Human Resource Management: Career Considerations

Although I think Hate is too strong a word, I must say I have noticed the problem. In many organizations HR is treated like the “fifth” wheel, (the spare tire) needed but not really appreciated until a flat tire occurs. But I know from talking to my HR colleagues that they really long to be full-fledged members of the management team in their organizations.

In some organizations, very few in fact, the Human Resource function is that dream position where the person occupying the top HR job sits as a full member of the management team. In these companies the HR Staff have a well defined purpose as a genuine ally of both the organization and the people within it. Seeing itself as a “profit center”, it is itself lean, effective and vital to the company’s success.

First let me say that Human Resources like Management itself is still relatively new. And just as, over time we have come to have new insights about leading and managing people, HR as a corporate business function has been evolving right along with it. With that grace in mind let me offer some possibly new insight. The purchase of the singapore salary software can be done through the human resource managers, A sight of the future should be available for determining the expectations of the business employees.

Exactly what are the right skills, knowledge and character that produce an HR person that can truly be effective? This is evolving and becoming clearer all the time as CEO and business owners determine exactly what they want from their Human Resource Department. Our training of HR professionals needs to keep constant pace with the marketplace in this regard.

I think to be truly effective, there needs to be some tweaking of the preparation for HR professionals that breaks the current mold. In my opinion, the best case scenario would be that the person leading the HR department has qualified HR knowledge AND has spent time in a supervisory or management role that is responsible to produce revenue and achieve profitability, or in the case of a non-profit, tied to accomplishing core mission, and, has that experience under the pressure that typical line managers face every day successfully.

True credibility comes, well, from being credible. (Duh!) Believability comes from having “done that”, and from knowing the truth. Any would-be HR professional who really desires credibility, should, upon graduation, get a job in a management capacity where he/she has direct responsibility for revenue and cost controls as their P L; responsibility. We should consider requiring that any BA, BS or MBA candidate seeking a career in HR should intern at least two summers in a business environment as a management trainee. This should be a minimum. At most, people who desire to be Human Resource professionals should work in the industry they want to serve, first, as a low-level supervisor on a production line or in an office where they are responsible for generating revenue or controlling costs, before they work in HR. (I would recommend this for any accounting major as well.) With 2-3 years of this experience, they can pursue their HR career full steam ahead, with true understanding of what it takes to operate a business, an understanding of the language of profit and loss, and experience of managing people in “real life” that they could never get at a college of university, (as good as those Human Resource programs are.) Being able to look a line manager in the eye and speak his\her language goes much further when it comes to being asked to the strategy table. Applying your understanding, gained through hands-on experience, and to have a true “working knowledge” of what it really takes to get the business results, ADDED to your degree, is a recipe for a long-term effective career in Human Resources.

Computer Repair Rip-offs

What Constitutes a Computer Problem?

This seems like a dumb question, but it’s not. Your computer may be experiencing problems without your knowledge. Naturally, if your computer is running slow, making strange noises or acting differently than it does on a daily basis, you know you have a problem. But, what you may not know is that computer maintenance may help prevent future problems.

Before calling an Information Technology (IT) technician, go over the check-list below.

Available Tools Within Your Operating System (OS)

Disc Cleaner eliminates temporary files and cleans up unneeded files. Go to the “Start” button, then “All Programs” and then go to “Accessories”. Slide over to “System Tools” and there you find the Disc Cleaner and the Defrag button icons.

Temporary internet files are saved on your system every time you visit a website. Every site you go to is saved for possible future use. This takes up space on the hard drive. Once the disc cleaner is run, this space becomes available again, giving your computer more ‘breathing room’.


Like a messy desk, files get disorganized within the system. The defrag feature organizes these files so that the hard drive doesn’t have to search so hard for stuff. It will know where it is. Defrag should be done at least once a month, or once a week for business or heavy document use.


Updates should be automatically selected. The Windows OS will ask you if you want to update. Say yes, and restart if necessary. Updates protect the system from malicious software or applications that are sent through the internet.

Therefore, it is important to have your software updated on a regular basis so as to prevent any virus from taking over your computer, which is a big headache in hardware and require an Abingdon laptop technician to sort things out.

