Looking for Bluetooth Earbuds? Here are what you should Consider

If you are planning to buy a pair of earbuds, here are some of the important factors that you should consider:


One of the biggest factors that you need to consider when buying bluetooth earbuds is the cost. Certainly, there are several brands and models in the market. This will give you wide options to choose the one that has a competitive and reasonable price and at the same time, the quality is reliable. But generally, good wireless earbuds don’t come at bargain basement prices. So it is important to be prepared to pay enough to get something decent or find the best bluetooth earbuds under 50


Aside from the cost, you should also be able to consider the codecs when choosing the right bluetooth earbuds for you. The most basic models usually work with SBC. SBC is a codec that doesn’t support higher resolution music. SBC also usually sounds a bit flat . But as recommended by experts, if you are an Android user, it is better to choose Hi-Res aptX HD. But if you are an apple user, AAC is the best deal for you.

Ear Tips

The most important part of a pair of earbuds is its ear-tips. So when choosing a pair, it is also important to check ear-tips. It is advisable to ensure that the ear-tips of the earbuds you are considering come in a range of sized and that they can fit your ears properly. You certainly don’t want to use earbuds that are not fitted to your ears.

Battery Life

You should also be able to check the battery life of the earbuds you are buying. Ideally, go for earbuds that can perform 12-15 hours. This will give you more time to use your earbuds. 

Housekeeping: Is Your House Clean?

Heres from a writer who has two children ages 2 and 5. Talk about getting personal. Keeping a clean house (which happens one to two times a week typically) is difficult for me. Housekeeping is important for most people I would think. I sit around sometimes thinking that I should be a better person about cleaning up after myself and my children. Somtimes I’m lazy, sometimes I’m not. We all have those kinds of tendancies, don’t we? Or maybe the issue goes deeper? Perhaps it’s really depression. What do you think? Am I a depressed writer? I’m 25, and this is one of my first major articles. Am I going to be one of those people you never hear from again? I like to think not. I like to think positive about what I’m doing. With me, my wife, and my children. The fact remains that my house is dirty but it doesn’t bother me. I guess I have to ask then, does it bother? But wait, don’t answer that until you read more.

It’s kind of funny to me, how depression and writing go so far into the population you could pop it with a pin because of the tention in just about the subject of depression. Do you think you get depressed about cleaning your house? Is your house always clean? I know mine isn’t. I tend to think in the back of my head that depression is not a sickness, but more of a disability that can be overcome. But, I have to ask you, the general public, is it both? Will the services of избор на професионален домоуправител efficient in housecleaning? The question will be answered after visit to online sites and checking the reviews. The outcome of the house managers cleaning will be helpful to satisfy the needs of the person.

I decided to go out to Google, of course, and search for “House Cleaning % In the U.S.”, you know, just to see what kind of percentage I was in. You know? Those “statistics” the people that make them create. As an average comparing myself to the rest of everyone in the U.S.? You would think that would pull up some kind of percentage of people that clean their house, but it didn’t. It pulled a list of places or people, such as www.merrymaids.com which we all know, or www.MollyMaid.com which is another household name. Let’s not forget about those overseas companies such as www.anyclean.co.uk which I have no idea about. Can you believe that these were in the first five hits?

Do you keep a clean house? Is America leveraging the stress of daily life, perhaps the void of depression, rather then the expansion of the mind, and outsourcing cleaning responsibilities to other companies, through the internet and through the phonebook?

Is that what is really going on?

Starting a Sheet Music Collection

Sheet music displayed in the living room can be aesthetically beautiful because it adds a touch of the artist atmosphere to the hall. Starting a sheet music collection is a relatively easy, and inexpensive hobby. Once you have decided what you want to collect, you can easily find them at the garage sales, flea markets, and also on the Internet. Unless you’re looking for extremely less sheet music, most of the sheet music is generally priced from a few dollars to about thirty dollars.

But to start a sheet music collection, what you should do is to decide on a particular genre or period of music before you begin to start collecting them. It is generally a good idea that you concentrate only on one period of the music era at a time. For example, if you are looking at collecting sheet music for baroque music, you can begin with collecting the most representative pieces in the baroque era.

