Make Youtube Kid Safe With Kideoplayer

I was watching a video of cute little puppies with my toddler when it happened – a scary clown face suddenly flashed on my monitor and scared my daughter. My toddler loves to watch videos on the computer with me, but keeping YouTube kid safe was a challenge until I found KideoPlayer.

What is KideoPlayer Player?

KideoPlayer was created by Tom, the father of two boys, who was looking for a way to allow his young children to safely view YouTube videos.

Tom continuously scans YouTube looking for fun and educational videos. These videos are then presented in the child safe KideoPlayer.

When a child wants to move to the next video, they simply press the spacebar. A new YouTube video clip will immediately begin playing on KideoPlayer for your child’s viewing enjoyment. If your child doesn’t press the spacebar, a new YouTube video will play after the current clip is done.

What YouTube Videos Are on KideoPlayer?

I spent some time punching my spacebar to see what types of videos appeared in the KideoPlayer. Among the many videos I found Veggie Tales, Charlie Brown, Sesame Street, a Jack and the Beanstalk animated story, Caillou, and other educational videos. These are all appropriate videos for young children.

What Did My Two Year Old Think of KideoPlayer?

My daughter was able to easily use KideoPlayer. The spacebar is big enough that she can identify what key to push to see a new video. If she neglects to push the spacebar, a new video comes up anyway.

She loved the Puppy Town video that played. We especially loved that there was no scary clown face popping in to ruin the fun!

The only downside to KideoPlayer is there is no way to re-view a clip. My daughter asked to, “watch the puppies again” but we had to go on to the next clip. However, I feel that is a small price to pay for child safe YouTube viewing.

What Did Mom Think of KideoPlayer?

KideoPlayer works great to entertain my toddler. The YouTube videos are short enough to keep her attention and educational enough that I don’t feel guilty about parking her in front of the monitor for a little while.

Sometimes I need to distract her while I’m cooking something on the stove. She loves to sit at the computer like Mommy and Daddy. This gives her something age appropriate to do on the computer and feel like a “big girl”.

On KideoPlayer, there is nothing but the KideoPlayer and a small link to the website hosting it (Poke). So, I don’t have to worry about my two year old accidentally buying a DeLorean on Ebay.

KideoPlayer gets a huge pat on the back from me. I remember playing on my father’s Commodore 64 when I was a child. I’m glad to find a way to share my computer with my daughter and build some more happy memories. For making your youtube much safer for kids you should download these different tools, moreover, you can get loads of real youtube subscribers by clicking here. You get active and live subscribers making your content on youtube more popular.

“Online Data” In Mergers And Acquisitions

Online Data Room or a virtual data room is a warehouse online for the essential documents of the company. During Mergers and Acquisitions transactions, the online data rooms are used very frequently in connection with them. The physical data rooms are no longer required, and the online data rooms help in considering M&A process.

One can access the data if he has an internet connection, in addition to secure user identification and password that is protected.


Online data room helps in saving the cost related to keeping physical data rooms. It also provides easy access to the documents when and where needed, a search function, updating easily and addition of further new documents and also securing the confidential and sensitive information.

Vendors related to Online Data Rooms:

One cand find many vendors of online data rooms, and they charge according to the required amount of data to be kept and also considering duration for which the same will be functioning. Some Law firms have complicated M&A practices, and they consider providing private online data rooms to their customers at times.

Preparing Online Data Room:

Team of the selling company which can understand completely about online data rooms is essential to be a part of a successful M&A transaction. The establishment of an online data room is very time-consuming, and for M&A process it needs to be started at the earliest. The ODR should be prepared in accordance with the selling preparation of the company’s disclosure schedules that are attached to the acquisition agreement. This is done to have completed as well as accurate disclosure schedules and getting acquisition completed.

Problems faced during Preparation of Online Data room:

The issues that are to be met can be of the contracts not been signed by both the parties or the amendment can be made without being approved.

