How To Set Up A Small Business Accounting Expense Ledger

A general ledger (GL) contains 5 sections: assets, liabilities, owner’s equity, revenue, and expenses. every of those sections could be a separate accounting ledger or book, therefore the GL is what’s observed once talking regarding your company’s books. every ledger book contains many accounts, therefore your expense ledger can contain these accounts: rent, telephone, electrical utilities, workplace provides, and every one the opposite individual classes of expenses you may have in your business.

Outsourcing for accountants in Singapore is the best method to cover the small businesses. The budget of the small business person is less and they can get the benefits from the outsourced services. The hiring of the freelancers will cost cheap for the accounting of the financial statements. 


Organizing Your Ledger System

  1. Examine your bank statements and compile a listing of standard monthly expenses, quarterly and annual expenses, and another list of variable expenses like workplace provides, marketing, diversion, and travel. Use these lists in fixing your chart of accounts.
  2. Establish your chart of accounts. the various ledgers in your COA square measure historically numbered as follows: 1000-1999 assets, 2000-2999 liabilities, 3000-3999 owner’s equity, 4000-4999 revenue, 5000-5999 value of products sold , 6000-6999 selling & intangibles expense, 7000-7999 alternative revenues, 8000-8999 body, travel, personnel & miscellaneous business expenses.
  3. The selling & intangibles expense ledger might embrace 6000-6099 general expenses, 6100 advertising, 6200 monetary fees, 6300 charitable donations, 6400 depreciation, 6500 worker edges, 6600 taxes, 6700 insurance. every class are any divided into numbered subcategories like officers’ and directors’ insurance, errors & omissions insurance, insurance, vehicle insurance, and the other insurance you carry.
  4. the executive, travel, personnel & miscellaneous expense ledger might embrace subcategories like 8120 rent, 8250 electric utilities, 8400 net, 8470 phone to phone, 8500 legal, accounting & consultants, 8650 salaries & wages, 8600 payroll taxes, 8700 workplace provides, 8800 repair & maintenance, and alternative expenses of doing business.
  5. Take one in all your current bills, a utility bill. Mark your ledger account variety on it. Look below the executive, travel, personnel & miscellaneous category of your COA and find the 8200 electric utilities category. If you filtrate utilities in your warehouse from those for the workplace and people for the sales room, you ought to create account numbers for every of these categories so your warehouse utility bill could also be 8220, the workplace 8230 and also the sales room 8240.

Alternatives to Traditional Home Financing

It has always been the American dream for many individuals to own a home. Unfortunately for most people, they do not have the credit to qualify for a traditional home loan. There are plenty of ways that you can get inside of a home without using credit. In this article , I want to go over some of the techniques that many people have used and have successfully gotten into their own homes. By the end of this article, you should be able to go out with confidence and find yourself a wonderful home.

Estate Tax Sales

One of the cheapest and most popular ways of getting into a home without traditional financing are estate tax sales. There are plenty of houses in the U.S. where people have not paid there taxes. The government seizes these home and they sell them to any individual that pays off the property taxes and the house is theirs free and clear. The best way to find these sells is to look inside of your local newspaper. The sales are usually held around the month of April and usually at the local court house. You want to make sure you have about $10,000 saved so that you will be able to purchase a house. The only downside to this alternative is that individuals have three years to pay back the taxes on the house. The upside to this is that you receive your money back with interest. Some alternatives can be checked through the people available at site. The checking of the contract with the promo code is beneficial for the applicants. The promo code will help the applicants in reduction of the money that is required at the platform to get the loan amount. 

Lease Option

Another alternative to traditional financing is to do a lease option. A lease option is a lease agreement on a house where the person who is renting the house has the option to buy the house in the near future. What makes this such a great alternative is you do not need a credit check to actually make this happen. Another reason why this is such a good alternative is that all of your rent payments will go toward the purchase of your house and you will not just be throwing your money away. You want to make sure that all parties are in agreement and you want to make sure that you follow the lease to the letter. One good way that you can make sure that the seller will sell the house to you is by actually paying your payments on time. Defaulting on your payments will make the owner think that you will not be a good candidate to buy his or her home.

Owner Financing

The Last Alternative that I would like to go over is owner financing. Owner financing is when the owner holds the note to the house you are buying and you make the payments to the homeowner and not to a traditional bank. The reason why this alternative is good because they do not have to check your credit. The homeowner may also become more lenient on the terms if it is in his or her best interest.

Owning a home can become a reality regardless of past credit problems or bad history. Use some of the non traditional methods outlined in this article and you will be on your way to owning your own home.

Ways To Save Money Online


this article is not for those who don’t trust ordering online due to identity theft or are not internet savvy, but for the rest of the population here are some tips that I find actually work:

Use cashback sites

Sure, signing up for these websites can add tons of junkmail to your inbox but it’s well worth it if you can amass upwards of $100 per month. Even if you don’t utilize it, you normally get a $5 bonus just for signing up. It’s only one extra step beyond your usual checkout process-all they ask is that you go through their website first. Not that bad an inconvenience. It may also take 2-3 months to receive payments and there are occasional glitches, but you can’t lose out on money you never had.

