How to Get Rid of the Junk Drawer

Most people have at least one junk drawer in their kitchen. This is a compartment that holds everything from dried out ink pens to rubber bands and bits of dust. These miscellaneous items take up a tremendous amount of storage space, and it is completely unnecessary. Why not get rid of it once and for all? Just because your mother used kitchen drawers to hold office supplies and other things that did not have a home does not mean that you have to do the same. Free up more kitchen storage space, and get rid of the junk drawer once and for all. It should hold cooking utensils instead of pencils and a bunch of parts and other random items. With philadelphia house cleanout you can declutter your home in no time. You get an affordable service that will efficiently help you with the cleaning of your house completely. This is one of the easiest ways to get your house organized. 

Use a Basket to Hold Pencils and Pens

When looking for practical ways to get rid of the junk drawer, consider a lined basket or two. Clean out the junk drawer, and fill lined baskets of the appropriate size with pens and pencils. Crayons, markers and other art supplies should be placed in a craft box and kept separate from everyday writing implements. Place the basket of pens and pencils on a computer desk or in another location that everyone can reach. Baskets look much better than drawers filled with miscellaneous junk.

Use Jars or Tins to Hold Paperclips, Rubber Bands, and Twist Ties

After ridding the junk drawer of everything from paper clips to unidentifiable parts and pieces of long-forgotten items, set up decorative jars or tins to hold and organize commonly used things. Separate paperclips, rubber bands and other items of use. The jars or tins will look like a part of the decorating scheme instead of containers to hold miscellaneous junk drawer items.

Buy a Plastic Storage Box with Drawers

If a kitchen drawer has become a mini office, get rid of it for good. Replace the junk drawer with a small plastic compartment with drawers. Separate writing instruments from other office supplies, and store it in a room other than the kitchen. A more appropriate location would be in a bedroom or alongside a living room desk. Save the kitchen for cooking and dining, and use another location for storing office supplies and related items.

Implement a Junk Box Instead of a Drawer

If it seems impossible to get rid of a junk drawer because this type of organization is not practical or possible, use a junk box instead. Buy an eye-pleasing papered box with a lid, and fill it with everything that was in the drawer. It can be kept in an empty space on the kitchen counter or on a desk. Use it as a catchall for pens, pencils, paper clips and anything else that would otherwise end up in a kitchen drawer. Cabinet space is priceless, and it should be used with forethought and care.

Want To Hire Professional Tree Removal Services? Considerable Tips!

Many homeowners and property owners want to hire someone to remove old and damaged trees. If you are struggling with various issues due to some trees in your backyard, then it is advisable to remove them as soon as possible. Different tree removal companies can be found on the internet. First of all, you should know about the top best companies to shortlist them. After this, you can visit the official websites of these companies and know about the services that they are offering. 

It is also important to know about whether the tree removal company that you are going to hire is reputed or not. Always look for a company having years of experience in this field. Get suggestions from your friends to find the legit tree removal company in no time. 

Compare the services and charges 

While looking for the best tree removal company, you need to be smart. First of all, know about the services provided by tree removal companies and then check out the charges. It is good to compare the services as well as charges to different companies. With the help of this, you can easily find a better option to meet your needs. Make sure the tree removal company is charging a genuine fee and offering quality services. 

Feedback of customers 

With the help of checking online reviews on, you can know about the quality of services. It can help you to get an idea about their experiences with the service provider that you want to hire. Reading the feedbacks of other customers can also assist you in making your final decision in no time. 

In addition to this, you also need to know about the insurance and license related details while choosing a tree removal company.

Advantages of Composite Decking

In the light of growing concern about degrading natural resources and environmental decay, eco-friendly modes of survival are gaining ground. And composite decking is one of such modes which have gain popularity for its environment-friendly nature. Composite decking is a factory-made building material that uses plastic and wood fibers to form a replacement for timber decking. It is not only eco-friendly but also more costeffective and durable than the traditional wood decking.  

Why should you use composite decking? 

Composite decking is being readily accepted as a superior option over wood decking, and that is so for various reasons. Let us look at why composite decking is considered more convenient than the traditional decking materials. 

  • Composite decking requires very less maintenance than the traditional wooden decking. What it requires is just cleaning with water and soap, but nothing extra. There is no need for frequent re-painting, staining, or sanding.  
  • The composite decks get superior durability over other forms of decking. Due to a mixture of wood and plastic, the decking material lasts longer and is wellarmed against rotting, cracking, or warping. The material is built to minimize water absorption, which makes this kind of decking even better for outside decks.  
  • As far as looks go, composite decking appears brilliant with all those blends of pure wooden patterns and glossy nature. The color does not fade easily, thus maintaining the natural wooden glow for a long time. Moreover, composite decking is available in a variety of color options to choose from.  