As you see it here, collecting sheet music written by a famous composer is also one of the very popular choices for collectors. For example, you can choose to collect pieces composed by the particular composer in the Baroque era such as Bach or Vivaldi. If you want to collect his music by the composer in the classical era, then you can look into his music for Mozart or Beethoven.

If you are thinking of collecting music that represents the early American style, then you can consider rag music from the early 20th century. This is because rag music is considered to be the foundation of modern jazz. And for this same very reason, it is hugely popular with collectors for vintage sheet music.

When collecting sheet music of a particular type of genre or a particular composer, you can also put together the history of the music or the composer you are collecting for, this will not only make you understand more on your collections, it will make the value of your collections much greater.

However, one thing that all sheet music collectors should know is that if your sheet music is not going to be displayed, then you’ll probably need to have the proper knowledge to preserve the conditions of the sheet music. A common way of preserving sheet music is to sort them out properly and store each set of sheet music of the same size into a plastic bag and seal it, preferably vacuum. When you have done that, you just need to store on the different bags of sheet music into a larger storage container to prevent them from scratch on damage from other sharp objects. Lastly simply store your containers into a dry area.

Collecting sheet music is a very rewarding exercise especially for musicians because they can read along when they are listening to their favorite music. In addition, they also provide great visual value to the décor of the room.


Budget Sweetheart Gifts

I think Half-Priced Books is the place to shop for non-ring seeking Valentine’s Day shoppers besides сайта за сериозни запознанства. Children, romantic partners, and friends want to be remembered during this day. I found some sweet deals at the store near my house. I believe they offer something for just about everyone.


I love puzzles, and they are a fun activity for children. It helps them to problem solve and to develop hand-eye coordination. Many people can appreciate a puzzle if it is not too complicated, and doesn’t have too many pieces. I found the perfect shaped puzzles at the discount book store.

There was one that would take on a heart shape when finished. It consisted of pastel and white sweetheart candy-like shapes. Additionally, a few X’s and O’s were embedded in the puzzle in pastel shades, or in stand-out white.

Another puzzle, also by Paper House, would finish out in the shape of a rose. It had different rose shapes embedded or standing out in the final puzzle.

Each of these was priced at just $5.99. They are in shrink-wrapped, intact boxes that are ideal for gift-wrapping or pretty enough to present as is.

Cooking Gifts

I saw Junior Chef kits for the cooking apprentice in your household. The Hinkler product was only $9.99 at the store.

A Quick and Delicious Cupcake and Muffin kit by Spice Box was also $9.99.

Cake Pops have become very popular. Spice Box creates this product in a kit, and Half-Price Books had it for only $9.99.

For the gluten-free baker in the house, there is also a Hinkler product. The Gluten-free Cupcakes kit was another under $10 gift option.


The book lover in your life would appreciate a number of quality books. They probably wouldn’t mind gently used books; especially if you could buy them more than one. Stick them in a gift bag, and you have an appreciative recipient.

Stickers, bookmarks, and other reader accessories are also in abundance at the store.


Movie mavens will appreciate the selection available at this store. Some stores have a separate discount section; where older movies can be found in sufficient quantity. Not all of the discounted movies at the store near me were flops. Most of them were well-known, but have been in circulation for a while.


Sometimes Half-Price Books has wonderful, but discontinued items. I found an abundance of them at the store. Guitar and other music kits were there. A vast array of hobby kits were there for the stitcher, knitter, origami aficionado, and more. Yum – there was even a Chocolate Kit by Spice Box.

Shopping Strategy

Rather than a shopping list, go to one of these stores with a list of your loved one’s likes, hobbies, and interests – you are bound to find something for everyone at the discount store. They will appreciate it, and so will your wallet.

How to Install New Fonts in Ubuntu Linux

If you’ve ever used Ubuntu before, you knew that installing free fonts online wasn’t that difficult. Just open Nautilus (the default file browser), and type the following into the address bar:


After that, all you needed to do was drop your fonts into that folder, and you were all set.

Unfortunately, as of Ubuntu 8.04 – Hardy Heron – that no longer works. Now that Ubuntu is using gvfs, locations such as “fonts://” no longer work (as Nautilus will tell you if you try to navigate there!).