Use coupon sites

Before making any online purchase, I always search the net for any code I can enter to reduce the price. This is particularly beneficial when you can combine them with cashback sites. There are tons of coupon sites out there so you just have to do your homework. Be wary of the restrictions and expiration dates. Note:certain websites are slow in updating their sites so you can often use them even after the expiration date. Also, look at message boards to see what others post. Just make sure there are coupons out there before purchasing so you don’t leave any money on the table. For saving money in online marketing at Evergreen Wealth Formula review, the use of the terms and keywords should be done excellently. The delivering of the correct information is there to get effective benefits to manage the promotion and advertising.  The tight budget should be prepared for spending of the money.

Purchase an item online instead of at a store.

Certain stores offer discounts and greater price markdowns if you go online and use their store discounts. Department stores are particularly good at this as they try to encourage more online commerce. Also, if you don’t see an item online that you noticed at the store, they’ll often let you exchange it for that item if you buy an item with the same retail value. Some will say that this creates an unnecessary step of going to the store but I look at it this way: it’s stil one step. Instead of going to buy an item you’re going to return one. Much less enjoyable, I know, but still the same amount of travel time.

Search for printable coupons

Many sites offer printable store coupons especially during the holidays. All you need is a printer and you’re all set. This is also good for people who like to see/touch what they purchase beforehand. Outlet malls are big on these programs so sign up for any promotional memberships from the stores that you shop at the most.

Sign up for store programs

Again, with the right store, this has the potential to reap many rewards. Apparel and shoe stores have programs that let you accrue points for repeat business.

These manifest themselves in the form of gift certificates to their stores or e-coupons or emails letting you know of advanced sales.

Also with certain stores, if you make purchases within 60 days of one another, you can get additional discounts for each subsequent purchase.


Some online stores like to offer you free shipping or free return shipping or both. Use that to your advantage. When I’m not sure what size or colors to order I often purchase multiple sizes or colors of same item. Then you can try items on in the comfort of your home (without those deceptive mirrors) and send back the ones you don’t want. If free returns are availlable, just box it up and ship it back if you’re too busy to make a trip. If they have a brick and mortar store, bring it there to refund instead to ensure faster credit to your card. Also, you save time as most return lines are significantly shorter than the checkout lines. Always check to make sure this is an option since some retailers and their websites are a separate entity.

Price match

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Make sure of the store’s policy beforehand to see that you are within the timeframe beforehand. Sometimes, you can even find a store with the highest price, purchase it, then price match at a greater savings rate-usually 110%. For example, let’s say the item costs $50. The lowest price you find is at $40. If you price match at this rate, you’ll get $11 refunded to you. However, if you find a price match store that sells it for $75 then the refund to you will be $38.50 for an extra $1.50. Make sure of two things though. That the price plus shipping is the lowest price and that the year and model number match-otherwise the retailer will choose not to honor anything for those two reasons.

Shop with a friend

Many online retailers offer buy one get one half off promotions. Much like buying at wholesale stores, buying in bulk works better in numbers. Just get a trusted friend or family member to join in with you before purchase and then the savings will increase for both parties. Shoe stores or sporting goods are notorious for these programs so utilize them to your advantage.

If you follow a few of these money saving tips, you will be able to have more left over for this season’s holiday shopping.

Coping with Financial Loss when Bankrupt

When I recognized that my bankruptcy clients appeared to be engaging in grieving behaviors, I consulted with Sameet M. Kumar, PhD, author of “Grieving Mindfully: A Compassionate and Spiritual Guide to Coping with Loss.” My suspicions were right — all types of loss, including financial loss, trigger the five stages of grief. All the financial loss will be recovered with the help of bankruptcy lawyer san diego. There should be disclosing of all the facts to the lawyer for the winning of the lawsuit. 

Interestingly enough, when my clients understand this emotional process they move through each stage more quickly. Hopefully, the description of the five stages of grief and typical reactions below will help you recognize that while you feel bankrupt in more ways than one, your life will not only improve, but thrive as well.

Denial or “This isn’t happening to me” stage. The first stage is often triggered when a setback such as a job or financial loss occurs. Not wanting to face a lifestyle change, decisions are made based upon false hope. This is when bankrupt clients make the mistake of dipping into their retirement funds to pay house payments and other bills. The problem is that these funds can often be protected and are needlessly wasted as a result – yet another financial loss.

Anger or “I could have done something differently” stage. It is hard for a bankrupt client to watch the life that they built disappear. While the economy is the biggest factor in most client’s financial losses, clients tend to direct their anger on themselves. At this stage, they often believe that they could have done something differently to prevent the bankrupt status and resulting financial loss.

Bargaining or “Tell me what I need to do to fix this” stage. This is the stage my clients are often in when I first meet them. They are looking for answers. They want to know how to hold onto their lifestyle even though bankrupt. Working together, we assess the options available while focusing on setting aside the emotional aspects so that they may make sound, objective decisions. Most importantly, explaining the cycle of the grieving process helps many to step back and look at their situation realistically. It frees them to begin taking productive steps forward, leaving behind the financial loss.