Internet Explorer 7 has a feature that blocks phishing. If you have Internet Explorer 7. Go to help on the top right hand corner or Internet Explorer to find out which version you have. If you want to, you can go to “Tools” and go to “Windows Updates” which will scan your system and tell you what you need to update.

Once you are updated, when you reboot your system, a screen will appear asking you which features you want on your system. Phishing is usually the second feature offered and when selected will protect your system from some outside harm.

Windows Defender (free) prevents adware and Spamware and is available by performing an internet search by the name Windows Defender. Make sure it directs you to the Microsoft website and not some fly-by-night Joe’s Software site. Once downloaded, the genuine license will have to be validated; say yes to any questions about validation if you own the computer. (If you have not had the most recent updates, downloads may be required first. It’s okay to say yes to these, too.)


Imperative. There’s no other word for it. If you don’t have it – get it. Make sure it’s updateable when the new version comes out. This is where saying “yes” to your updates on your computer comes in handy. Good Anti-Virus software, Norton Anti-Virus or MacAfee are good choices. Pricing starts at 40.00 a year and is worth every penny and will save repair problems in the future.

Note: Anti-virus programs are not cure-alls. It is prudent to carefully monitor the sites visited on your system. Also, users should still not open unknown e-mails or download anything from unknown sources.

When You Make the Call


Save yourself money by getting an over-the-phone consultation. Talking to your computer person by phone saves time and money for both parties. The IT person should know what the problem may possibly be so that he knows which parts, tools or wiring to bring.

If your person is reputable, the problem may be able to be fixed over the phone and if you are a reputable person, you’ll send a check for his time spent helping you.

He should be a good listener. Don’t let a computer person bully you with technical language. If you don’t understand what he’s talking about ask him to explain it. If he can’t – call someone else.


If the technician does not mention it, back up the data on your computer. If you don’t know how to do this, ask. It’s important to save documents, files, photos, etc. in a location separate from the computer in the event of catastrophe. No special software is required. Just save the stuff to a CD.

Documents saved on the desktop are not automatically saved when backing up other documents. Never store files on your desktop. Once deleted, they can not be recovered. Furthermore, it uses up your system’s resources and slows the overall performance of your system.

Questions to Ask

Some computer repair people specialize in one area. It’s important to know whether the person deals with hardware (the guts of your computer), software (the extra stuff you buy like QuickBooks, PhotoShop, or FictionMaster®, etc) or networking (wiring, printers and other stuff hooked to your computer). The best techie will know all three. Don’t be afraid to ask, “Do you know about hardware, software and networking, too?” This will not offend the professional.

Ask the tech to show you what the problem is. A good tech will be more than happy to show you his magic! Also, it helps you to better understand your system and builds trust in the service he is performing. A good tech will also let you sit before the monitor while he verbally walks you through the steps to prevent future problems. This familiarizes you with your system and also saves you money in the future.

How to Know if Your System is Really Fixed


A technician should not charge you a second time to come back and repair something that has recently been worked on. If he had fixed it properly in the first place, the call would not have to be made. Glitches happen and can more than likely be fixed over the phone. But a 90-day or so guarantee is not an outlandish request.

Note: If the technician, in good faith, returns to your home and (honestly) finds a problem that did not exist before, it’s certainly acceptable to pay him for that. For example, if one of the kids downloads something and attracts a virus – this may be a new problem. Or, if users continue to do what caused the problem in the first place, the technician cannot be held responsible.

Obviously, if the reason you called the tech in the first place is no longer existent, that’s good. But, if there is something else going on with your computer that was not going on before you called for service, pick up the phone and call him or her right away. Your computer should not be behaving strangely in any way and nothing should be missing from your desktop, your documents or your files.

Knowing your system better may prevent costly computer maintenance calls, but if you must make the call, make sure you’ve done all you can do on your own and always be willing to learn more about your computer.

Do You Have Constant Fights In A Relationship? Follow These Tips!

In today’s era, one of the most challenging tasks is to maintain a healthy relationship. Most of the people are following the western culture of hopping from one relationship to another, but it is not the right way. To maintain a good relationship requires efforts from both sides. Fights and arguments are common in all relationships, but what matters the most is how you handle them.

