Procrastination – A Self-Help Guide

It’s a classic scenario: You know the light bill, $100.00, is due February 1st. You get paid this Friday, January 18. You know your check from work is to be about $500. But instead of making the payment of tithes and of your bill your first priority, you and the honey head out for a night on the town, which includes a carriage ride, a trip to an exclusive restaurant, and a play at an exclusive downtown theatre. “Oh, I have two weeks, I can make it up later,” you think. So by Monday, you find that you only have $50 to your name. Meanwhile, several other emergencies come up, so you are unable to save what’s left. It’s–well, that time of the month for your wife and she needs a crapload of things and she needs them NOW, darnit! So, you are out of luck now. To make matters worse, on Tuesday, Jan. 22–just when you were praying for the opportunity to make that money up, the hammer falls at work. Your boss calls you in for a talk. “You know, we’ve been running alot slower than we had hoped, and we are going to have to make some cutbacks. Sorry, bud, but we are going to have to let you go.”

Now, come February 1st, your wife is angry because you didn’t handle your business like you said you were going to, and on the verge of divorcing your behind. And all could have been avoided if you had not procrastinated.

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But procrastination is something we are all guilty of to a certain extent. I know I do it a lot. I don’t like to deal with unpleasant things right away. I don’t want to write that check for my overdue taxes. I don’t want to file now, I will wait until tomorrow. I know the application for that job is due in February, but it’s January 15th–don’t bother me about it right now! Or here’s the classic one: Instead of filing my taxes right now and getting it over with, I wait until the night of Sunday, April 13th before I even think about it. Mind you, I have known for at least the past 35 years or so that April 15th is the deadline.

So all day Monday, I am scrambing to get everything together. I take a sick day off work, get all my W4 forms together, which tell me in detail how much I made this year. I try to do them myself, cramming what could have been done by weeks of careful thought and preparation into less than 30 hours. It’s due by 12:00 midnight on Tuesday. To avoid a penalty, I have to make sure I file. I must ensure that everything is accurate.

But the next day, something unexpected happens. I am walking around with my backpack on my back. It is around 7 at night. I look for my tax paperwork. It’s all gone–disappeared like magic. Suddenly my heart is beating fast. I must file an extension, for my W4s are all gone, and everything else.

Just think, had I filed in February or early March, I would not have had to worry about all the complications that set in.

I’m talking to myself too when I say this. Procrastination is NOT the way to do things. Why does it not work? First, because if you wait until the last minute to do something, you run the risk of complications setting in to keep you from getting it done at all. An example from college. You wait until the night before to do your term paper. You knew all semester that it was due, no excuses. Well, sure enough, you wait til the last minute. That very night, a powerful thunderboomer roars through the town with the ferocity of seven lions. Power is knocked out, and the computer crashes. Gone is all the hard work you had been doing all night. Meanwhile, it’s due the next day. Just as you think to call your professor to tell him your sob story, you discover the phone is out. Again, all of this would have been avoided had you finished weeks ago! You knew you had to have it done.

Second, procrastination is just plain immature and irresponsible. Need I say more. If you are not mature enough to manage your life better than that, what are you doing being married, or the head of a household, are in college, even. You won’t last at a job very long, especially one that is contingent on you being able to handle deadlines. Indeed, we would do well to heed the classic advice from Mom: “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

Selling Your Novel Idea Using Social Networking Strategies

There are thousands of novels written each year, however, only a handful of novel projects are actually published. The challenge of getting a novel published has to deal with the notoriety of the author, the strength and marketability of the storyline and the shear volume of novel submissions that are sent to publishing houses each year. If you have a novel idea that you think will be a big seller then there are steps that you can take to make your novel idea stand out from the others.

Develop a Following for Your Writing

The first step to make your novel submission package stand out is to develop a following for your fiction writing. This can be accomplished by setting up a website and/or blog that features your fiction writing. You will need to invest a considerable amount of time developing your website and blog. For example, you will need dozens of entries such as short stories and novellas. Your blog can be set up to deliver a serial story segment each week. In addition to developing content around your writing you will also want to set up a biography page and a news release page. The more page views your author’s website gets the more impressed publishers are going to be and the more likely it will be that they will take your novel seriously.