So, what to do?

If you were using Mac OSX, you could simply double-click a font package. The Mac OSX font preview application would open and if you liked the font, there was a handy “install” button available. Click that, and the font is installed! Sadly, although Ubuntu does allow you to view fonts in the same manner, there is no “install” option to be found.

There are, however, a couple of ways to install fonts, depending on how comfortable you are with the Terminal and/or whether or not you want the fonts to be available for all users, or just for yourself. This actually is a consideration, since many commercial font licenses may only allow a single user, while free fonts can typically be shared with anyone.

Let’s assume, for the first instance (and for whatever reason), that you want to install the fonts and have them just be for you, and for you alone.

Open a Nautilus window and in the address bar type the following:


If the fonts folder is inside your home directory (note the leading “.” before fonts… that’s what makes the directory invisible), it will now open and all you need to do is drag your new fonts into that folder and they’ll instantly be available… but only for you.

There is a chance, especially if you haven’t installed any fonts since installing the operating system, that the .fonts folder doesn’t exist. In that case, you’ll want to create it. Simply go to the View menu and select the Show Hidden Files. You should now see a bunch of folders that weren’t there a second ago (along with some new files), all with the “.” before their names. Simply click the File menu to create a new folder, and give it the “.fonts” name. Now, simply drag your fonts into it, return to the Edit menu and deselect the “Show Hidden Files” and all those folders, including the one you just created, will disappear. And the font or fonts you now installed will now be available!

The above can also be done via the Terminal if you want. Remember, though, that if the .fonts folder doesn’t exist, we’ll need to create it first, so this might need two commands. The first command we’ll type into the Terminal will create the .fonts folder, while the second one will move the font into the newly-created folder. For the sake of this example, let’s assume that your new fonts are called “NewFonts.ttf” and that they were downloaded to the desktop. Here’s the first command:

  • mkdir /home/username/.fonts
  • The second command will take that font (NewFonts.ttf) and put it into the new folder:
  • mv /home/username/Desktop/NewFonts.ttf /home/usernamme/.fonts

Again, the above command actually moves the files into the folder, so they’ll be gone from wherever they were before that command. If you only want to copy the font into the folder, the same command is still good, only you’ll want to change “mv” to “cp” and then you’ll have the identical font in both places.

Okay, that’s the first way to install a font into your Ubuntu system, assuming you only want it to be available for yourself. But what if you want the font to be available for everyone? Simple. In fact, it’s actually almost the same, except for a couple of differences.

In Ubuntu, fonts that are available for everyone who uses the computer are stored in the following folder:


So, to mv a font into that folder (which will definitely already exist), we’d type in the following command (again assuming we’re moving the same font from the previous example, which was located on the desktop):

sudo mv /home/username/Desktop/NewFonts.ttf /usr/share/fonts

And again, if you only want to copy the font into the fonts folder, you would change “mv” to “cp” and leave everything else the same.

One thing to notice about the previous command, as opposed to the other, is the addition of “sudo” at the beginning. In Linux parlance, “Sudo” is shorthand for “Super User,” analogous to the Administrator in Windows or Mac OSX. The Super User can pretty much do anything he/she wants, so it’s a good idea to be careful whenever you’re asked for a password. In this case, however, you’re being asked for the password simply because you’re accessing a part of the system (the /usr folder) that everyone uses, so the system wants to make sure you have the right to modify this common area.

Shiira: A Fantastic Web Browser for Mac

Shiira is a Japanese word meaning dolphin fish. It is also the name of an exciting web browser, available for Mac users running OS X 10.2 – 10.4 (although users running anything less than 10.4 will lose out on certain features). Shiira is written in Cocoa (enabling it to take advantage of tight system integration with dictionaries and services), and the same html rendering engine (Web Kit) used by Safari.

Version 2.0 of Shiira was released in April (although older versions are still available for users running OSX 10.3 and belowbest website builders), and the changes and features are certainly exciting.

One of the most visual changes is an entire overhaul of Shiira’s theme. New icons, new tabs, a new way of looking at currently opened web pages. Shiira took a big leap forward with this release, in my view.