Designer Handbags: Arm Candy Of Celebrities Without The High Cost

We’ve all seen enough ads in enough magazines that at some point we spot something we’d really like to have. One item that a lot of magazines seem to cover is what handbag the celebrities are donning while they’re out on the town or just running errands. I’ve been looking around for a particular handbag I saw Reese Witherspoon toting and finally found it for a fraction of the cost I’m sure she paid for her “authentic” purse. The thing is, mine looks just like it and no one would know the difference. I don’t have really pretentious friends that would question whether or not my handbag is the real thing or a fake, but I’m guessing some of us out there do, so here’s some great purses I found at which can’t be beat in price and looks. You should check out Luxurytastic Reviews for more designer handbag reviews. You get a wide variety of products that you can look at.

I saw a few shots of Reese carrying this bag in black and also in white and I just had to have it. Fortunately I was able to obtain one from Baghaus for a mere $69.60. The Primo Limited Costs handbag comes in several colors and is made of high quality synthetic leather. Yeah, I’m sure Reese’s bag is real leather, but I don’t have those kinds of funds. This handbag has a zipper pocket on the outside and two open pockets for cell phone and keys. Additional zippered pockets inside and out. Not that this is anything to help you decide on this bag, but Mischa Barton has also sported this handbag on a few occasions.

Hillary Duff and Nicky Hilton have both been seen carrying Marc Jacobs Hudson Tote which you can get for a steal at Baghaus for only $38.00. Of course here they call it the Urban Expressions Hudson Tote. I can’t even get a K-Mart knock-off for less than that. There are several other sites that offer the same inspired totes but from what I can find they are going to cost you about another twenty dollars. These lovely totes are large enough to carry just about anything you need and come in two tone colors such as grey and black or blue and black with a shoulder and hand straps.

If you happen to have about $2,300 then you can always purchase a real Fendi Spy Bag just like Ashlee Simpson has been seen carrying or you can snag this great looking purse at Baghaus for $50. Made of butter-soft high quality synthetic leather with polished silver-toned accents and double women handles. The fold over flap hides a secret coin purse and there is lots of room inside which is divided by zippered security pockets. It is available in many color choices including a leopard print.

You may want to snag a copy of Jessica Alba’s Chloe East West Paddington bag which you can acquire at for around $135.00 in tan or cream. This is certainly better than spending the roughly $650.00 a real one would cost. How about a bag that you constantly see on Nicole Richie’s arm. She seems to have quite a thing for Balenciagas bags which retail well over $1,000 but can be found at for a fraction of the cost. The same purse I saw at Balenciagas for $1,595 is only $278 at this site and comes in many colors.

Head on back to Baghaus for a similar handbag to Halle Berry’s Highland Tote which they also offer in a mini size here. This purse has been spotted on not only Ms. Berry, but also Hillary Duff and Jessica Biel. They offer this style in red, black, brown and silver. Another option is the Medium Quilted Courtney which was inspired by Marc Jacobs Stam Bag which was designed for Canadian model, Jessica Stam. Available in blue, black and grey for a nice low price of about $48 and you can look like a model too. Ok, maybe not so much a super model, but you will look like your carrying a high priced handbag. If you’re into something a little more wild, then check out their selection of leopard prints handbags which Carrie Underwood seems to like to carry. They have many styles and sizes to choose from for reasonable prices.

Best Free Music MP3 Downloader For Android In 2019

We all love and listen to music. Whether it’s the funky K-Pop or hard-core Guns n Roses, the need to have music on your device to get you through a long commute is essential. A simple and elegant option is to listen to music is streaming it. There are apps like Spotify and Shazam that stream music on demand. However, you need a constant data pack to stream music. Also, at times when you are in the subway or at a place where you don’t have a network, streaming music is impossible. Therefore, it is nice to have offline music available on your device. So, where do you get music from? There are sites like which offers you download option for all your favorite music. Let’s see some of the amazing sites from where you can download all the tunes to jam all day.

The list one on our list is a simple and sophisticated one. Simple Mp3 Downloader is an interactive site that lets you download music according to genre, artist, and album. The next is MIUI Music Downloader which is developed by Xaomi, a very well-known name in the smartphone industry. This app is preferred for its easy to use interface that lets you play the song before downloading it. You can even choose the quality of the song before downloading and it’s all for free. Supercloud is an application that is supported by all the android versions.

