The Use of Telephone Directory

Who doesn’t know the basic definition of a telephone directory? To put it in simple words, we can say that a telephone directory is a listing of telephonic subscribers in an area or subscribers to services provided by the company or organization that publishes the directory. The sole purpose of a telephonic directory is to provide telephone number of a subscriber identified by name and address to be found and not any page blanche.

Before internet, telephone directory was the only source of a phone number. These directories contained two different pages- white and yellow. The white pages are for residential listing and the yellow pages for businesses.

What did a directory contain?

In a telephonic directory, the names of the subscribers are listed alphabetically. The telephone numbers are accompanied by postal number or street address. Every single subscriber of the geographical area is listed. Apart from this information, a directory also provides certain instruction about how to use the service, how to dial a number, how to avail emergency numbers, and so on.

However, according to current rules and regulations, mobile numbers and voice over IP are not included in the telephone directory. The basic use of this directory is to provide information about the subscribers.

Is a telephonic directory relevant today?

When the digitalization was not our cup of tea and the world was not a global village, every household had a telephone directory. This book was popularly known as Yellow/White pages. However, with the advent of technology and Smartphone, the use of a telephone directory has become zero. However, some of the companies still rely on a directory to find phone numbers.

It is questionable that how long people will rely on telephone directories in the age of Alexa. When human efforts are reduced by artificial intelligence, then many things will be lost in the coming years. Nonetheless, the benefit telephone directories provided people over many years cannot be denied.


Three Main Things You Didn’t Know About Animated Videos

In our modern world, new methods and technologies are being introduced to us that allow us to have a more convenient life. In the field of animation, special effects have been the hype in some of the industries like business, marketing, advertising etc. Animation has been highly utilized by some professionals and companies. But if you are thinking that you already know what animation is, you might be wrong. Surely, there are several things that you didn’t know yet about this amazing video aspects. So to help you out, this article will give you some of the things that you didn’t know yet about animated videos.


Animated videos are cheaper

One of the biggest misconceptions about animation videos is that it is quite expensive so some people tend to go to the traditional video making. But the truth is that animated videos are relatively cheaper and that can also be shared in different platforms. According to studies, it has been proven that animation videos are 1200% shared than traditional texts and messages.

Animated videos are remarkable

If you are a marketer or if you own a small business and considering using animated videos to market or advertise your business, you are making the right choose. Animated videos are designed to last forever. And compared to texts and messages. Animation videos are more likely to be remembered and marked in our minds for a long term.

Animated videos are enticing material for YouTube and Google

Lastly, in our modern generation where most of the people are using social media, it is more ideal to hire an explainer video company to have quality animation videos to be shared in social media like YouTube. Surely, this will allow you to have an advertising strategy that will deliver you leads in return.