Introduce Your Characters to Readers

The next step is to introduce your characters to your reading public. The key here is to use social networking strategies like blogging, Twittering and possibly even YouTubing to generate a buzz about the main characters from your novel. You can introduce your characters by creating short stories that introduce their back stories or that feature them in a mini-story line. You can also provide short snippets from your novel in your social networking entries. To make this strategy effective, you will want to make hundreds of entries on various social networking sites to up your exposure. One way to know your readers or possible subscribers is to use This tool will help you see the profiles of people who may be interested in the book or novel ideas that you have.

Social Networking Scavenger Hunt

Another strategy that you can take to increase your online exposure is to set up a story scavenger hunt. For this scavenger hunt your readers will start at one social networking site where they will get part 1 of your story. They will then be directed to another site where they can pick up part 2 of the story. From this site they will be directed to another site. The final entry page will provide your readers with a cliffhanger entry and told to get the rest of the story they will need to buy the novel. Then have them enter their contact information in your guest book in order to be updated when your novel will be made available to the public. You can use your guestbook entries as proof that there is a market for your novel and that you already have engaged fans.

American Clean Energy and Securities Act Harmful to Humans

The American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACESA) is a nice thought, in theory. This Act was passed through the United States House of Representatives on June 26, 2009, moving it to the Senate. Very few people have such a distaste for the Earth that they wish to destroy it with any human method made available to them. The idea that the government will just put a “cap” on the amount of greenhouse gas emissions the United States can produce in an effort to save the environment is a noble cause. “Going green” has been the trendy thing to do in recent memory, from buying hybrid vehicles to using reusable grocery bags to potting plants in their own biodegradable pots. It’s a nice gesture and it certainly couldn’t hurt the environment. The United States as a country just happens to be in one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression. The most current unemployment figure stands at 9.1%, with more jobs being lost every day. As unemployment rises, spending dives to incredible lows. Stores and companies are being forced to close because they are simply not making money at a level high enough to remain open, thus losing more jobs. Banks and automotive companies required bailouts just to stay afloat. With these poor economic times in mind, the American Clean Energy and Security Act is just going to be another punch to the stomach of the American people financially and for little gain.

The first violent side effect will be with the already reeling coal mining industry. Coal mining, once a rich field, began to decline slightly after the mechanization following World War II. Then came another large decline in the late part of the 20th century, cutting early 20th century production dramatically. Now, at a time when coal mining is not half the industry it used to be, the ACESA will put mining into a shallow grave. In 2008, wind energy jobs surpassed coal mining jobs when wind energy eclipsed 85,000 employees. This act will cripple the coal mining industry by not allowing them to mine at full strength. Many more miners will be laid off if the bill gets passed in the Senate in the upcoming vote. In addition to those jobs lost, many other supplemental companies will lose work and have to lay off employees as well. Companies that repair the mining equipment and trucks that haul the product will have no business because mining has no business. Higher unemployment will lead to less cash flow in the economy which will lead to even higher unemployment. Similarly, individuals will be effects as well.

Estimates to the cost of this Act vary substantially. Figures range from $152 per year to $152 a month. Some estimates are even higher than those totals and the media is being quick to point out that inflation plays a major part in the equation. Something that costs $600 per year in 2009 could very well cost $6000 in 2014. No one can predict the inflation rate precisely enough to know what those costs may be. With millions of people currently unemployed and the economy still in a weak state, a hit to the wallet may just be enough to make more people crumble over the edge. The people who are just fighting to stay over the poverty line and make ends meet are going to be the most severely affected. These people can hardly deal with their current situation, let alone worry about the cost of fighting greenhouse gases.

Although the fight to save the planet is a good fight, this is simply not the time to be pushing such a bill. Until the economy is thriving again, people can not afford to take the brunt of an unnecessary act. The people in the lowest income brackets will be pushed above their means and the middle class will feel the effects as well. The Act will only increase unemployment which will decrease the public’s purchasing power. More companies will fold and the economy’s current situation will last past the normal business cycle. For further information, a visit can be made at  to know about the products. Many companies are offering the product at different rates to the customers. The fight with the green gas will be under the budget of the person.

