Platform On Blockchain Integrated Trading and Financing

Zuflo strives to go a trading together with fiscal platform for the industry’s 4.0-era past using technologies such every bit Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence to trim the issue of counterparts, trim service costs together with stop consumers, likewise every bit novel trades together with banking. Zuflo volition let platform users to better efficiency, trim errors, salve fourth dimension together with directly processing without intermediaries, together with amongst AI (Artificial Intelligence) Management Utility.

Zuflo is implementing blockchain technologies inward the design industry, as well as nosotros volition also utter inward particular nigh the details of the ICO. Before nosotros go into a give-and-take over the Zuflo ICOs, it is of import to accept some historical context for how the ICO work.

An Initial Coin Offering, also usually referred to every bit an ICO, is a fundraising machinery inward which novel projects sell their underlying crypto tokens inward telephone substitution for bitcoin as well as ether. It’s somewhat similar to an Initial Public Offering (IPO) inward which investors buy shares of a company.

ICOs accept chop-chop go a dominant subject of give-and-take inside the blockchain community. ICOs are slow to construction because of technologies similar the ERC20 Token Standard, which abstracts a lot of the evolution procedure necessary to make a novel cryptographic asset aims to live a trading & financing platform for the manufacture 4.0 era using technologies similar Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence to trim back the issue of counterparties, so lowering the toll of services as well as for the cease consumer along amongst land of an fine art novel trading & banking features. volition let platform users to ameliorate efficiency, mistake reduction, fourth dimension savings, as well as straight-through processing without whatsoever intermediaries, as well as amongst AI (Artificial Intelligence) Management tools. strives to become a trading and financial platform for the 4.0-era industry using Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence-like technology to reduce the number of partners, thereby reducing service costs and for end-users along with the latest in New Trade & Banking. will allow platform users to improve efficiency, reduce errors, save time and personal processing without intermediaries, and with AI (Artificial Intelligence) Management Utility. In addition, will enable / empower more control and be more transparent in dealing with banking and trade events. It is necessary to Trade cryptocurrency with a regulated broker because these are bought using real time money. The legal broker of the cryptocurrencies even exists online. find the one who does it for cheap and in save manner. The online cryptocurrency brokers also provide offers when you buy one. 

What Is Bitcoin

You may have only recently come in contact with Bitcoin. Maybe you saw a news headline or your techy son or daughter has been transferring some to his or her friends. Many people make the mistake of thinking that it’s purely a speculative investment that can make you a lot of money. While the price has been rising dramatically in recent years, it’s so much more than just that.

Unlike the picture in this article, Bitcoin is not physical. It exists only in digital form via the wires, protocols, and systems of the internet. Of course, most of our national currencies like Rands, Dollars or Euros can be represented in the same way. Some of us don’t even use physical money for days on end until we actually withdraw it from a cash machine. Debit, credit card, and electronic funds transfers are common in countries with good infrastructure.

So what’s the difference then? One word – decentralised. There is no authority like a central bank creating new money. There are also no intermediary banks debiting and crediting your account whenever you get paid or pay your bills. That job is done by miners, don’t worry I’ll explain that process in a bit.

So Why Do We Need Cryptocurrency Anyway?

Unfortunately we’ve never before had a way to verify whether governments, banks, and corporations actually do what they promise to, especially when it comes to managing finances. Throughout history, governments have bankrupted entire countries by printing too much money. The fact that they can print infinite amounts of the stuff eventually leads to hyperinflation which can be seen in modern times in countries like Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and Iran.

Hyperinflation happens when too much money starts chasing the same amount of products and services in an economy. Our entire system is built on this inflation idea which effectively transfers wealth from citizens to a small group of elite. How? In most cases when money is printed it’s given to banks, corporations, and friends of those in power, not the people.

Bitcoin is different because it has a few major advantageous over the traditional system. For one, it has a fixed supply. There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoins in existence. That scarcity means it can never be inflated like fiat (paper) currencies which potentially have an infinite supply. If you understand this concept alone you’ll realise why the price of Bitcoin is currently as high as it is. Its symbol is represented by “BTC” and this chart highlights a 162 000% gain versus the dollar since 2011 (even with the dramatic drop in 2018).

Bonuses are one of the biggest reasons why most people want to get into the Bitcoin business for it promises a lot of it even though the prices keep fluctuating at regular intervals but still the gains are too good to be ignored in the long run as it provides a clear picture to people on what the future holds for Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market in general in the coming decade.