One of the most important things to keep in mind for a good relationship is the level of communication. You need to be open with your partner, and there should be no secrets in a relationship. Trust issues one of the most common causes of the failure of relationships. You can get some good relationship tips on as it is tailor-made for adults. If you are still confused about how to maintain a good and healthy relationship, then the following tips might help you.

Some of the best ways to maintain a strong relationship with your partner

Don’t stop doing what you did in the starting.

One of the biggest problems of today’s generation is that they put a lot of effort into the starting of a relationship to impress their partner, but as time passes, they stop putting the same amount of effort. They start getting impatient, short-tempered, and lack of understanding starts to grow among them. If they keep on doing the things that they did in starting the relationship, there will be no problem at all. So, should never take your partner for granted; instead, you should always treat him or her like it is the first day of your relationship.

Focus on your partner’s choices and preferences

Knowing your partner completely is an integral part of maintaining a healthy relationship. You must know about all her choices, favorite things, and what makes him or her happy. You should always think about the happiness of your partner whenever you are doing something as if it won’t be liked by your partner; you shouldn’t be doing it. Keeping your relationship happy and healthy is in your hands as your actions affect your partner the most.

Be open

You must be open and confident about sharing your opinion with your partner. There must be mutual understanding, and you must consider each other advice and mix them and come with a solution. Keeping things inside will eat you up and will have a negative impact on your relationship. So, you must speak up whatever you feel so that there are no sorts of misunderstandings among you.

Physical Intimacy

Getting physically intimate is a crucial part of every relationship as it takes your bond to another level of trust. If you want to improve your relationship and get more confident about each other, then you must get physical. But you must keep one thing in mind that before getting physical, you must discuss it with your partner as forcing him/her to do it is never a good idea. It may spoil your relationship forever.

How To Look For Recyclables

With the economic slump that the country is in, more people are turning to can hunting (and that is not limited to cans, people collect plastic and glass bottles too) to bring in extra money. There is nothing wrong with looking through trash for recyclables although unfortunately many people still look down on it. You don’t have to be homeless to be a can hunter. You can be anyone. Maybe you need to pay a bill, maybe you need food, diapers or gas in your car. Maybe you want to take your kids on a trip and can’t afford it unless you save the money. You have your own reasons for wanting to be a can hunter and that’s fine. Don’t let anyone tell you that there is something wrong with it (unless it’s the police!). If you can hunt in a respectable way, and stay safe, you can have a successful can hunting career. This article will tell you how you can be safe and considerate as you can hunt, trash dig or look for recyclables on the side of the road.

#1: Know your Towns Laws on Trash Digging

Before you go out to can hunt by digging in residential and business trash cans, you need to know the laws of your town. You need to see if it’s legal and if it’s not, you need to see what leeway there is if they catch you can hunting. For example, in some towns, you’ll get a warning the first time you’re caught. I am not recommending breaking the law but I know that some people will can hunt no matter what if they are desperate for money. So whatever you do, just make sure you know the laws so you’ll know what will happen if a police officer stops you.

#2: Clean Up After Yourself

One of the things that business and residences hate more then anything about can hunters, is the ones that do not clean up after themselves. When you go through a dumpster or a trash can, you want to make sure that it looks exactly the same, if not better then when you first approached it. If the lid to the trash can was up when you got there, leave it up. If it was down, put it back down. Homeowners and business owners do NOT want to clean up after you, nor should they have to. Clean up your mess and everyone will be happy in the long run. People are less likely to chase you off if you always keep it clean. You can avail dumpster rental Pomona, ca. This dumpster rental provider is one of the reliable rentals that you can find in the market. They do offer dumpster that varies in size.

#3: Stay Safe

Staying safe is very important. While can hunting may bring in extra money, it is not always safe. If you are going at night, try to bring someone with you. Avoid bad parts of town or bring a buddy. When you are going through a dumpster or trash can, always be aware of your surroundings. You need to be on the lookout as you dig in case someone sneaks up behind you. If you can afford a cell phone, even if it’s a prepaid one, keep it on you so you can call for help if needed. You also need to stay safe by looking out for poisonous bugs and broken pieces of glass that are found in trash cans and dumpsters.

