic or specialty restaurants where you and your family can try new dishes and — possibly — discover new, healthful favorites to add to your dining repertoire.

Getting Customer Service After a Flight Delay is Difficult, but Not Impossible

The widespread reporting about the dismal on-time performance of the airline industry means a lot of passengers were left stranded, missed flights, or had luggage lost this summer. According to government figures reported by Reuters, complaints about travel-related problems rose nearly 50 percent in the first half of 2007. And this is just the people who reported a problem, which means a lot of people were very unhappy and asking for help.

When a large number of flights are delayed, customer service representatives get overwhelmed with requests and may or may not be able to help with the extent of passenger requests. Keeping a few strategies in mind when seeking assistance will greatly increase the likelihood of getting rebooked earlier, better seats, hotel vouchers, or lost luggage assistance.

Be patient, because you have time. After a flight delay, fellow passengers will be queuing up at the nearest customer service desk, whether it is at their gate or at the check-in counter. When the screens are showing your flight is delayed 2 hours or cancelled altogether, this means you have a few minutes to regroup and figure out what to do next. Take a look at the monitors and see if other flights are going to your destination so that when you get to head of the line you have information about possible options.

Use the telephone. The in-airport monitors sometimes do not have the most updated information about flight status so call the airline customer service number to verify current data. Pre-program the number into your cell phone before leaving for the airport, and make sure you have all your flight information at hand. When offered, give your cell phone number for flight status alerts that may inform you about problems before you arrive at the airport, or so you can ask for help right away. Customer service representatives can sometimes re-book flights on the phone, or at least provide more information before you get up to the desk.

Take names, and be polite. Don’t take your frustrations out on the front-line employee, it’s probably not his fault that he can’t give you want you want or need. Make a mental or physical note of the name of every airline employee that you talk to so that if you are talking to someone down the line you know who you have interacted with. How they treat you, what they tell you, and how they help (or don’t) are all relevant information. Airlines do not necessarily have to offer hotel accommodations or food vouchers during weather delays, or put passengers on the earliest flight, but how you speak to him may affect what perks or consolations he offers.

Put it in writing. If you don’t get what you want at the airport, follow up with a written account or complaint, and include the names of any employee you spoke with, all flight information, and what you would like the airline to do. Airlines don’t always give consolations vouchers on day of, but may be more inclined to work with you after a written complaint.

Flying is rarely a pleasant experience anymore, and as complaints go up, customer service seems to go down. But with a little patience and preparation, you can get what you want after a delay.

To sum up, customer services are similar to private jet services in that both are seen as full of hassles when it comes to delays and have proven to be quite a headache as you have to wait at the airport for many hours lying in wait for the next flight to be booked and therefore lose all interest in traveling after a certain period of time.

Preventing Mold in the Bathroom

The bathroom is a prime breeding ground for mold. The combination of a confined space and moist air are a certain recipe for this natural fungus. Once mold is present in the bathroom, or anywhere in the home, it can quickly grow and spread into an unsightly, and unhealthy, level. Don’t wait until you can see mold in the bathroom until it becomes a concern – Do what you can to prevent it from forming in the first place. Which is why you should be doing regular mold inspection at your house. As it is said that prevention is better than cure you should make sure that you get rid of these mold as soon you detect them.

After you shower or bathe, the bathroom mirror is foggy and lightly coated with condensation. This is a prime example of how quickly moist air can coat other areas of the bathroom too, including the walls. Walls are made out of, for the most part, paper drywall products. Mold LOVES paper! Particle board, paper drywall, and other paper-based building products are all commonly used in the bathroom and won’t pose any problems if the proper precautions are taken to prevent mold growth.

Mold resistant drywall

Many new homes are switching from the standard paper-based drywall to a new and improved mold resistant alternative. With a fiberglass mat embedded between the inner slabs, the moist conditions that mold likes to feed on simply aren’t there. Keep in mind, this is not a mold-proof product. Mold can form, but the likelihood of it are reduced significantly. This is especially true when other steps are taken to prevent mold in the bathroom.


Every bathroom should have a quality ventilation system in place to capture and release water vapor. In fact, most states have building codes that require a vent fan in all windowless bathrooms to prevent mold growth. If your home doesn’t have a vent fan in the bathrooms, have them installed by a professional. Then, use then each time you shower or bathe.

Mold resistant paint

A simple way of preventing mold is to use a mold resistant paint. This type of paint sells for about the same price as others, is washable, can be tinted to many colors, and contains additives that help keep moisture at bay. Paint the walls and ceiling with this type of paint to help prevent mold growth before it starts. Zinsser makes several different formulas that are low-odor, easy to use, and highly effective.

Avoid wallpaper

Many homeowners are shocked to find the presence of mold behind wallpaper in the bathroom. That’s right, it can be there without your knowledge. Why? Because mold loves paper. Moisture gets behind a curling or lifting corner of wallpaper and can very quickly grow to a dangerous level. By the time you decide to strip the wallpaper down, it can be covering the entire wall surface beneath. It’s best to avoid wallpaper altogether in this moisture-prone area. You simply can’t see what’s lurking beneath.

Wipe down moist surfaces

After you bathe or shower, wipe away excess moisture from walls, windows, and so on. In addition, a mold and mildew remover should be used at least once a month. Tilex makes several sprays that can prevent mold or combat it once it forms.

Mould and dirt around a bath tub.