Another new feature is a nice RSS reader. Simply enter a page that includes a feed (either RSS or Atom) into your bookmarks, and Shiira will check that page (at an interval you set), for new entries. This feature is always present in the best website builders. So if you have quite a few blogs that you check daily, you no longer need a separate program to view them in, or (as is possible with Firefox) a separate extension. Shiira can do it for you. Simply add the RSS button to your toolbar, and then when you want to read your blogs, click it. An attractive pop-up window will appear, with a list of all your feeds, along with how many new items are available. Double clicking on a feed name changes the main Shiira window to a look very similar to an email program. The names of all the new items are in a list at the top, and selecting an item shows the preview available. You can also – a la Safari – choose to view your feeds in a flat window, so you can simply scroll through the list of available articles from a particular site. This feature is still a bit unrefined, in my view. It would be nice if you could select only certain websites to be in your RSS feed list, but if – for instance – you have ESPN.com bookmarked, Shiira will include that, since there are feeds present on that site. Hopefully this will change at some point, but even so, the implementation is attractive, fast and easy to use, even at this early stage of development.

Another nice touch Shiira has added with version 2.0 is the idea of the Page Dock. This feature is the equivalent to the idea of tabbed browsing. When opening a new window, Shiira simply adds a tiny icon to a horizontal scrolling area at the bottom of the window, with tiny thumbnail representations of each opened page. To navigate to one of those pages, simply click it, and the browser shows that page. It’s unfortunate that the Page Dock feature takes up so much space (the vertical implementation found for a couple years in OmniWeb browser uses much less space), but the idea is nice and – again – is attractive and fast.

Finally, Shiira has – as previously – maintained its integration with Safari and Firefox. If you have been using either of those browsers, Shiira is able to read and import your bookmarks. Clicking on the “Shelf” icon brings up a nice display that shows both your Safari and Firefox bookmarks (including toolbar links), along with any links you’ve added to Shiira. You also have the option of excluding either (or both) of those browser, or using the toolbar links from either browser in place of your Shiira links. This is a nice feature for people who use multiple browsers, and don’t want to deal with keeping multiple sets of bookmarks.

Finally, Shiira gives you control over what search engine is used in the toolbar search box, similar to Firefox. Unlike Google, which only uses the Google search engine, Shiira can be set to use Google, Yahoo, Dictionary.com, or any of a number of engines. You can also create your own, and have any of them set to be the default search engine.

Although version 2.0 is fairly recent (and judging by the developer’s blog there have been a few issues noted already), development continues at a rapid pace, and seems to be quite progressive. New features are regularly tried out that – even if not too successful – show me that Shiira has a bright future. If not for my current excitement over the recently released beta of Safari 3, I would say that Shiia is – for me – the most exciting web browser on the Mac platform, and one that I plan to watch carefully.

Replacing a Toilet with Easy Do-It-Yourself Instructions

You would like to replace the toilet in your bathroom, but you wonder how much it will cost to call the plumber to do it for you. There is no need to call the plumber. Replacing the toilet is one of the easy do-it-yourself jobs. The only problem is the weight. You might have to get a friend or relative to help you remove the old toilet and put the new one into place.

The first job of course is to find a replacement toilet. There is a multitude of choices available and you should easily find one to your liking. The new models are often not only more comfortable, but also will provide savings due to the reduced amount of water they use per flush. However, you need to make sure your new toilet will fit into the space of the old one. Thus, take measurements before you leave the house to look for a new one.

Once the new toilet is in your home, you can go to work. First you have to turn off the water supply to your old toilet. Underneath the tank you can find a supply valve, usually located to the left side. Turn it to shut off the water. Lift the top off the tank and flush the tank until the tank and the toilet bowl are empty. Any remaining water should be sponged off. Next you need to disconnect the water supply line that runs from the supply valve to the tank. If the water supply line does not need replacement, you only need to disconnect it at the tank side. Then you take out the connector inside the tank. After the reading of the instructions, the price of a new Viessmann boiler should be checked through the person. The price quotes should be made available for the advantage of insulated device. 

The next step is to remove the old tank. You start by unscrewing the bolts inside the tank. You should use pliers to hold the nuts on the underside of the tank while you do this. You can lift off the tank and set it aside.