#4: Don’t Stay in One Place Too Long

Can Hunters know that you should not stay in one place digging through a trash can. When you spend a long time digging in one trash can or dumpster, you have the chance of drawing more attention to yourself. Get your system down for can hunting so you can get in and out. Also don’t stay in one place a long time if there is a dog barking or a lot of people. Again, you’d draw a lot of unwanted attention to yourself and this is a hobby best left unnoticed.

#5: Avoid Confrontations

Some people will not like it that you are digging through their garbage. If someone asks you to leave, then leave. It’s not worth arguing or getting into a confrontation with someone because they don’t want you to dig through their trash. Try to put yourself in their shoes and quietly leave.

#6: Have the Perfect Kit

Having the perfect kit can make your can hunting much easier. You will need gloves, a flashlight and extra set of batteries (for night digging), water (make sure you’re always hydrated), small package of wet wipes (to get off yucky stuff that you come across), a box cutter (for cutting bags quickly), at least one trash bag (you can get other trash bags from trash cans or dumpsters as you go along) and some kind of stick with a hook or grabber stick for getting hard to reach items. If you can afford or find one, have a basket or cart to put your recyclables in so you don’t have to carry them a long distance.

#7: Observe Trash Days for the Neighborhood You Are Hunting In

You don’t want to go can hunting only to find that all the trash has been collected by the garbage company. As you can hunt, observe with a neighborhood’s trash day is so you don’t go hunting after the trash truck has gone. The perfect time for can hunting is the night before trash day and the morning of trash day because people put out their trash cans or add more to a trash can that is already out there.

#8: Know Where to Go

Learn where the best areas to can hunt are. Beside trashcans at homes, gas stations and hotels are a good place to look for cans. If there is a sports event, you may be able to can hunt after that. Go to Walmart on a busy weekend day and check their parking lot, people are constantly just dropping their recyclables right on the ground.

Coping with Financial Loss when Bankrupt

When I recognized that my bankruptcy clients appeared to be engaging in grieving behaviors, I consulted with Sameet M. Kumar, PhD, author of “Grieving Mindfully: A Compassionate and Spiritual Guide to Coping with Loss.” My suspicions were right — all types of loss, including financial loss, trigger the five stages of grief. All the financial loss will be recovered with the help of bankruptcy lawyer san diego. There should be disclosing of all the facts to the lawyer for the winning of the lawsuit. 

Interestingly enough, when my clients understand this emotional process they move through each stage more quickly. Hopefully, the description of the five stages of grief and typical reactions below will help you recognize that while you feel bankrupt in more ways than one, your life will not only improve, but thrive as well.

Denial or “This isn’t happening to me” stage. The first stage is often triggered when a setback such as a job or financial loss occurs. Not wanting to face a lifestyle change, decisions are made based upon false hope. This is when bankrupt clients make the mistake of dipping into their retirement funds to pay house payments and other bills. The problem is that these funds can often be protected and are needlessly wasted as a result – yet another financial loss.

Anger or “I could have done something differently” stage. It is hard for a bankrupt client to watch the life that they built disappear. While the economy is the biggest factor in most client’s financial losses, clients tend to direct their anger on themselves. At this stage, they often believe that they could have done something differently to prevent the bankrupt status and resulting financial loss.

Bargaining or “Tell me what I need to do to fix this” stage. This is the stage my clients are often in when I first meet them. They are looking for answers. They want to know how to hold onto their lifestyle even though bankrupt. Working together, we assess the options available while focusing on setting aside the emotional aspects so that they may make sound, objective decisions. Most importantly, explaining the cycle of the grieving process helps many to step back and look at their situation realistically. It frees them to begin taking productive steps forward, leaving behind the financial loss.

Depression or “I’m facing reality and I don’t like it” stage. After first meeting my clients, they usually take one to six months to consider their options. During this time, I often field telephone calls and answer questions about the options we discussed. It is an important part of the process that cannot be rushed.

Acceptance or “I’m ready to put this behind me and move forward” stage. When my clients are ready to proceed, the difference in their demeanor is almost magical. The bankrupt depression is gone and they are upbeat. They see the possibilities in a new, debt-free life. Accepting the bankrupt status, they take the steps necessary to free themselves of the stress that comes with financial loss and the burden of the grieving process.

When asked why I find representing bankrupt clients rewarding, I explain that I find pleasure in knowing that my clients emerge from the financial loss as whole, emotionally healthy people who are not only wiser, but appreciative of their new, saner lifestyle, as well.