Just like MIUI, the interface is very easy to use and just like other websites, the songs are listed according to artists and albums. Napster is very well known for not hosting any ads. There are millions of songs available on the app, perhaps the largest among all other websites. But the only catch is, you might have to purchase some of the music. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy the free trial period for a month.

Are You Looking For The Best Roofing Company? Some Things You Should Consider.

Various cities and big towns where you find big businesses to increase, they make commercial roofing the most challenging thing. For example, in places like Kansas, various roofing companies competing with each other offer different quotes on the cost of new roofs. Multiple companies provide services to local communities, and many take franchise through different localities.

If you are looking to choose a good roofing company, it is the best advice that you look for a contractor’s reputation and where he is based and does the operation in the local community. A company should offer various quotes and have its own terms and warranty policies along with the understandable licensing while you make your first contact. A company should have an excellent track record for the best quality work along with the types of roofing materials since it would be the best for the structure and design of the building.

Here are some basic things one should consider while choosing a company among various businesses in the area.

  • One should check locally

 In order to ensure the quality of a commercial roofing company, one should go for a local roofing company for commercial roofing services.

  • An individual should check for the review

 After locating the best commercial roofing company, one should check the reviews of the company. A commercial roofing company should have good ratings and good reviews from all local businesses.

  • An individual should check whether a company has licensing information or credentials

 If you are choosing a company for commercial roofing, you must check all the information.

  • Independent Roofing company or roofing franchise?

It is always good to choose a company that is independent than franchisee since an independent Roofing company has quite a good reputation than the roofing franchise.

How to Set Up WiFi Network in Windows Vista

Setting up a wireless network connection in Windows Vista is no more difficult than in Windows XP, but it has some peculiarities that we must take into account.

Much of these features are directly related to security, because Windows Vista tends to keep the properties off the default network that could put at risk, and therefore we have to manually enable.

Let’s see what these particularities and how we can configure them:

Connecting to the router:

One of the problems we find is that our team does not automatically connect to a Wi-Fi connection, with what we have to connect manually every time you want to access the network.

  • This issue is easily configurable.
  • First, we access network, and within this window, Center Network and Sharing.
  • Within the Center Network and Sharing is that we see our WiFi connection. Click on the View status.
  • Within the window that shows, in addition to seeing the state of our network, we have a button that indicates wireless properties. What are we going to push and the next window

In the window that opens has two tabs. The first indicates Connection. Inside it are three options. For us, the most concern us is the first, which puts Connect automatically when this network is within range. Making sure it is checked.

This option also presents us to connect to the network for the first time, along with the option to remember the password, but although both are usually activated by default we may have been disabled.

In the second window, with the title Security, we find the options relating to the safety of the connection. It is important that we make sure to have good putting the password, the type of security, encryption type and the index of the key, because if you do not match those set in our router simply not going to be able to connect.

Takes to connect to the Internet:

In a WiFi network under Windows Vista, the time it takes your Internet connection is usually unavailable in something higher than when dealing with an Ethernet connection, and also higher than it takes to be available to connect to our network. If we want to speed up the Internet connection, in most cases simply open Internet Explorer. The simple request for this service accelerates its activation


WiFi devices, and especially connected to USB, often bringing their own Wi-Fi Connection manager. This manager is acting beyond one’s own Windows Vista, disabled.

Whenever work properly is preferable to use the manager of the adapter, but it can happen (and indeed is) that devices fully compatible with Windows Vista Manager Wifi connections of the device do not recognize:

This, in almost all cases, it also has an easy solution:

To do this, follow these steps to check this:

1 – Close Manager of tailored WiFi connections.

2 – Go to Device Manager and found that the adapter is installed correctly.

If you are not properly installed and misstated what we re-install, but if they tell us that it works properly left it as is.

3 – To make the Connection manager Wifi adapter does not run every time you start, run MSConfig and bring down the Windows Startup tab. Unlike what happens in Windows XP, so that changes take effect is not necessary to reboot the computer.