How Insurance Companies Know What to Pay for Damaged Cars

So your car is totaled in an accident, and your insurance company offers you a settlement that you think is low. Have you ever wondered how they decide what to give you for a damaged car? Many of us wonder where insurance companies get their amounts from. Some of the calculations are an in house system used by each insurance company.

Is Your Car Worth More than the Insurance Company Offers?

Your car may be worth more than the insurance company offers you. Some insurance companies will assess the value of your totaled car according to the Kelly Blue Book. This is a book that calculates value according to condition of the vehicle. The insurance company may assume the car was in fair condition before it was damaged. They will offer the fair condition price.

The car might have been in excellent condition, but how do you prove it now that it is a jumble of twisted metal? The point is you don’t. Most of the time, we will take the amount the insurance company offers for the loss of the vehicle. If you do not agree with the amount, you can try to dispute it, but you will need to have documentation to prove it.

How to Prove Your Car Is Worth More

If your car was in excellent shape, you should have filed photos of the vehicle with the insurance company. I once had a car that was in excellent condition for a vehicle of that year. I took the car to my agent and had him take photos of the car and put them in the file. If something happened to the car, I had proof that it was far better than “fair” condition and I expected to be paid for a car in excellent condition. With the information about insurance, the benefits are increased for the owner of the model. The average insurance cost of owning an Audi will be advantageous for the owner of the model. The expectations of the person are met with the services available with insurance companies. The car with insurance worth the investment. 

Doing your own research as to what your car is worth helps too. You can search online for a car for sale that is similar to yours, or you can visit local car dealers to find out how much they would sell one similar to yours for. If you are not willing to accept what the insurance offers you; you might be able to do a “buy back.”

When the insurance company offers you an amount for a car they deem “totaled” they give you a check and they keep the car. If you prefer to keep the car, they will offer a lesser amount and you get possession of the car. You may be able to fix it yourself, or sell parts to make more money. Just be sure to know all of your options before you accept that settlement check.

‘Grey’s Anatomy:’ The Musical Resolved Many Broken Lives

After Arizona and Callie had their accident, we were all left holding at the edge of our seats. The last thing we want to imagine was losing Callie . . . and what has happened to the unborn child. Luckily all involved have come out of the tragedy alive. Arizona stayed by Callie’s side, waiting for her to wake up. How ironic that the accident occurred with her being proposed to and when she opened her eyes to see her love by her side, she said yes.

Who knew that so many of these cast members in scrubs and stethoscopes had such remarkable voices. I am not sure I would like to see a hospital setting with music on a weekly basis but it did have a strange uniqueness to it. Callie appeared to be looking down at her own body and soul while the staff worked their hardest to save her and the baby.

I was glad to see Addison return to the show to help with Callie’s baby. Because o the seriousness of Callie’s injuries, it has been determined that early delivery is best for the baby. As a baby girl was delivered, Arizona runs in to help. The baby was initially in distress while Arizona worked to get her breathing. At the live television, the working can be done from home with comfort and convenience. With a registration at, the working of the actors will become easy. The selection of reputed companies should be done to get the things done. The appearing of the animation is great for the engagement of the audience. 

Meredith eventually broke down with concerns about Callie and her baby . . . and her jealousy that Callie did get pregnant while she and Derek have been trying so hard a baby of their own. Derek promised her a baby, no matter what it takes. Most of us can’t wait until we can hear the news that they have become parents . . . good parents.

Isn’t it upsetting how it has to take a tragedy to get people to be a little more cooperative through life’s situations? It happens in everyday life just as it did on the show . . . Arizona and Mark are at each other’s throats regarding their role in this baby’s life, Lexie is still having difficulties because of her love for Mark and how she would fit into this baby triangle, and Teddy is no longer patient with Christina through teaching. Everyone is feeling the stress that the accident has caused.

We now anxiously await Callie’s full recovery with Arizona by her side the entire time. Through all the drama, Arizona and Mark came to terms with their disagreements and are finally on the same road in loving and caring for Callie and her baby. We earnestly wait for the outcome of Callie’s injuries as she finally gets to see and hold her new baby girl. Her life can finally move forward with Arizona (with the daddy and best friend nearby). Now, isn’t it time for Derek and Meredith to have their own bundle of joy?