CBD Gummies- New Theory for Understanding Cannabidiol Thesis

We are living in a world where there are so many topics to discuss about and most of them are such that they are impossible to cover up in a single lifetime. In fact, many topics have their own theories and subsets as they are too vast.

Cannabidiol Oil is one such piece of study that most people are not aware about except the experts who have enough knowledge about it that they can impart it to others as well.

CBD oil is one that comes from extracts of cannabis/marijuana plants that are quite useful in treating various health hazards and are quite successful at doing so whether it is normal or life threatening ones.

Candy Culture

Now the topic that we are discussing about is a part of Cannabidiol called CBD gummies that are like candies which also contain CBD oil due to their medicinal properties and are also called rainbow gummies.

They are so called because of the different colors flavors and shapes that they are available in and are an easy way to swallow and ingest CBD so that it can mix up with the consumed food and absorbed by the entire body.

The gummies can be found in flavors like vanilla, chocolate, mint, honey, nut, hazelnut and others and its manufacturers use this strategy to market their products to the consumers who are in need of it to tackle health issues.

Quite similar to CBD oil, they are known to take care of ailments like anxiety, depression, insomnia and many others but they are not in the same league as their erstwhile counterparts in the sense that oil is pure and has been tried and tested for long but gummies are not so.

CBD gummies are better known for creating a strong placebo effect than actually providing health benefits to its users and are more of a candy culture phenomenon in the true sense.

The Remington Alaskan TI 30-06 – Hardcore Hunting Tool

The first twelve years I hunted deer and elk in the Pacific Northwest I carried a Remington 760, pump action .270. There were a few years in there that I spent carrying a muzzleloader, but all the same, I grew accustomed to carrying heavy, wood-stocked, blued barrel rifles. This was the model of gun that my dad shot, and my dad’s dad shot. I will always love my small collection of model 760’s, but as I grew up as a hunter, my perspective on what I needed in a rifle changed. Last year, I hunted with the Remington Alaskan TI in a 30-06. The TI is built on Remington’s classic Model 700, bolt-action frame, and it has all the functionality of the original. Of course, as a gun available now through custom shops only, it has a few other neat qualities as well.

When I hunt elk, I end up covering a lot of ground- I head into the woods in the dark before sunrise, and leave the woods in the dark after it sets. The Pacific Northwest offers some formidable territory, and carrying a heavy pack and a heavy rifle really starts to wear on a person after several days of hunting. If hunting with the 760 for all those years had done one thing, it was conditioned me to being used to a heavy rifle. So when I started carrying the TI last year, it was incredible how light it was to carry. At just over six pounds, it is one of the lightest hunting rifles available on the market. However, unlike other light-weight rifles, the TI does not have a hollow-composite stock. Instead, it is a custom molded Bell and Carlson fiberglass stock, which gives you all the positive characteristics of the hollowed design, plus the rugged feel of a solid stock. It is also coated with Bell and Carlson’s MaxxGaurd, which increases durability and is easy to grip in wet conditions. In addition to the fiberglass stock, the fluted barrel and bolt assembly, as well as the titanium receiver all help keep it lightweight. Great scopes for long range shooting reviews should be visited through the person. The hunting should be done with intelligence and excellent of the young hunters. The weight of the equipments should be light for the person. 

Big game hunting in many parts of the Northwest comes with the expectation that you are going to get rained on; there is usually no shortage of moisture. The reality of hunting with a blued barrel is that eventually, it is going to probably experience some rusting or pitting. Preventing a blued rifle from developing any rust is a giant accomplishment if you hunt hard in many parts of the northwest. I have hunted a 10 day elk season near world-famous Mount Saint Helens when it rained an honest foot during that short season. A blued barrel just does not make much sense. The Remington TI has a stainless barrel, which does a much better job of standing up to adverse conditions.

