A Mother’s Review Of Nintendo Ds Pokemonsoulsilver

PokemonSoulSilver is a surprisingly good remake of Game Boy’s Pokemon Silver, released in 2000. Set up the same way, the objective is to catch and train Pokemon, battle with gym leaders, earn badges, and rise to the top to become the champion trainer. A knowledge of the various Pokemon and their particular power helps you progress faster, but even someone who is not familiar with Pokemon can quickly get into this game and have a lot of fun with it.

One of the main things that makes this game different from it’s predecessor is the addition of a “PokeWalker,” a separate device that comes with the game that lets you transfer a Pokemon from your DS into the device. Similar to a digital pet, you can take your Pokemon with you wherever you go, play games and battle within the PokeWalker, and once you transfer your Pokemon back into the DS game, you can look at it’s journal to see what it did on it’sPokeWalker adventure. What’s really wonderful from a mother’s point of view is that the PokeWalker is also a pedometer that tracks your child’s steps, and the more he/she walks, the stronger the Pokemon becomes. How cool is that.

PokemonSoulSilver requires you battle your Pokemon with every gym leader, earning badges until have enough badges to fight the Elite Four, the strongest players in the game. Once you beat them, then it’s time to face and conquer the ultimate champion. A hint from my daughter: make sure to save often, especially after battling the Elite Four. Otherwise, if you lose the champion fight, you’ll have to start the process all over with the Elite Four. You can use https://pickrandom.com/random-wheel/ to help you in defeating in the elite four in pokemonsoulsilver. It is really easy to navigate through the tool and you can learn even learn about pokemons stats as well.

Other great features of PokemonSoulSilver:

At the onset of the game, you get to choose a companion Pokemon (scaled to size) to walk along with you on your travels.

The game provides a friend who shows you how to catch Pokemon and gives you items to help you on your quest.

You can catch legendary Pokemon very early in the game. This is important because legendary Pokemon are very strong, which gives you an advantage.

The music and graphics have been improved from the previous Silver game. My daughter is a music lover and really enjoys the songs.

There are mini games called Pokeathelons within the main game. They are fun and allow you to earn points, which can be traded in for important items for your game.

If you have the Wii game, “Pokemon Battle Revolution,” you can wirelessly connect your DS with the Wii, interacting and battling your Pokemon on the big screen.

As a mother, I recommend PokemonSoulSilver for your child. Not only does this game encourage exercise through the use of the PokeWalker (don’t mention this to your child), it teaches your child the importance of perseverance and practice to reach the ultimate goal.

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