Next you move on to removing the old toilet bowl. To make your job easier, you should remove the old toilet seat. Check for remaining water in the bowl and sponge it off, if necessary. Then you remove the bolts at the base of the toilet. You might have to remove anything that is covering these bolts as well as any plumber’s putty that might surround the bolts. These bolts are usually on very tight. Use lubricant to loosen them up a little. Once the bolts are removed you can just lift up the toilet and set it to the side.

Now you are left with a hole in the ground, the drainpipe. Stuff an old rag into the drainpipe in a way that you can easily remove it but also won’t fall in. This prevents anything from going down the drainpipe and blocking it. But more importantly those foul gases won’t be able to come up and bother you.

The drainpipe is surrounded by something called the flange. Unscrew this part and lift it out of the ground. Stuff an old rag into the drainpipe in a way that you can easily remove it. This prevents anything from going down the drainpipe and blocking it. Surrounding the border of the drainpipe is probably some plumber’s putty, which should be scraped off with a scraper.

Check the floor to see, if it is rotten or needs otherwise replacing. If that is the case, you will have to do that at this point.

Now you can move on to installing the new toilet bowl and tank. First you apply plumber’s putty around the base of the bolts to hold them better in place. Then you screw in the new flange. Make sure you properly fasten it to the drainpipe and floor.

Put a towel on the floor near you project and put your new toilet on it upside down. The towel will protect the surface of your new toilet from scratches. Take the wax gasket and push it on the base horn. You need to push really hard to make sure it sticks into place.

Take the rag out of the drainpipe. Turn your new toilet back upright and place it into its position over the drainpipe. The bolts need to align to the base. Place a level across the bowl to make sure the bowl is leveled. You might have to use shims to level the bowl. Shims are placed between the toilet base and the floor.

Next place a metal washer over each bolt at the base of the toilet. Then you should carefully tighten the nuts. It is best to alternate and move slowly, because you do not want to crack your new toilet bowl. There will probably be a gap between the base and the floor. Do not attempt to tighten the base to the floor. Such a gap is normal and caused by the new wax ring. Once you are done with the complete installation and the new toilet functions properly, you can use silicone caulk to close the gap.

Last but not least, you have to install the new toilet tank. First you put a spud washer over the inlet opening. Place the new tank so it lines up with the holes and carefully and slowly (to avoid cracks) bolt it to the bowl.

Finally, you have to reattach the water supply to the tank. Around the threads of the water supply line you should put Teflon tape. Put in the connecter inside the tank and reconnect the water supply line from the outside.

Now you can turn the water supply back on. The tank should fill. Ensure your new toilet flushes properly by testing the flush function a couple of times. If everything works properly and there are no leaks, you can attach the new toilet seat and you are all set.

Top-notch benefits of using cryptocurrency as a financial medium!

Cryptocurrency is an Internet-oriented currency that can be used as a medium of exchange. It is based on blockchain technology and is used to make a different financial transaction. People use it for trading and earn loads of profits from it. Bitcoin is the most popular and widely-used digital currency. There is various profit software that helps you in bitcoin trading and earn more money. But you must beware of the bitcoin profit scam software as it may make you lose all your investment. You must use cryptocurrencies as a common medium of exchange as it offers some fantastic benefits.

Some of the best reasons to make cryptocurrency your common medium of exchange

Convenient transaction

Usually, when a financial transaction occurs, there is a need for lots of paperwork, formalities, fees, commission, etc. A cryptocurrency transaction requires nothing such things which make it quite simple and convenient These are P2P; peer-to-peer transactions, which removes all the middlemen and intermediaries and also removes their charges and commission. There are only two parties involved in the transaction, which makes it less confusing and more convenient.

Secrecy of transaction 

Using other methods of the transaction, such as debit cards or credit cards, will make the bank record all your transactions. With each transaction you make, your whole transaction history is viewed along with your available balance, and according to it, it is decided whether you should be allowed to make the transaction or not. With cryptocurrencies, there is no such thing as complete control is in your hands. There is no governing or controlling institution or organization for cryptocurrencies. It depends entirely on you that what information you want to send to them. It offers excellent privacy for your financial as well as personal information. There is no risk of getting your details and data exposed at any point in the financial transaction.