Budget Sweetheart Gifts

I think Half-Priced Books is the place to shop for non-ring seeking Valentine’s Day shoppers besides сайта за сериозни запознанства. Children, romantic partners, and friends want to be remembered during this day. I found some sweet deals at the store near my house. I believe they offer something for just about everyone.


I love puzzles, and they are a fun activity for children. It helps them to problem solve and to develop hand-eye coordination. Many people can appreciate a puzzle if it is not too complicated, and doesn’t have too many pieces. I found the perfect shaped puzzles at the discount book store.

There was one that would take on a heart shape when finished. It consisted of pastel and white sweetheart candy-like shapes. Additionally, a few X’s and O’s were embedded in the puzzle in pastel shades, or in stand-out white.

Another puzzle, also by Paper House, would finish out in the shape of a rose. It had different rose shapes embedded or standing out in the final puzzle.

Each of these was priced at just $5.99. They are in shrink-wrapped, intact boxes that are ideal for gift-wrapping or pretty enough to present as is.

Cooking Gifts

I saw Junior Chef kits for the cooking apprentice in your household. The Hinkler product was only $9.99 at the store.

A Quick and Delicious Cupcake and Muffin kit by Spice Box was also $9.99.

Cake Pops have become very popular. Spice Box creates this product in a kit, and Half-Price Books had it for only $9.99.

For the gluten-free baker in the house, there is also a Hinkler product. The Gluten-free Cupcakes kit was another under $10 gift option.


The book lover in your life would appreciate a number of quality books. They probably wouldn’t mind gently used books; especially if you could buy them more than one. Stick them in a gift bag, and you have an appreciative recipient.

Stickers, bookmarks, and other reader accessories are also in abundance at the store.


Movie mavens will appreciate the selection available at this store. Some stores have a separate discount section; where older movies can be found in sufficient quantity. Not all of the discounted movies at the store near me were flops. Most of them were well-known, but have been in circulation for a while.


Sometimes Half-Price Books has wonderful, but discontinued items. I found an abundance of them at the store. Guitar and other music kits were there. A vast array of hobby kits were there for the stitcher, knitter, origami aficionado, and more. Yum – there was even a Chocolate Kit by Spice Box.

Shopping Strategy

Rather than a shopping list, go to one of these stores with a list of your loved one’s likes, hobbies, and interests – you are bound to find something for everyone at the discount store. They will appreciate it, and so will your wallet.

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