Is Your Dream Home Priced Out of the Property Market?

The wide spread belief that the property is at it’s lowest in terms of homes for sell and buyers in a position to buy has become the understated statement of the century through out much of America. We, of course, are early days into the century so maybe there is hope yet. The trend setting advice is that is a buyers market and yet there appears to be a very small margin of buyers through out the country actually making purchases.


Once considered one of the sure win investments you could make for your future is fast becoming the vain of most homeowners and wanna be homeowners existence. Everywhere you look in the market and property pages of magazine everyday people are being priced out of the market. The hardest hit areas are finding residence priced out due to the rising cost of living.

Others are priced out due to the rising cost of properties which is in itself the greatest obstacle most individuals as well as two adult earning households face. There is no easy solution and saving ones pennies still does not seem to add up to the purchase of your dream or second choice home due to the interest rates for today’s mortgages.

Lenders are particular about the lending criteria and rely heavily on your credit rating to estimate the rate at which your mortgage will be set if you do by some luck or chance qualify. The standard lender will require an even higher interest rate if you are within that gray area on your credit rating report. The possibility of taking a loan with an enormous interest rate is not what you hope for when you are formulating the plan of buying a home.

Analyst like Jeffrey G. Otteau, who heads the Otteau Appraisal Group and issues the monthly Otteau Report to subscribing brokers, speaks encouragingly for the future of the property market. Otteau goes so far as to suggest of the market projection that, “It is just beginning to recover.” While property prices are dropping slightly and expected to continue to fall holding your breath would not be advisable. Other experts will tell you that you can afford a home and mortgage if you buy within your means.

Mostly, when you are within you means you do not often remember to calculate the unforeseen expense or two into the equation. This is where most potential and even newly purchased homeowners come unstuck. The bigger picture of the property market is vastly affected when you are met with a decrease of income source or an increase to your present financial commitments. The best-laid plans do not stand a chance when there just is not enough to cover the extra expense that may arise. Property management professionals Naples FL has will tell you to be very careful before buying any property. You must be able to ensure that your financial means are capable of paying your expenses.

Formulating a plan to get into the property market is one thing. It is entirely different once you get into the market to stay ahead of the game. Sadly, foreclosure across America is seeing more activity than anyone would have liked to have been witness to. Homeowners in the process of losing their homes simply bought out of reach of their basic means. So, think long and hard before you take that oh so most important leap.


Is Part-Time Home Business Right For You?

Owning a home business does not have to be an all or nothing venture. In these difficult economic times, starting a part-time home business may be the answer. A part-time home business can provide much needed extra income while maintaining the security of your full time job.

Pros and cons

As with anything, starting a part-time home business has both pros and cons. Think about each carefully before investing time and money into your home business.

Pros of a part-time home business:

Keeping your day job means keeping your benefits and financial security.    There is less pressure for your home business to be immediately successful and profitable.    You have time to learn from your mistakes.    In uncertain economic times, a part-time home business can be the perfect back-up if you are laid off.

Cons of a part-time home business:  A part-time business will grow much more slowly.    You may experience a sudden increase in sales that you will not be able to keep up with due to the time constraints of your day job.    You may be subject to burnout from working too many hours.    Many employers frown on their employees spending time on a side business.    It can be very difficult to balance your day job, your part-time business, your family, and your personal life.        Home business taxes can be a bit confusing. Be aware that home businesses are audited far more often than individuals. Make sure that you are familiar with home business tax deductions.

Do you have what it takes?

Is a part-time home business right for you? It is important to understand and consider the realities of owning a home business.

Most successful small business owners are well organized, energetic, and self-motivated. Ask yourself if you have these qualities and, if not, are you willing to work on them.    Talk with your family. It is important to have the support and understanding of your family before beginning your venture.    Think about what type of home business you want to begin. Not all home business will flourish when operated on a part-time basis or when run out of your home.    As a home business owner, you need to be aware that you are responsible for your business’s legal and tax considerations. Before beginning any at-home venture, be sure that you have all of the necessary permits and licenses.

Giving up your day job.

There may come a time when you will have to decide if you are happy with having your home business part-time or if you want to make it a full-time venture. If you decide it is time to transition to full time, there are some steps that will make the transition easier.

Pay off any personal debt before quitting your day job.    Make a budget and lower your cost of living expenses as much as realistically possible.    Take a look at the future of your business to make sure that projects earnings and expected orders will be enough to support you and your family.    Make marketing your home business more of a priority. Once you take your business full time, you will have the ability to handle more customers.    Check out the National Business Incubator Association (www.nbia.org). Its members provide advice and help for expanding business ventures.

A home business, even a part-time one, takes work and motivation. Be sure to consider your personal and financial situation when making the decision to start a home business. If you dream of owning your own business but you are finding it difficult to take the plunge, a part-time home business may be the perfect solution.

Home business is such that while it may provide you the comforts of home without the need to travel outside, it will bring you into a comfort zone where you may become lazy and underactive and start working as per your convenience and not able to think about innovative solutions for problems and lack of physical exercise will turn you from being agile to fragile.