Budget-Friendly Restaurants in San Diego

With the economy getting worse and money getting stretched, going out is becoming almost impossible. The occasional fast food may be affordable, but beyond that, there are very few options. This rings especially true in the city of San Diego. Everything here is quite expensive and dining out is no exception. There are a few alternatives though. Some restaurants still have good prices even if they are a little hard to find. There are all sorts of places that remain affordable in the area. From American food to Japanese to Italian, you can still find some great deals. If you are not satisfied with this list then you can click on https://www.velgenklere.no/ where you will find a more detailed list of budget-friendly restaurants in San Diego along with their reviews and ratings.

Sushi: PB Ichiban and Kyoto Sushi

Whether you are in Point Loma or PB, there is a very affordable and great sushi place right around the corner. In Point Loma, there is Kyoto Sushi. This small little place is located on Midway just north of Rosecrans. It is a very small place that tends to get crowded around the dinner hour because of the great food, excellent service, and low prices. The specials and deals go all day long, but dinner is the most popular time. There are great deals on everything from katsu and donburi to sushi and sashimi. The service is about the best in the entire city and the menu is very expansive. PB also has a cheap sushi place. PB Ichiban has some great specials. The service is not always “with a smile” but the price is right and the food is great. The bento boxes are well worth it and the amount of food you get makes the prices even better. This is more of a café style setting, but the booths are quite comfortable. You will need to arrive early to this place since it is often crowded with a long wait for a table. Many times the line is out the door, especially during the evening rush. The monthly and daily specials are really great priced and you will get a lot of food. There are some of the dishes that can even be shared to make for a more romantic, intimate, and cheaper meal.

Italian: Olive Garden and Bucca di Beppo

Olive Garden is one of the few remaining cheap Italian joints. The lunch specials make Olive Garden a steal. You can always get the soup, salad, or both for a great price and they often run the all you can eat pasta. This is a great family restaurant where everyone can get exactly what they want. The prices have stayed low and the specials are great when they run them. Bucca di Beppo is another great deal for the family. The prices may look steep, but the portions are huge. The dishes at Bucca are family size so all you need is about two entrees for a family of four. The quantity of the food makes it a deal at Bucca since everyone will share a little of everything. The appetizers are a little small but the main courses really are family size.

Mexican: Cotija’s

There are a couple of Cotija’s in the San Diego area, but the PB location on Garnet is by far the best in service and value. Most of the Cotija’s offer the $1.50 burritos but the PB one is the only one that has not cut the size down for the special. Here you have several different options for $1 – $1.50. You can get fish tacos, burritos, or tostadas for a great price. The food is great at all of them but the PB store is the only one where you get the larger servings and the excellent service.

American: Fuddrucker’s

If you are tired of the fast-food burgers from Burger King and McDonald’s, Fuddrucker’s is for you. They offer 1/3 pound gourmet burgers for really cheap. They have five dollar specials for a burger, fries, and soda. For the same price as a combo at the fast-food joint, you can get the same deal at Fuddrucker’s where you sit and enjoy the atmosphere. The music, service, and setting are unbeatable. These are a great place for a nice fun time. The service here is also great. The downtown location is one of the best in the area, and about the cheapest place in all of downtown that you can eat on $5.

There are several other restaurants that have great prices in San Diego, but these are a good start. For my family, service plays a huge part in the experience, and these places continue to offer that great service for the low price. One thing that you should do to keep the cost down when dining in the San Diego area is to shop the specials. Many of the local places offer some great specials. From fast food to the Irish pubs, the specials really rule the wallet.

Make Your Own Dandelion Coffee

Coffee is a warm wonderful way to get a caffeine fix (yes, the author of this article is a caffeine junkie and proud of it) but there are those who cannot drink coffee for either personal or medical reasons, but would still like to enjoy the flavor and aroma. Enter Dandelion coffee. Dandelion coffee is caffeine free and has been used as a coffee substitute since the civil war (Source Wikipedia). The “coffee” is made from the taproot of the dandelion plant. The taproot resembles a carrot and only larger, more mature plants (those that are three to four years in age) are used. The taproot when used will be a half inch in diameter and deep brown.

Once the dandelion is harvested, the leaves, stem and flowers are removed. From there it is dried, roasted and ground. It will have the appearance of instant coffee crystals. Since of the time consuming and times of year that dandelions are ground, the coffee can only be found in specialty shops, thus it can be expensive, but if you have your own access to true dandelions [leaves at base are like teeth and the stem is hollow inside] you can make your own dandelion coffee with just a few simple items and a little bit of time.

Gather large mature dandelions (check out http://www.naturalherbsguide.com/dandelion.html to see a dandelion full grown), digging up the plant. Remove the stem, flower and extra thin roots until only the large taproot remains (endive roots can be used in a pinch and produce the same quality, taste and aroma [Don’t Fight the Dandelions, Eat Them by Travte Klien). Wash the dirt away in cool water. Cut the taproot into small dice and allow to dry in a 250 degree oven, stirring often for two hours until dry. Roast the dried taproot in a cast iron skillet, stirring often, until the color of coffee and evenly browned. It will have the appearance of instant coffee. If you feel the bits are too large, you can grind them into small bits. Allow to cool. To make a cup of “coffee” infuse one to two teaspoons of the dandelion coffee in an eight ounce of hot water until desired color is reached. You can add sweeteners as you deem proper. The “coffee” will have the taste of week coffee with a hint of caramel.

The coffee will retain the same healthful benefits as a fresh dandelion in that it will have Vitamins, A, B, D and B-Complex as well as Zinc, Iron and Potassium. You will have to be careful, as it can be a mild laxative yet is good for your liver. You malso alo use no pod single cup coffee makers for you to make the best out of Dandelion Coffee.

Try something new if you are looking for the flavor of coffee, but want to shy away from caffeine.