The same can be seen against all national currencies. Why? Because people are looking for a way to preserve their wealth against the effects of the uncontrolled printing of money. If you’re looking for a more in-depth resource on the evils of inflation I highly recommend a free called book called Fiat Money Inflation in France.

Mind you, Bitcoin does have some inflation built into its code. The difference, however, is it’s predictable and we can track it. This feature brings me to my second advantage – transparency. Bitcoin is open-source which means that anybody with some programming skill can download and audit the code, including the monetary policy. Try walking into the South African Reserve Bank or The Federal Reserve Bank of the US and asking to audit their finances. You won’t get anywhere.

Secrecy has always resulted in scandals, from Enron to Lehman Brothers and the title holder himself, Charles Ponzi. With Bitcoin we no longer have to rely on trusting governments or banks. Cryptocurrency introduces a new motto:

If you’ve been paying attention to the online payment provider space lately you’ll be aware of the widespread abuse of power. Providers like PayPal, Stripe, and YouTube have all been involved in campaigns to remove or demonetize certain channels or content creators based on certain ideas.

Now to be clear there are many I don’t like or agree with. But it has become a very dangerous world when these providers can simply remove your ability to make money because they don’t like you. That threatens the very notion of free speech which is so important if we want to live in a democratic world.

Gold has typically been the go-to asset in times of crisis. Paper money always returns to worthless. History says so. The problem with gold is it isn’t very portable. Want to pay for a single music track to an artist on another continent? Good luck trying to chip a piece of gold off your bar and then posting it. Bitcoin is an infinitely better solution in an increasingly connected world.

I can carry all the Bitcoins in existence on a cryptocurrency wallet on my mobile phone. And since it’s a purely digital money I can pay for goods and services in any part of the globe which has internet to confirm my transaction. That’s a pretty powerful advantage over gold.

There are others but these are the major benefits I’d like to focus on for now. So to recap, here are the benefits of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in particular:

No monetary system is perfect of course and any sensible exploration of new money should also look at the risks involved. I won’t expand on these for now but in the future I may explore these issues in more detail.

  • Cryptographic protocol broken by quantum computing in the future

Hopefully this post has given you some food for thought about how Bitcoin works and what advantages it has over traditional paper currencies. It’s early 2019 as I write this and we are heading into another financial crisis. Whether that happens now or in two years, the Bitcoin price will continue to trend up. It’s just history and finance. There is nowhere else for it to go.

It’s important to understand that Bitcoin currently acts more as a speculative asset. That’s because it’s a relatively new player in an old and disfunctional financial system. As more people learn about and use the adoption rate will increase. At some point it will find a healthy level against paper currencies and become more stable. That’s when people will start using it as a regular medium of exchange. They’ll have to because the probability of other means of exchange becoming worthless will be very high.

If you’re still doubtful, there’s no harm in buying only a few hundred Rands or Dollars worth of it and playing around with the tech for yourself. If that sounds like too much feel free to get in touch and we can arrange a session to learn and buy your very first Bitcoin. The future is decentralized.

Top-notch benefits of using cryptocurrency as a financial medium!

Cryptocurrency is an Internet-oriented currency that can be used as a medium of exchange. It is based on blockchain technology and is used to make a different financial transaction. People use it for trading and earn loads of profits from it. Bitcoin is the most popular and widely-used digital currency. There is various profit software that helps you in bitcoin trading and earn more money. But you must beware of the bitcoin profit scam software as it may make you lose all your investment. You must use cryptocurrencies as a common medium of exchange as it offers some fantastic benefits.

Some of the best reasons to make cryptocurrency your common medium of exchange

Convenient transaction

Usually, when a financial transaction occurs, there is a need for lots of paperwork, formalities, fees, commission, etc. A cryptocurrency transaction requires nothing such things which make it quite simple and convenient These are P2P; peer-to-peer transactions, which removes all the middlemen and intermediaries and also removes their charges and commission. There are only two parties involved in the transaction, which makes it less confusing and more convenient.

Secrecy of transaction 

Using other methods of the transaction, such as debit cards or credit cards, will make the bank record all your transactions. With each transaction you make, your whole transaction history is viewed along with your available balance, and according to it, it is decided whether you should be allowed to make the transaction or not. With cryptocurrencies, there is no such thing as complete control is in your hands. There is no governing or controlling institution or organization for cryptocurrencies. It depends entirely on you that what information you want to send to them. It offers excellent privacy for your financial as well as personal information. There is no risk of getting your details and data exposed at any point in the financial transaction.