4 – If you put your mouse over the symbol of Networks in the notification area of the Taskbar you will see that tells us that wireless networks are available.

We click on the symbol and show us the options. We return to click on notice that wireless networks are available and we will display the information on those networks.

5 – We select our network and press the Connect button, which starts the connection process and, being a secure network, we will ask the encryption key (WEP. WPA, WPA2 or that we have established in our router). We must remember that this key must be put exactly the same as is in our router, on respecting all uppercase and lowercase, as this type of encryption does the difference.

Well, with this we have already established a connection to the router, and therefore, our computer within the network. The rest of network configuration will act the same as an Ethernet network since the only difference between a network and a WiFi network Ethernet is a way to connect. The rest (leave, shared resources and all that) is exactly the same. Furthermore, for you to have a quality connection to the wifi, it is important and advisable to use superboost wifi.

For more information on networks under Windows Vista can see the tutorial Configuration Center Network and Sharing Windows Vista. Also in our section of tutorials are available to other documents pertaining to the configuration of networks.

Here are the Best Exercises to Make Your Body Fit

The benefits of regular physical exercise are enormous. Not only does regular exercise help to control weight and improve muscle tone, but it can also reduce the risk of certain diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease, hypertension, and even some forms of cancer. Regular exercise should be a part of any healthy living plan. If you want to truly maximize your fitness gains, when should you exercise?

If you lead a hectic life and are limited by time constraints, you may have little choice as to when to exercise. You’ll only be able to exercise when your schedule allows. If you have some flexibility in your choice, will you get the most benefit exercising first thing in the morning or later in the day? Here are some things to consider:

When should you exercise? Morning
Most people are not “morning people” meaning they don’t relish the thought of jumping out of their warm, little bed onto a treadmill. Despite this, there are certain advantages to exercising at sun up. One of the most important advantages to early morning exercise is it gets your workout out of the way so you can tackle the busy day ahead. Too many people have the intention of exercising but never get around to it due to their busy schedules. Exercising when you wake up solves this problem. You may also want to consider to Buy Crazybulk legal steroids in Canada.

Another advantage of early morning exercise is that it helps to give you energy for the challenging day ahead. Yes, you may feel like you can barely crawl out of bed when you first get up, but as soon as you start moving and get your blood circulating, you’ll start to revive. Exercise will help you speed up the process of awakening. It can help you be more energized, alert, and focused for the upcoming day instead of walking around like a zombie until midmorning.

Morning exercise is also excellent for priming your metabolism so you can start burning those excess calories and fat. Studies have even shown that people who exercise earlier in the day, eat less as the day goes on.

When you should exercise? Late afternoon or evening
There are some advantages to exercising later in the day if you can fit it into your schedule. Many people experience fatigue and loss of energy in the late afternoon that can be remedied by a brisk exercise session. After dragging yourself home from work you may feel like the most exercise you can handle is pressing the buttons on the remote control of your television set. No matter how bad you feel there’s a good chance you’ll be reenergized twenty minutes into your workout. Exercise is a great late afternoon pick-me-up.

Another consideration when you’re deciding when to exercise is how hard you’ll be able to challenge yourself by exercising in the morning relative to the evening. Some people have a hard time pushing themselves early in the morning and may end up doing a substandard workout. If you feel more capable of doing a challenging workout later in the afternoon or in the early evening, this may be the best time for you to schedule your workout.

All in all, for most people who consider when to exercise, morning wins out. Nothing beats the warm glow and energy that results from a heart-pumping workout. And when you exercise in the morning, you’ll carry that glow with you for the rest of the day. Plus, you’ll have the knowledge of knowing you started the day off right and are well on your way to better health and fitness.

How to Select a Proper Crib Mattress

“You buy the crib for yourself, but you buy the mattress for the baby.” That’s the mantra that Bud and Donna Spoerl repeat to all new parents that come to their Lexington, KY children’s furniture store, Baby’s Room amp; Kids Too.

