Blogging to Build Your Brand as a Consultant

For many years, blogging has been a way for business to business consultants to develop a brand by documenting their thoughts and opinions on topics in their fields of expertise. There is no set formula for blogging to build your brand as a consultant, but there are certain fundamental elements a consultant who regularly blogs should co-opt in order to engage their readers and become top of mind when a specific field or area expertise is thought of.

Tell a story, or your story. A couple months ago, Dan Schawbel wrote about 10 Ways to Build Your Personal Brand Story. Blogging your thoughts and opinions in the form of a story (one that is true of course) ties your main idea to reality and gives context to the reader. It becomes relatable and will likely prompt the desired action you want your reader to take with your post.

Relying on your RSS feed or the major search engines to pick up your post is not enough to promote it. Since blogging is a timely event, you need to generate traffic as quickly as possible in order for your content to remain relevant. Promote your latest blog posts on Twitter. Announce your latest posts to your Twitter followers and provide a link back to the post. If your content is interesting and thought provoking to your readers, one of two things should happen. Your Twitter followers will re-tweet your Twitter blog post announcement to their followers, or readers who discovered your latest post through Twitter will tweet your post’s URL to their followers. You’ll find the community you develop on the social networks will be your greatest asset.

According to Darren Rouse at ProBlogger, e-mail newsletters can improve your blog by building community and loyalty among your readers. You can promote your blog posts and provide other original content to your readers through an e-mail list. Certain WordPress themes, plug-ins or online e-mail list programs can enable your blog reader’s to opt-in to your list by submitting their e-mail address to you. E-mail is a familiar communication channel that is easy to use and the messages sent by you can be forwarded to others with little to no effort.

By taking this, or a similar approach to your blogging efforts, you will be on your way toward building a brand as a consultant where you demonstrate thought leadership to your readers in your respective field.

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