Alternatives to Traditional Home Financing

It has always been the American dream for many individuals to own a home. Unfortunately for most people, they do not have the credit to qualify for a traditional home loan. There are plenty of ways that you can get inside of a home without using credit. In this article , I want to go over some of the techniques that many people have used and have successfully gotten into their own homes. By the end of this article, you should be able to go out with confidence and find yourself a wonderful home.

Estate Tax Sales

One of the cheapest and most popular ways of getting into a home without traditional financing are estate tax sales. There are plenty of houses in the U.S. where people have not paid there taxes. The government seizes these home and they sell them to any individual that pays off the property taxes and the house is theirs free and clear. The best way to find these sells is to look inside of your local newspaper. The sales are usually held around the month of April and usually at the local court house. You want to make sure you have about $10,000 saved so that you will be able to purchase a house. The only downside to this alternative is that individuals have three years to pay back the taxes on the house. The upside to this is that you receive your money back with interest. Some alternatives can be checked through the people available at site. The checking of the contract with the promo code is beneficial for the applicants. The promo code will help the applicants in reduction of the money that is required at the platform to get the loan amount. 

Lease Option

Another alternative to traditional financing is to do a lease option. A lease option is a lease agreement on a house where the person who is renting the house has the option to buy the house in the near future. What makes this such a great alternative is you do not need a credit check to actually make this happen. Another reason why this is such a good alternative is that all of your rent payments will go toward the purchase of your house and you will not just be throwing your money away. You want to make sure that all parties are in agreement and you want to make sure that you follow the lease to the letter. One good way that you can make sure that the seller will sell the house to you is by actually paying your payments on time. Defaulting on your payments will make the owner think that you will not be a good candidate to buy his or her home.

Owner Financing

The Last Alternative that I would like to go over is owner financing. Owner financing is when the owner holds the note to the house you are buying and you make the payments to the homeowner and not to a traditional bank. The reason why this alternative is good because they do not have to check your credit. The homeowner may also become more lenient on the terms if it is in his or her best interest.

Owning a home can become a reality regardless of past credit problems or bad history. Use some of the non traditional methods outlined in this article and you will be on your way to owning your own home.

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