“One of the most important purchases in the nursery is the mattress,” says Bud. “Even if you don’t spend a lot on your furniture, you should always make sure you buy a quality mattress.”

Just as there are many styles of cribs and beds for toddlers, you came check some on, there are many styles of mattresses. The most common are foam and innerspring. Innerspring is what we are most familiar with in our own mattresses and many people believe these are best. They are firmer and tend to last longer, but they are also heavy, making sheet changes difficult. Foam mattresses are generally less durable but are lighter, and new technology is improving the firmness and quality of foam mattresses.

A good, firm mattress may promote improved posture and is more durable, so make sure that it is firmest you can find. There are no industry standards to determine “firmness,” so you will have to feel for yourself. Place the palms of your hands flat on either side of the center of the mattress and push your hands in at the same time. The greater the pressure needed to squeeze the mattress, the greater the firmness.

A common myth surrounding innerspring mattresses is the more coils, the better the mattress. Although the number of coils does matter, you also need to know what gauge of steel is being used. Heavier gauge steel is going to provide more support. But, according to Bud, if there are more than 300 coils, the grade of the steel often decreases. Look for the steel gauge number. The lower the number, the heavier the gauge of steel.

Along with the number of coils and the grade of steel, look for a steel border rod at the top and bottom perimeter for added edge support; the type of material used as an insulator (The Spoerls recommend coir fiber.); the quantity and quality of the cushioning materials (look for 100% all-natural cotton batting and a non-allergenic foam layer); and the quality of the mattress cover (triple laminate is best, which includes a vinyl layer, a nylon reinforcement layer and another vinyl layer).

“When you run your hand over the mattress, you don’t want to feel the coils,” offers Bud. He also suggests looking for a 9-gauge border rod and 14-gauge steel coils.

In a foam mattress, select the firmest you can find; check the density – heavier usually means better; and inspect the cover – the more layers of laminated, reinforced vinyl the better. Generally, the higher the price of a foam mattress, the better the quality, but always inspect the weight and firmness before purchasing.

A mattress with reinforced or embossed vinyl is leak proof and offers added durability by preventing tears along the foundation. Also, look for air vents along the edge of the mattress. These ventilate the mattress and help prevent the seams from splitting.

Finally, never store a mattress in a hot, dry attic or a cold basement. If the mattress has been out of use for several years, buy a new one, if needed for another child.

“Look and see if the retailer offers a cut-away sample,” suggests Donna. “That’s the best way to see what you are buying.”

What To Learn For An Enjoyable Free Car Gaming Online

If you are doubting about the ability of the internet to provide reliable services for free, think again. Apparently, the internet is the focal point of the society today. It has become an evident part of the social life which people is having a hard time doing away with. Internet became a habit which might last for good. In addition to the continuous updates of programs, free online games are among the many facets that keep people so plugged into their seats fronting a screen, mouse and keyboard. Regardless of age and sex, these online plays have lured much of the population marking increasing sales of laptop and desktop. It turns out that one of the best major relievers of stress is going to online.


The World Wide Web is a meshwork of different freebies ranging from computer software to entertainment and multimedia perks. People get engrossed with internet surfing primarily because of the social networking sites and the programs which provide free amusing activities that further lure people to plug in their computers and surf through different websites. Free online games are one of the major entertainment media many individuals regardless of the age brackets turn to during their leisure time. Among these online plays are car games which have been visibly in the market for so many years – even before internet was pushed through the system.

Since free online car games include a wide variety of options for people of all ages – young at age and young at heart, most particularly car enthusiasts or online car game enthusiasts. Many people are hooked by it. Think of how big games such as DOTA and its dota 2 mmr boost have hooked many gamers globally. Other genre such as car games are gaining much attention as well.

Among the few variations are car driving games which may not be car racing games by mechanics. Some car driving games are mixed up with role playing games wherein the player gets to portray a certain role and drives through courses without any opponents. Another variation is car parking games.

Although all these variations seem to be apparent all throughout the web, most individuals find the thrill of race car games better off than the others. Whatever reasons there may be, free car games for kids and the kids at heart have surely been capturing fancies ever since.