Please Rob Me Raises Awareness for Social Networking Privacy

Privacy on social networks is becoming a serious issue and people are walking blindly into privacy issues by posting on social networking sites. is a new website that plans to raise privacy awareness by mocking social networking sites.

Social networking sites started off as simple online chat and friend matchmaking sites, but have evolved to become a part of the average person’s life. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and now new social networks like Google Buzz, Foursquare, and Gowalla, have continuously one-upped each other to the point where any criminal or predator could access anyone’s privacy by simply becoming their friend on a social network.

Predators can learn more about their victim’s privacy by joining a social network, than by breaking in their house and rummaging through their personal items. Foursquare and Gowalla are new social networking sites that list your location and Please Rob Me feels (like many) that this new trend of social networking is big privacy no-no.

Even though Facebook, Twitter, and Google Buzz have serious privacy issues of their own, Gowalla and Foursquare can be extremely more dangerous to your privacy by listing your physical location to online onlookers. The Please Rob Me website ( makes light of the very serious privacy issues of new social networking sites like Foursquare and Gowalla by making fun of them.

Please, Rob, Me brings the issue of the serious privacy ramifications of social networking by mocking the stupidity of posting your location for the world to see. On this website, you’ll be able to find a listing of “Recent Empty Homes” where people list that they’ve left their homes for would-be burglars and robbers.

Please, Rob, Me is possibly the best way to raise awareness about online privacy because it doesn’t give the usual privacy PSA, it got social and attacked the problem with social networking privacy from another angle; laughter. This website is gaining lots of attention and the message of protecting your privacy over social networks is getting across to networkers that need to understand the issue the most. has gained so much popularity that they’re looking to sell their website to serious agencies that want to combat the privacy issues people face on social networks. If you want to see what the big fuss is about, head over to and list your empty house for criminals to take advantage of.

For more on social networking privacy issues, check out Google Buzz is Bugged: The Major Privacy Flaw Within Google Buzz, and 4 Ways Foursquare Can Make You a Victim of Dangerous Crimes. Also, feel free to check out my blog for the latest in technology news.

The Best Independent Coffee Shops In Downtown Champaign

Downtown Champaign is home to some of the most relaxing coffee shops. This quaint, but modernizing, downtown seems flooded with various people during the day, just trying to get done with the day’s work. However, to take a break from the stress of life, there are some remarkable stops that are worth the five minutes–which usually turns into hours.

Café Kopi is located on 109 N Walnut St. The atmosphere is calm yet energized, while professors grade papers, students study, and locals sip on coffee made with เมล็ดพันธุ์กาแฟอราบิก้าและโรบัสต้า discussing their day. From 7 am to midnight, every day there are people of various ages coming to purchase fair-trade coffee or coffee drinks. The café meal is a very popular coffee drink, which is like a latte with honey and vanilla. The flavors blend delicately on your tongue, while the caffeine sensation warms your soul. If coffee is not your favorite, then there is also a wide variety of teas. They are broken up into five categories: black, “medicinal”, decaf, herbal, and green. The loose tea selection can be overwhelming, however, if there was one recommended by popularity from each category they would be as follows: Madagascar Vanilla-black, Echinacea-“medicinal”, Cinnamon Orange-decaf, Monk’s Prayer-herbal, and Yerba Maté-green. The prices of the drinks are a great bargain considering the quality and the execution of brewing.

During the summer, Kopi offers fresh smoothies, where you can choose however many items you’d like in your smoothie for an affordable price.

Drinks aren’t the only things Kopi has to offer. If you were to arrive before 9 pm, you could order food. There are salads, pitas, sandwiches, and a cheese plate. The prices vary, however it’s safe to say their food is moderately priced for the atmosphere. This café is friendly to vegetarians and meat-lovers alike. Throughout the day, as well as after 9 p.m., there are snacks that you can purchase to eat. These range from fresh fruit, to vegan cookies, or pastries. One thing many local people know about is the Magic Bars. It is similar to a brownie, however, it contains coconut, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, and some white filling that intensifies the rich flavors.