A Beginners Guide To Trading Cryptocurrencies

Are you planning to trade Bitcoin but do not know where to start? You came to the right place. Listed below are some of our best strategies with regards to Bitcoin trading that are applicable for beginners. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Accept taking calculated risks

Since the unpredictability of cryptocurrencies highly surpasses the volatility of other investments, cryptocurrencies cannot be considered as a normal investment. In addition, Bitcoin has the added risk of being outlawed, especially in countries with authoritative governments such as China and Russia in which cryptocurrencies are already banned.

If you are planning to invest and trade in cryptocurrencies in countries at risk of banning them, you should be prepared with the idea of having your cryptocurrency investments gone. As such, you should only invest money that you can afford to lose. If you want to gauge the risks better, you can use the Bitcoin Evolution is a cryptocurrency trading robot that will allow you to calculate risks even better.

  1. Always keep a look out on Bitcoin even if you are trading in other cryptos

Even if you are trading in alternative cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, it is still important to watch out for the latest developments regarding Bitcoin. When the price of Bitcoin increased, other cryptocurrencies also tend to increase since they are directly tied to Bitcoin. The same happens when the value of Bitcoin decreases. Keeping a close look at the situation of Bitcoin will allow you to properly assess the growth or decline of other cryptocurrencies out there.

  1. Diversify your investments

While it is true that all of the cryptocurrencies have ties to Bitcoin, it is not always the case. Sometimes, the values of altcoins increase when Bitcoin decreases. As such, diversifying your trading activities into multiple cryptos is recommended to safeguard your investments.

Top Benefits Of Considering Bitcoin For Investors

With the introduction of the modern era, economies are hitting hard, and people have learned the fact that it is not easy to survive with your monthly income only. Here comes the role of investments and financial savings that one should surely practice for completing one’s desires and other affirmations.


 Well, investing in the digital currency is good for you as it allows one to have the benefits that you might not attain from other platform investments. If you are willing to invest but not convinced enough to go fo the bitcoin investment, then take a glance over the details in the article.

Top benefits of considering bitcoin for investors 

  • Growing option: it is a better option for new investors as well as experienced investors to invest in the bitcoin. When one considers investing, then you understand the fact that involves plenty of risks that your investment might fall short, and you had to go through loss, but bitcoin is considerable as it is a rapidly growing option among people globally these days.
  • Ease to access: when you invest in any other plan, then it might not come handy for you when you are in need, then you should know this can come in handy surely. Bitcoin is a globally used digital currency that can come in handy in complicated situations as well. 

The final verdict

From the details mentioned above, we can easily conclude to the fact that it is a convenient choice for you to invest in bitcoin if looking for better benefits in the long term.  One should not overlook the fact that it is a growing option of investment for investors that make you trade digitally even better. Therefore, surely it is a convenient choice of investors to go for the investment in bitcoin as even business tycoon find this a reliable mode of investment. 

Review On Bitcoin Code: Is It A Scam?

Bitcoin Code is the platform that exploits markets of cryptocurrency in a trading system. Various people consider it to be a scam. It only needs the money of people. It has been advised not to use the bitcoin code.

Is Bitcoin Code Huge scam or lie?

It has scammed various people. It uses promotional videos and breaks every record of the web of intricate files and fake images. Also, the company has used a false image of the owner. With the help of quick research images, it was found that the founder of the company is a Frenchmen who has nothing to do with the trading industry. It has used freelance actors from Fiverr who are featured in promotional videos. All the characters featured in promotional videos are a scam, and also they claim to make huge money which is all fake.

Who is behind Bitcoin Code Software?

Since various people have been scammed, it is not worth to sign up on the website. You should not consider yourself to make money with this platform. It is not worth your time to signup on the site.

Different Fake websites Praising:

You will find different websites praising bitcoin code. It has been a couple of months, and various people have claimed to make a considerable amount of money in just six months. It is the company that targets people who are newcomers in the trading Industry without any knowledge of how trading works. Various websites give five-star ratings.

It is based on lies. Entire business and its foundation is a big lie. It uses false marketing, uses a fake actor as a creator. Also, it gives counterfeit reviews. You won’t find any software which would help people to earn vast amounts of money without doing any work. You used only real websites that allow you to learn and make huge money.