Depression or “I’m facing reality and I don’t like it” stage. After first meeting my clients, they usually take one to six months to consider their options. During this time, I often field telephone calls and answer questions about the options we discussed. It is an important part of the process that cannot be rushed.

Acceptance or “I’m ready to put this behind me and move forward” stage. When my clients are ready to proceed, the difference in their demeanor is almost magical. The bankrupt depression is gone and they are upbeat. They see the possibilities in a new, debt-free life. Accepting the bankrupt status, they take the steps necessary to free themselves of the stress that comes with financial loss and the burden of the grieving process.

When asked why I find representing bankrupt clients rewarding, I explain that I find pleasure in knowing that my clients emerge from the financial loss as whole, emotionally healthy people who are not only wiser, but appreciative of their new, saner lifestyle, as well.

You Easily Reduce Your Income Taxes By Owning A Home Business! Read to find out

Paying tax can serve you with numerous benefits, and if you owe something through which you need to pay tax, but you aren’t willing to pay, so, then there are various ways through which you can save yourself. In case you are using the home as the principal of your business, then you can claim tax burden by claiming a deduction on expenses relating to your home office. Have a look at the following point to know more regarding several ways to deduct your tax either you can consult for more information. 

  • Keep an eye on the adjusted gross income:

If you have adjusted your gross income, then you should keep the things into your notice to ignore future hazardous. Several tax breaks, limitations, and additional taxes tee off to the adjusted gross income (AGI) or Modified adjusted gross income (MAGI). 

  • You need to make smart tax selections:

There are numerous ways through which you can easily deduct your taxes, and being strategic about your business expenditures can let you stay at the safer side. 

  • Do not overlook carryovers 

The deductions and credit are restricted up to some extent, and they are capable of preventing you from using them entirely in the running year. The carryovers to the future years are a way to reduce taxable incomes. 

  • Use fringe employee benefits plans

In some cases, the business pays for certain fringe benefits for the employee, and these taxes can be avoided. There are numerous tax benefits that an employee can get, some of the Employer-sponsored health insurance are at the follows.

  • Long-term care insurance 
  • Group term life insurance 
  • Disability insurance 
  • Education assistance 
  • Dependent care assistance 
  • Transportation benefits 
  • Meals provided for employee convenience 

Manage A Credit Card Debt Everyday

Credit card debts are actually a revolving debt. The amount you purchase from credit card should be repayable with certain interest. Thus the more amount you purchase and unable to pay back the debt only requires credit card debt relief programs. There are some certain limits that should not be crossed.

How to get rid of credit card debt:

The first thing to get out of credit card relief is to reduce the interest rates. The average interest rates for credit card APR is 16%-18% which is like mortgage or loan. If you can minimize interest charges then you can actually pay your actual debts. There are three major things which you should work on are:

  • Plan how to reduce your debts
  • Keep in touch with creditors
  • Valuate your debt

Plan how to reduce your debts:

This is a repayment strategy that can be done on your own without undergoing any new financing. Make sure that your expenses using credit card is in the limit to work for your needs and goals. First you should pay your balances of highest APR rates, and it will automatically reduce interest rates. Start with your smaller debts first so that there will be a momentum to pay off the larger debts.

Keep in touch with creditors:

The credit card debtors should be in touch with the creditors that they can be aware of their debts is paid or not. Negotiate them to reduce APR applied. Stop making penalties and late fees so that it will make delay in catch up. Set up a forbearance if you have a temporary Trouble making.

Valuate your debts:

Take your individual monthly card payments and combine it to one payment at the lowest interest rates. Consolidating debt allows you to simplify your bill payment schedule, save money on interest rates and get out of credit card debts faster.

Reasons For Bitcoin Price Being So Volatile

Bitcoin is a digital currency, launched almost a decade ago and is not backed up by any bank or government. It is a decentralized currency, sent through software from peer to peer in blockchains. It was launched owing to the failure of global financial systems and government currency. Investing in a bitcoin has its own pros and cons. Experts talk about its security in a way that it depends on the person using it. Do not fall for fake bitcoin sites like The bitcoin is digital currency not controlled by a single administrator, thus it is on the user to make it secure for them.

Causes of bitcoin being volatile

It is volatile because it is not as trusted and accepted as the dollar. However, trends are changing and there are various other factors for bitcoin’s volatility.

Uncertainty of future Bitcoin’s value- Bitcoin has no backing up like stocks. It can crash anytime and value could be zero. Most people wanted to buy it for store value against inflation of government currency. A store value is the function against which the asset can be useful in the future. At present bitcoin has unclear store value and does not ensure its exchange for service in the future. It is becoming volatile because of its self prophecy being exploded.

Security breaches cause volatility- One of the reasons bitcoin becomes volatile is when its security is exposed. It works through various software, thus there is a huge risk to security. If hacking happens at any point in the primary system, the bitcoin market lands up in trouble.

Like other currencies in the trading system, bitcoin too depends on supply and demand by people. Its volatility depends a lot on market trends but also on the nature of this currency. It is not regulated at all by any trusted entity and is just an internet token transferred among people to exchange it for goods and services in the future.