As with all the cafés downtown, they do offer free WIFI. The unique aspect of Kopi’s atmosphere is art. Local artists partner with Kopi, to allow them to hang an entire collection on the wall. These are available to purchase the originals and sometimes prints. Contact information, as well as, the collection name and information, with a short biography, is located by the artwork. The artwork appears to be updated bimonthly, which always gives a new feel to your Kopi experience.

Aroma Café is located at 118 N. Neil St in Champaign. Their hours are from Monday-Friday 7 am – 10 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday 8 am – 10 pm. This café seems to have more food options than coffee, however, it is still a popular place to sit down to drink a cup while people watching. The food is more unique for the downtown Champaign area because it seems to have more Latin influence. The food options are sandwiches, salads, wraps, breakfast food–which includes pastries, and tapas. The prices are slightly cheaper than Kopi, and the mango salsa is one of the most orgasmic sensations for your tongue. The food selection is more meat-loving friendly than it is vegetarian, however, their vegetarian dishes are quite good.

As far as the coffee goes, the plain black coffee isn’t as good as Kopi or Pekara, but they do offer a blended coffee drink that tastes better than a Frappuccino from Starbucks.

The atmosphere is relaxed, and there is a couch in front of a fireplace towards the end of the building, which offers a sense of home comfort, during the cold winter days, and cool summer nights. The walls do have artwork, from local artists, that will trap your gaze for minutes on end, located each detail in the brush stroke.

Pekara is considered a Bakery and Bistro, however, is located on 116 N Neil, it is simply another café. Right next door to Aroma Café, this establishment resides as being the newest café in downtown Champaign. Their hours are constantly changing more recently, opening up at 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. currently. Make sure to check the door when you enter to see if they have had to reduce hours again, or if they are extending the hours. This coffee shop has one of the most delectable black coffees that will ever cross your lips. Their Ethiopian blend is a medium roast, with a light nutty flavor that is not overpowering, but like a comfort, a blanket was thrown over your throat. This is the coffee you want to drink if you want to feel warmth running through your veins.

Being a bakery, there are many different options to delight your taste buds, which will scream for more after the first bite of a fresh fruit tart, or the bear-claws. Or for more of a simple approach, the aroma has good biscotti at a very affordable price for less than one dollar per biscotti, where Kopi has anise almond biscotti at a decent price, and Aroma has a large selection of biscotti at over a dollar per biscotti.

The food at Pekara may seem like the same as the other two places, but the one thing that makes this café stand out is the crepes. The have savor crepes and dessert crepes. The savor crepes come with meat or vegetables, and the most popular dessert crepe is the banana and Nutella.

Pekara is noticed because you find an occasional student working on a project or something school-related here, and usually, it is emptier than the other two. However with board games located by the backdoor for outside seating, the slightly higher priced food is worth the atmosphere for having a good time with friends and family, and for having fresh, daily-baked goods, and amazing crepes.

These three establishments are the backbones for coffee shops in Champaign-Urbana. They are independently owned, and each strives to make it through tough economic times without raising prices. If you visit one of these three places, take notice at the care they put into their establishment, and how much more heartwarming the experience is, compared to going to a large corporate chain.

The Pros And Cons Of Shopping Online

The rapid growth of technology has made people shift to online shopping rather than traditional shopping. Business organizations tend to use the internet to conduct commercial transactions. Unlike traditional stores, online stores don’t have space constraints and can display a great variety of products and services on websites. It allows customers to purchase the product after a good search. You don’t need to travel anywhere to buy things and can get them delivered at your home. Although, each thing has its pros and cons, and so does online shopping have. You can know more about online shopping websites on

Pros of Online Shopping

  1. Convenience

Online shopping is more convenient than traditional shopping as customers can sit at their homes or work places and can order things in their comfort. Shopping has been made easier through the internet, and it’s quite easy to cancel, return, and replace the item ordered.

  1. Saves time

You don’t need to travel to places to buy products or services or stand in a queue at cash counters. Shop from your home or work place and save the time of traveling. Also, you can look for products on a single website and not travel to different stores to buy different categories of products.

Cons of Online Shopping

  1. Delay in delivery

Sometimes we need a product or service in urgent, but it is not possible if you order from online stores. Lack of inventory management and a long duration can result in delayed shipment. This delay can frustrate customers and prevent them from buying things online.

