5 Best Pc Games You Can Enjoy On Android Device

If you love playing online video games, you might as well enjoy playing them on-the-go. What better a deal if some of the most popular PC games were compatible on your Android device as well? There are indeed some powerful PC and console games which can be played seamlessly on your Android device like smartphones, tablets and Android TV. All you need is some good hardware on the device.

Here are 5 fantastic PC games that are compatible on Android platforms:

  • Grand Theft Auto III Series

You can choose from GTA III, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas on Android. The gameplay experience remains similar on Android devices as on PC. However players can initially face some discomfort because of touchscreen controls. But eventually the experience is worth it. The latest versions of GTA however are still not available on Android. You can enjoy playing GTA 5 by downloading gta 5 usb mod menu on your PS or Xbox.

  • Carmageddon

This car racing game too provides a great experience on Android devices just like on PCs and gaming consoles. What more, it is free to download and play! The theme of the game is darker compared to GTA but its engaging nonetheless.

  • Borderlands: The Pre Sequel

This is a loot-and-shoot genre game which is quite popular amongst video game players. It is available for $15 and was developed after Borderlands 1 and before Borderlands 2.

  • Doom and Doom II

These two are extremely popular FPS games, both creepy and exciting to play. The bonus being that these games play really well on Android platforms. Both are available for $5 each on Google Play.

  • Max Payne Mobile

This one is the original PC game on Android. It features the slow-motion Bullet Time gameplay, used for the first time ever in video games.

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