These cool car games are all available online but the question for many unsure players run as well- how will they start playing these games? Regardless of the knowledge many people have as far as computer use is concerned, there are still some doubts especially if new media are introduced into the mainstream. Here are a couple of tips you may want to look at when trying to play online car games.

• Get a good set of computer. One thing that you must have to play free online car games is a desktop, a laptop or any gizmo able to connect to the web and capable to screenplay games. Make sure that the processing speed, the RAM and the internal hard drives are capable to handle high capacity programs such as these racing games which will technically eat up your system if not half capable to perform and maintain these types of software.

• Internet connection. You will need a Wi-Fi or internet connection via modems to be able to access websites which can cater to your needs. Fun car games online – car games for girls and car games for boys – can only be tapped onto if there is sufficient internet connection within the area.

• A website. You will need to access a good website to be able to play cool car games. You get to enjoy real fun race tracks and streets with games of your choice. There are loads of cool websites online. You can run a search engine search or you may get referrals from people you know. Reading magazines can be a big help as well. Some websites offer free games as long as you make an account and log in. others just provide a list which you can help yourself with.

• Lastly, go ahead and play. If there is one thing you must do after all these, it will be to play your favorite car games. Have fun with all your heart out. These car racing games are, for sure, free and will be always in the web to cater to your leisure needs.

It won’t take years for you not to play your racing games or car games online. It just takes a couple of needed gadgets to be installed, a very good internet connection, a real website which can offer you good to go games and of course a whole lot of love to really enjoy the pleasure. So why don’t you look for a game, scan through the options, play, drive and feel the thrill – free.

A Mother’s Review Of Nintendo Ds Pokemonsoulsilver

PokemonSoulSilver is a surprisingly good remake of Game Boy’s Pokemon Silver, released in 2000. Set up the same way, the objective is to catch and train Pokemon, battle with gym leaders, earn badges, and rise to the top to become the champion trainer. A knowledge of the various Pokemon and their particular power helps you progress faster, but even someone who is not familiar with Pokemon can quickly get into this game and have a lot of fun with it.

One of the main things that makes this game different from it’s predecessor is the addition of a “PokeWalker,” a separate device that comes with the game that lets you transfer a Pokemon from your DS into the device. Similar to a digital pet, you can take your Pokemon with you wherever you go, play games and battle within the PokeWalker, and once you transfer your Pokemon back into the DS game, you can look at it’s journal to see what it did on it’sPokeWalker adventure. What’s really wonderful from a mother’s point of view is that the PokeWalker is also a pedometer that tracks your child’s steps, and the more he/she walks, the stronger the Pokemon becomes. How cool is that.

PokemonSoulSilver requires you battle your Pokemon with every gym leader, earning badges until have enough badges to fight the Elite Four, the strongest players in the game. Once you beat them, then it’s time to face and conquer the ultimate champion. A hint from my daughter: make sure to save often, especially after battling the Elite Four. Otherwise, if you lose the champion fight, you’ll have to start the process all over with the Elite Four. You can use to help you in defeating in the elite four in pokemonsoulsilver. It is really easy to navigate through the tool and you can learn even learn about pokemons stats as well.

Other great features of PokemonSoulSilver:

At the onset of the game, you get to choose a companion Pokemon (scaled to size) to walk along with you on your travels.

The game provides a friend who shows you how to catch Pokemon and gives you items to help you on your quest.

You can catch legendary Pokemon very early in the game. This is important because legendary Pokemon are very strong, which gives you an advantage.

The music and graphics have been improved from the previous Silver game. My daughter is a music lover and really enjoys the songs.

There are mini games called Pokeathelons within the main game. They are fun and allow you to earn points, which can be traded in for important items for your game.

If you have the Wii game, “Pokemon Battle Revolution,” you can wirelessly connect your DS with the Wii, interacting and battling your Pokemon on the big screen.

As a mother, I recommend PokemonSoulSilver for your child. Not only does this game encourage exercise through the use of the PokeWalker (don’t mention this to your child), it teaches your child the importance of perseverance and practice to reach the ultimate goal.