  1. Lack of interactivity

Physical stores allow communication and price negotiations while buying things. But there is no attendant in online shopping that can provide you attention and negotiations. This prevents many people from shopping online

Does Your Business Need A Credit Card?

It is just as important for your business to establish a good credit history as it is for you in your personal life. A good credit history allows you to borrow money and to do so at a low interest rate. Without a good credit history, you are either unable to borrow money, or if you can find a lender to take the risk on you, then you will pay a very high interest rate for the privilege.

Once you have your business established you want to make sure that you never mix your personal finances and those of your business. Your business should have its own checking account, and if you need or want to use a credit card, then you should obtain one in the name of your business.

Keeping separate accounts makes your life infinitely easier come tax time. When you file your personal and business taxes the task is much simpler if your accounts are separated from each other. Should you, or your business, be audited by the IRS the separate accounts can go a long way to helping you prove the expenses your business had and all of the financial transactions you have completed over the year.

One of the biggest advantages to a business credit card is that you can use it for all of your business expenses and it will help you track all of your spending over the year. If you were to put all possible expenses on your credit card, and then simply pay that bill each month, you can easily use your monthly statements to see where your money has been spent.

If you have a business with employees you might want to give them access to a business credit card to make necessary purchases in your absence. This will allow them to purchase needed items and not have to use either cash from the business or their own money and be reimbursed by the business.

A business credit card can also come in handy if you find your business has a temporary cash-flow shortage. You can use your business’s credit card to get by until your cash-flow situation improves. This should not be a regular usage of a business credit card, but it is fine to do from time to time when necessary.

To determine which business credit card is best for your business you will want to examine how you will be using it and if you will carry a balance from month to month or pay it off each month. If you will carry a balance each month then you will want to find the card with the lowest interest rate. If you will be paying off your account each month then there are a lot of great offers out there for business credit cards which will offer you rewards for use. These rewards can vary from frequent flyer airline miles to cash back rebates. This can be a great way to save on your business travel expenses!

Most businesses today should have at least one business credit card. A business credit card will help your business to establish a good credit rating, keep your accounts separate from your personal money, gives your employees purchasing ability in your absence, and cover a short-term cash-flow issue. It is important for you to do your research and find the best card that will meet the needs of your specific business.

Whether businessmen need a credit card or not is a debate that never seems to end so the wise choose to keep mum rather than waste time flogging a dead horse. They might as well buy cvv shop so as to keep their cards in check as they already have plenty of them.

Smoking, Diabetes Quitting

Smoking, Diabetes, And Quitting

Everybody, even smokers themselves, know that smoking is not good for one’s health. Smoking hurts mainly your lungs and heart. Smoking lowers the quantity of oxygen that gets to your organs, raises your blood pressure and your bad cholesterol thereby increasing the risk of a stroke or a heart attack.

And smoking by a diabetic patient can be more harmful than just smoking. A comparison of the risk of Cardio Vascular Diseases (CVD) in patients who smoke and those who do not show that those who do smoke run a 2 to 4 fold increase in suffering some sort of cardiovascular disease. The combined risk of CVD in people with diabetes and who smoking if fourteen times that of those who are just diabetic or those that only smoke.

Another bad effect of smoking by patients with diabetes is that they become more impotent if they were previously suffering from slight impotence and the risk of becoming impotent greatly increases among them.

