A Lanyard – Serving A Lot Of Different Purposes

Lanyard is a strap-like structure with a big loop in between, which allows the user to wear it around their neck. It has an attachment on the other side of the lanyard where you can attach various things such as ID cards, cameras, Flashdrive, badges, etc. The attachment and clips may vary according to the use of a lanyard. IF you are using your lanyards for holding badges or ID cards, it is better to have a cardholder along with it. It is a plastic case which holds your card or badge. Companies get their lanyards printed and customized to make them look attractive. There are various printing services, but you must avoid hiring cheap lanyard printing services as they don’t offer good quality.

Various common uses of lanyard

Safety strap

Lanyards are also used as a safety strap in industries and factories. Workers and employees work with massive, dangerous machinery, and they are unpredictable. A machine can break down anytime and cause a lot of damage to the workers and business. So, usually, a lanyard is attached to the main switch so that if the worker working on that machine falls or face any problem, the lanyard will automatically get pulled, and the machine will stop working right away. Lanyards are also commonly used in armed forces to carry their weapons so that they don’t fall while moving.

Part of uniform

At some places, lanyards are used as an item to decorate their attire and make it look more attractive. There are various colors, designs, and material available for lanyards. Different organization and authorities use them as an integral part of their uniforms. It used as a strap to carry a key or any other item. Different colors of lanyards are used to differentiate between men and women.

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