Now for the con’s: a light gray stock with a semi-shiny stainless barrel seems somewhat odd in the hands of a hunter clad head-to-toe in camouflage (although it might make more sense when hunting in the glaciers or tundra of Alaska). Remington makes many other synthetic stock rifles with camouflage, an option that would be nice on the TI. They also make a barrel that is TriNyte coated, and one that is black oxide coated. Both of these finishes are meant to hold up to extreme conditions (found on the Remington Extreme Conditions and Extreme Hunting Rifles), and both would have been a good fit for a light-weight, no nonsense hunting rifle. Finally, the bolt assembly, which is titanium and spiral fluted for the purpose of being light, is an odd material match for the stainless receiver, and therefore the bolt feels scratchy and somewhat clunky. When just for experimental purposes I replaced it with a stainless bolt from another model 700, it was much smoother. Of course, I would never fire the TI with a bolt borrowed from another rifle.

Overall, it was a great gun to carry. The accuracy was everything hunters have come to expect from rifles built on the 700 platform. Shooting a rifle with Remington’s new externally adjustable X-Mark Pro trigger is dreamy. And after only a short time in the field on opening day, the TI passed the ultimate test by sending a 180 grain bullet into a Roosevelt bull elk.

Turn Web Site Visitors into Customers with Attention-Grabbing Content

How to Create Attention Grabbing Content – Keys for a Converting Website

As we all know, the internet is fueled by websites that have helpful content. The saying “Content is King”, is a true one, as content can make or break a website and ultimately an internet business. Converting visitors into sales is hard enough, as the average business only converts 1 in 100 visitors. By having rich valuable content on your website, you will build a great deal of credibility and trust with your visitors. Remember, the key to success online is to build a great amount of trust.

Catching the Visitor’s Attention

First off, when you finally get traffic to your website you want to keep their attention long enough, so they will not click the back button and go to a competitor’s website. So how do we achieve catching and maintaining the visitor’s attention? It’s quite simple actually, what you have to do is simply create headlines that get straight to the point. For example, if your website is about the positive effects of drinking green tea, then you will want your headline to read “The Positive Effects of Drinking Green Tea”.

The internet moves very quickly and if the visitor isn’t receiving the information they need right away, they will move on to the next website, who probably does get straight to the point. You can absolutely be creative, however, make sure that it does not interfere with the message your website is trying to get across.

Use of Power-words and Keywords

Using power words and keywords on your website will also help convert website traffic as well. If your site is about making money online, then be sure to include that keyword wherever relevant, including your title and throughout the main bodies of your articles. Not only do keywords get your message across; they also attract targeted search engine traffic to your website as well. Make sure that you use keywords as often as possible, however, be sure not to saturate it. 1%-3% of your words should be keywords, anymore and you might be penalized for “keyword saturation”.

Power words are highly important as well, especially on an e-commerce or EBay site. If you are selling a new lap-top on your website then you will want power words such as “Brand New in Box”, “New”, “Great Bargain!”, and things of that nature. By using power-words, the visitor’s attention switches over to what your site has to offer.

Use Niche Keywords throughout your article

The importance of using keywords throughout the content of your website can not be emphasized enough. First of all, you may be asking yourself what niche keywords are. Niche keywords are keywords that apply to what your website has to offer and whom the website is marketing to. For example, if you start a website that sells inhalers for asthmatics, then niche keywords would be: “cheap asthma inhalers”, “asthma relief medicine”, or “asthmatic medicine”.

You will have to perform keyword research by using the hundreds of keyword tools that exist all around the internet. Be sure to use this in your titles, articles, and meta-tags as well, this way you will get the greatest amount of exposure. The checking of the Lumen5 review will provide the use of best title for the articles. The top ranking in the reviews will be given to the expert and premium articles. A visit to check the review will add effectiveness in the articles. 

By catching the visitor’s attention, using power-words, and using niche keywords throughout your article, you will surely convert the targeted traffic into a great deal of sales. Be sure to be consistent in your efforts, and you will see success quicker than 90% of other internet marketers.

Pet Grooming Dangers

Imagine a lovely Spring day – you drop your best friend off at the dog spa for some well deserved pampering and grooming. A relaxing bath, hair cut and perhaps a nail trim. Who could imagine that something as pleasant as a trip to the groomers could end the life of your sweet devoted pal. What possibly could have happened and how could it have been prevented?

