Blogging and Adsense

The word “blog” stands for “web log,” and the term has been shortened over the years to “blog.” I took up blogging in January. The name of my blog is Recipes Budget Gourmet; I have loads of recipes from my childhood. In many of my earlier entries in my blog I mention how my dad was the chief cook and bottle washer in our home when I was growing up. Almost everything I learned about cooking and baking I learned from my dad. By blogging I have made my recipes public. Anyone who wants to use my recipes may do so.

I have my blog monetized with Adsense. So far, my blog has been generating about $10 a month. At this rate it might take 10 months to reach the $100 payout on Adsense, but I don’t mind that. I enjoy making blog entries daily, or almost daily. As I think of something new, or a new way to fix something old, I enter it into my blog. There are tool such as traffic generator software. That can be used by upcoming bloggers in order to promote their pages. It is really easy to use and you can start your blogging career with loads of followers.

Blogging is a great hobby. You can create a blog to write about anything your heart desires. If you like sports, you can keep a blog going about that. My son-in-law has a new blog-cast on He pays $10 a year to have a blog-cast. My blog is free to use, it is hosted through

You can spend as much time as you like on blogging. You can get as technical as you want to, or as simple as you want to. I prefer to keep mine simple, since my blog is about cooking. For me, blogging isn’t just a way to generate money through Adsense, it is a hobby. I am as dedicated to my blog as I am to my other writing endeavors.

It is easy to start a blog. Just go to a blogging website, such as by Google. Just sign up and start your blog. You will learn as you go along, if you have never created a blog before. You can choose a template for your blog that is provided by blogger, or you can upload one of your own templates from your own computer files.

My template is a one of a kind template that was created for me by a friend who freelances as a web designer. I really like mine because I am an autumn kind of person, so I have autumn colors. There is also a butterfly on the header, because I am partial to butterflies. This template is a representation of me from my heart. You can go generic, or you can create your own. Since I am not good at designing, I let my friend do it for me.

My hope is one day that advertisers will contact me personally and ask me to place their ads on my blog. I am in hopes that one day my blog will be a real money maker. It may never really happen, but it won’t if I don’t try. To me, blogging isn’t work, it is something I enjoy; however, you do have to keep at it to keep it current.

I would suggest to just have fun blogging. Don’t think about your blog being a money maker, because it will be a long time, if ever, that a blog will take off and really make money. Most people keep 2 or 3 blogs going to get a payout from Adsence every 3 months or so. Google Adsence is a company that places ads on your blog. You have to have a balance of $100 or more before you are paid from Adsense.

Blogging can supplement your income, if you are patient by earning money from an ad company such as Adsense. I should note here something about Adsense: it is important not to try to generate more money by clicking on your own ads, and it is important that you tell your friends not to go clicking away on your ads, because Google is able to track how many hits a day you get on your ads. Their software can detect if the ads are just being clicked on and then closed. This practice is click fraud and you will be shut down if they suspect that you are trying to cheat the system. In the long run, fraudulent clicks causes the advertisers to lose money, because they pay Google Adsense, who pays you if you have an Adsense account.

About Emma

Emma Logan is the content coordinator of Beverly Lahaye Institute. She’s been freelancing for many years and now focuses on WordPress development and blog design