You may not be aware but smoking even affects the –

  • Hair – It becomes stained and smelly. Growth of hair is retarded and it becomes thin, lifeless, and dull.
  • Brain – The main bad effects that affect the brain are the thickening of the carotid artery that results in the blocking of blood flow to the brain leading to stroke. Smokers are 50% more prone to heart attack than non-smokers.
  • Eyes – The dangerous effects of smoking on the eyes include diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, cataract and glaucoma, and at its worst blindness.
  • Nose – The effect of smoking on the nose can take away your sense of smell completely.
  • Teeth and Gums – Did you ever wonder why your teeth are stained and there is bleeding of your gums when you wake up in the morning? Well, heavy smoking is the cause. Loose teeth, gingivitis, and gum disease are also direct results.
  • Mouth and Throat – All cancers related to the esophagus, oral cavity, and larynx are due to smoking. The less dangerous ones are bad breath, sore throat, and lack of taste.
  • Hands – If you continue to smoke, your fingers will become stained. Peripheral vascular disease, cold hands, and gangrene may also occur.
  • Digestive System – The effects of smoking include peptic ulcers, heartburn, stomach cancer, gallstones, and Crohn’s disease – an inflammatory disease of the intestines starting from the mouth to the anus.
  • Skin – Premature aging, scarring, capillaries, and wrinkles are just s few of the effects of smoking.
  • Legs and Feet – Leg pain, gangrene, and Buerger’s disease (recurring inflammation and clotting of the small and medium arteries of the hand and feet) are some of the painful effects of smoking.

All of these ailments are aggravated if you have diabetes and also smoke. Their onset is faster and the effects are more pronounced.

Diabetic Care

As on date, there is no known cure for diabetes and it can only be controlled. A careful plan has to be chalked out for diabetic care.

Diet plays an important role in the control of blood sugar and a diabetic diet must be taken in conjunction with either insulin or oral hyperglycemic drugs to reduce the content of sugar (glucose) in blood. There is no common diet plan for all diabetic patients. Your diet has to be planned in consultation with your diabetologist and a nutritionist. What you need are foods that have a high nutritional value but are low in calories. The best diabetic diet should consist of the following:

  1. Fiber – at least ¼ oz. per day,
  2. Instead of 3 heavy meals, go in for 4 to 5 meals in small quantities.
  3. Replace bakery and fast foods with simple wholesome cooked cereals
  4. Eat fruits and vegetables; at least 5 servings a day.
  5. Don’t eat carbohydrates before bedtime.

Yet another aspect of diabetic care is exercise. The effect of exercise in reducing the glucose level in blood cannot be understated. Regular exercise is essential and a plan of exercise has to chalked out in consultation with the diabetologist. And the best form of exercise is regular brisk walking for a minimum of twenty (20) minutes at least five days a week.

If you do not smoke and are not diabetic, well and good. If you do not smoke do not plan to start. Shun it as you would shun the devil. If you do smoke and you are diabetic then think seriously of quitting. Quitting may be difficult for heavy and chain smokers, but if you are diabetic and have some of the symptoms listed above then it is high time that you stopped smoking.

Dare yourself to quit smoking. There are some things that you can do to stop this bad habit. Here are some steps to help you quit.

Step One: Realize The Benefits Of Quitting

Quitting will greatly help your heart and your lungs. It reduces the risk of hurting your organs, your nerves, and your blood vessels. Quitting will also leave you with fewer wrinkles on your face; better-smelling clothes, breath, and hair; and keep your family from secondhand smoking. Your smoking does affect your family and other members of your household.

Step Two: Prepare To Quit

Quitting, as stated above, is really difficult. But you have to approach the question of quitting as if you are planning for a major project.

ü Set a date for quitting. Inform your family and friend that you intend to do so. The best time to stop smoking is when you are less stressed and fairly calm.

ü, Write down the reasons for quitting and place it where you can see it every day.

ü, Get rid of your cigarettes, lighters, matchboxes, and ashtrays.

ü, Ask others for their help, perhaps a friend who also wants to quit. Do it together. One of you can prevent the other from lighting up.

Step Three: Choose A Strategy

ü, Quit all at once. It works for some people. Though you may be sorely tempted to light up, resist it with all your might. It may be difficult for a day or two. Tempers may flare and you may get irritated for small matters. But if your family, friend, acquaintances, and co-workers know that you are trying your level best to quit and if they are understanding then these are just passing irritations.

ü Taper Off. Cut off smoking gradually by cutting down your smoking frequency over the day. Extend it to weeks and finally give it all up.

ü, Make use of nicotine patches, dab rigs under $100, sprays, inhalers, or chewing gum. You can ask your physician for prescription drugs to aid quitting. These drugs create an aversion towards smoking.

ü, Try other alternative therapies such as acupuncture or hypnosis.

All or a few of these steps should stop you from smoking. When you finally do quit, you will feel healthier immediately and you will be healthier for the rest of your precious life.