Most occurrences of fatality at the groomers happen because the dog becomes overheated in the drying process. Dogs are bathed and then placed into a drying cage where a large blow dryer is set on the cage door. As easy as it is for a dog to become overheated in a car on a sunny day, it’s just as easy for this to happen when trapped in a small cage with heat blowing straight at them. An attentive and trained groomer with this set up would not let the dog sit for long periods of time in a drying cage and under strict supervision a drying cage is not necessarily deadly. When it comes to grooming pets, there are certain precautions that need to be measured and observed. For instance, when creating shelter for a beard dragon, it is not advisable to start from what you think is right. There is a colmars beard dragon terrarium training. This is the standard that everyone should follow. 

The second leading cause of accidental death at the groomers is strangulation. Most small dogs are placed on a grooming table where they are tethered by the neck to a pole on the table. It is merely a way of keeping the dog in control while they are being groomed and definitely not a safe way to leave them alone. Small grooming locations may not have enough employees to answer phones or talk to customers. It may so happen that the person grooming your dog leaves them on the table in the tether and walks away to help another customer. When they come back the dog may have hung itself in an attempt to get down from the table.

It’s always best to know your groomer. Check out the facilities yourself and ask to see everything. A groomer with nothing to hide will show you the bathing and drying areas without hesitation. There are no requirements for groomers as it stands now but there are schools of grooming. Be sure that the owner and groomers that are working on your pet have training. If the actual grooming facilities are in the back and out of view of the public, ask if you can watch the procedure. If the answer is no, take your dog somewhere else. There are many groomers who work behind a large window so that the dogs never leave your sight and that is where you want to go. Make sure the groomer has a policy preventing dogs from being left unattended, as this is when most deaths occur. A few questions from you may save your dog’s life.

Turn Your Favorite Photo into an Oil Painting

Do you have a favorite photo? Most of us do, whether it is because of sentimental value or you just like it. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could turn that picture into an oil painting? Well, you can. With companies like Canvas on Demand popping up with their Painting Kits that are affordable. Canvas on Demand has been featured on TV and in magazines and newspapers.

They can work directly from your photo (traditional print) that you send in by snail mail or you can upload a scanned photo (or digital camera) on their website. They can also work from the negatives of a photo, which is great when the picture you want to use is lost or damaged. Uploading is easy with their step-by-step instructions. For traditional prints, you will get a pre-paid photo mailer so you can send the picture(s) to them.

On the website, you can see samples of different products and painting styles they offer. You can even take people or objects from different photos and combine them into one canvas. Of course, that is considered a major retouching, so do not expect it to be cheap. They also do photo restoration, which will cost extra. You may be wondering if it is actually painted on the canvas. It is not. Their artist creates brush strokes by using a stylus and electronic tablet and is all done before ever reaching the canvas. They have five wooden frames to choose from, and all come with hanging hardware.

The turnaround time is usually 5 days after you placed your order, however, the Rush It Service guarantees delivery in three to five days. All items are shipped using FedEx and wrapped in protective foam to prevent any damage during transit. If the item is damaged during shipping, they will replace it. In addition, because of their 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you just do not like the thing, you can get a refund or have them try again. As long as you do it within thirty days from the date you received it. If you buy one right now a portion of the money will go camping Heartland (featured on Extreme Makeover- Home Edition) and you can enter to win a free canvas by joining their Canvas Club.

Another company that does this is Photo Wow, and they too have been featured on TV and in print. Photo Wow offers more than just stuff like canvases and photo restoration, you can get your photo put on Hand Purses, End Tables, Pillows, Mousepads, Invitations, and Holiday Cards, Baby Bags, Puzzles, etc.. The End Table is their newest item. Your image is made up of twenty-five 4½ ceramic tiles that cover the top of the table. I love the idea, but I will not get one until the price comes down. The base price $169.00, and that does not include the picture. I do like that they have a snail mail catalog, you can get one sent to you on their website. Photo Wow works pretty much the same as Canvas on Demand; you can send the photo by email or snail mail. You can return If do not like how the item came out, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Both of these companies have great affiliate programs. If you have an office with a reception area Photo Wow will send you a free canvas to hang in your reception area, and you will get a commission for sales. To get details to check out Photo Wow’s affiliate section. They also have many other representative opportunities available. Canvas on Demand has the Link Share Network handle their affiliate program. You will get credit for orders up to sixty days after a customer was sent to them through your links. Both programs are free to join.