  • The most important advantage of composite decking is its eco-friendly nature. While pure plastic decking is considered to be the least environmentfriendly, traditional wooden decking is also not suitable because it involves the felling of the number of trees. That is why composite decking has brought about minimal use of trees and harmful plastic to prevent environmental decay.  
  • Composite decking is said to be costeffective because on a long term perspective, it returns great value for money. The initial purchase may be a bit expensive, but the total maintenance charges over the years are lot less than traditional decking.  

Factors To Remember When Finding An Appliance Repair Technician

You don’t need to find a big box store to hire an appliance technician today. In fact, popularity of a brand doesn’t guarantee quality service. Another good option to consider is hiring a self-employed appliance repair technician. These are experts which work by their own, instead of working under a company.

What to Consider in Searching for an Appliance Repair Technician

Note to find certain qualities on an appliance technician before hiring one. These values make sure you’ll experience a great service with lesser hassles and expenses.

  • First, locate technicians which fix specific type of appliance you’re worrying about. There are many household appliances today, hence some technicians specialize on specific types. Hire one which is capable of repairing your problematic appliance.
  • Of course, he must have sufficient skills and knowledge in doing repairs. You can tell it by talking with a technician first. That’s how to gauge if he really knows about the job. Moreover, try asking around for their opinions on certain technicians, or check reputable yellow pages for reviews.
  • While communicating with a technician, observe how they talk with you. That helps you gauge their customer service skills. If something goes wrong, for example, you can get clear explanation without any worries.
  • Honesty is also the best policy in looking for an appliance technician. They must tell you the exact problem of your machine, without hiding anything just to gain more cash. You can gauge honesty when a technician offers long repair warranty after their initial service.

  • Lastly, self-employed technicians generally have more affordable rates than those working in big box stores. That’s because they get the profit full, and they don’t have to maintain a physical shop. Avoid technicians whose rates are comparable to those who work in a company.

A Self-employed appliance repair technician is great on certain instances. Carefully find a reputable one for fixing your appliance today.

Preventing Mold in the Bathroom

The bathroom is a prime breeding ground for mold. The combination of a confined space and moist air are a certain recipe for this natural fungus. Once mold is present in the bathroom, or anywhere in the home, it can quickly grow and spread into an unsightly, and unhealthy, level. Don’t wait until you can see mold in the bathroom until it becomes a concern – Do what you can to prevent it from forming in the first place. Which is why you should be doing regular mold inspection at your house. As it is said that prevention is better than cure you should make sure that you get rid of these mold as soon you detect them.

After you shower or bathe, the bathroom mirror is foggy and lightly coated with condensation. This is a prime example of how quickly moist air can coat other areas of the bathroom too, including the walls. Walls are made out of, for the most part, paper drywall products. Mold LOVES paper! Particle board, paper drywall, and other paper-based building products are all commonly used in the bathroom and won’t pose any problems if the proper precautions are taken to prevent mold growth.

Mold resistant drywall

Many new homes are switching from the standard paper-based drywall to a new and improved mold resistant alternative. With a fiberglass mat embedded between the inner slabs, the moist conditions that mold likes to feed on simply aren’t there. Keep in mind, this is not a mold-proof product. Mold can form, but the likelihood of it are reduced significantly. This is especially true when other steps are taken to prevent mold in the bathroom.


Every bathroom should have a quality ventilation system in place to capture and release water vapor. In fact, most states have building codes that require a vent fan in all windowless bathrooms to prevent mold growth. If your home doesn’t have a vent fan in the bathrooms, have them installed by a professional. Then, use then each time you shower or bathe.

Mold resistant paint

A simple way of preventing mold is to use a mold resistant paint. This type of paint sells for about the same price as others, is washable, can be tinted to many colors, and contains additives that help keep moisture at bay. Paint the walls and ceiling with this type of paint to help prevent mold growth before it starts. Zinsser makes several different formulas that are low-odor, easy to use, and highly effective.

Avoid wallpaper

Many homeowners are shocked to find the presence of mold behind wallpaper in the bathroom. That’s right, it can be there without your knowledge. Why? Because mold loves paper. Moisture gets behind a curling or lifting corner of wallpaper and can very quickly grow to a dangerous level. By the time you decide to strip the wallpaper down, it can be covering the entire wall surface beneath. It’s best to avoid wallpaper altogether in this moisture-prone area. You simply can’t see what’s lurking beneath.

Wipe down moist surfaces

After you bathe or shower, wipe away excess moisture from walls, windows, and so on. In addition, a mold and mildew remover should be used at least once a month. Tilex makes several sprays that can prevent mold or combat it once it forms.

Mould and dirt around a bath tub.

Read before Buying: Dirt Devil Vibe Carpet Extractor Review

The Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor is a superior product for the money. It is reasonably priced. I got it on sale for $99.00. It works like a charm and produce results similar to a quality carpet steam cleaner. We have two large dogs that on a rare occasion might have an accident on the carpeting. One example of this stands out in my mind. We had just gotten our new living room carpet installed. Not soon after that, Meadow, my sweet Newfoundland dog had urinated on the new carpet. Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor to the rescue. Between the smell of the new carpeting and the smell of the dog urine, it made for a very unpleasant odor.

I had purchased the Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor about one week before we got our new carpet installed in the event that one of the dogs might have an accident. If this were to happen we did not want the urine to permeate the carpeting and the pad before we could remove it. If you let it sit for a while, you’ll never get the smell out as it goes straight through to the pad. Luckily, we had the Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor on hand as soon as the urine accident happened.

I filled the soap tank of the Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor with hot water and soap and began to use it on the spot. The Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor sucked up the urine very well. It is very powerful and it does a great job of sucking up the water. It has a very large one gallon tank for holding the soap and water.

The Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor has 12 amps and the powerful suction removes dirt and stains every effectively. I also use the Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor on my basement floor. I am not sure if the Dirt Devil is indicated for cleaning hard surfaced floors, but it does a great job cleaning the floor. On one occasion the washing machine leaked all over the laundry room floor. Even though there is a drain in the laundry room, there still was lots of water on the floor. It would have gone down eventually, but I wanted to clean it up as soon as possible. I got out my Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor and it sucked up all the water in much less time than it would have taken it to drain on it’s own.

The Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor has five rows of brushes and a 12 inch cleaning path. The cord is 25 feet long. The Dirt Devil is easy to handle and easy to push. It is not self-propelled, but it’s not difficult to maneuver. The only time it gets a little heavy is when either the holding tank or the collection tank is filled with water. This product is easy clean and empty the water. Also, the Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor is not as loud as other carpet cleaning machines that I’ve used. This is especially important, as one of my dogs doesn’t take to kindly to vacuum cleaner noise and surprisingly, my big lovable St. Bernard doesn’t even bat one of his sweet eyelashes when I turn it on. Now that’s a good machine!

I highly recommend the Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor for anyone who wants to effectively and easily clean their carpets.

How can the Transformation of Your Garden with a Gazebo done?

Last summer, my husband and I transformed our garden, a place where we already spend so much time, with the addition of a gazebo that we mostly built ourselves-with some basic help from a contractor. The gazebo is enjoyed by the birds who perch on top, by our guests, and by us when we need to rest outside. But most importantly, it has given our garden a real personality, and makes it feel like a destination.

If there’s one ornamental element that can have a real impact on a garden, giving it a distinctive character, it is building some kind of structure. Whether it’s a gazebo, a summerhouse, an aviary or a tree house, these structures can delineate a border, protect the gardener from the elements or serve as a point of interest in your garden. The home owner can place round outdoor daybeds in the garden. The wonderful climate can be enjoyed through the person from the daybeds with convenience.

Keep in mind proportion and structure.

Like everything else in the garden, a structure should be proportioned to the space available, and inevitably, will be limited by your budget. Even a beautifully detailed birdhouse (one that you could build yourself, even, with your kids) mounted on a pole will draw the eyes upward in and serve as a point of whimsy. It doesn’t have to be a gazebo huge enough to fit a dinner party.

You also don’t want your building to look like it was plopped on top of your garden, out of nowhere. One element that can help it mesh in seamlessly could be a path leading up to the structure (one as basic as some well-positioned stones will do). You want to follow the general style that already exists in your garden. A stone gate topped with an arbor would be beautiful in an English cottage garden, but if your outdoor space has a koi pond and bamboo, you should lean more towards a Japanese style tea house, or a gazebo with upturned rafters.

Of course, it’s up to you! Make the space your own and follow a more eclectic style if it suits you.

Choose your materials.

When making your selection, especially if you are building it yourself, be aware of how the materials you choose for your structure will age, and change when exposed to the elements-including not only rain (and possibly snow) but also the sun, heat and dust. If you’re building a structure as large as a gazebo you will definitely want to use the sturdiest materials to get the most of your investment.

Check out plans and designs of other gazebos.

If you’re confused about where to start, the websites of companies in your area that supply plans, materials and pre-built structures will can help you really zoom in your research. Some of these offer online design help, with interactive features to help you figure out how big you can go and what the approximate costs would be. Depending on what you decided to build, you may need a building permit. Here, a qualified landscape architect (which you will need for bigger structures, unless you are confident you can do it all yourself) can help you stay on the right side of the local zoning board and the building code.

While there are plenty of places to turn to for help in building your structure, the most important first step is to choose a style that will really represent your taste and will stamp your signature firmly into your garden.

Essential Guide in Organizing your House without Spending Big

Okay, so if you are like me your house looks pretty clean and organized, unless someone opens up a closet door and then they may end up sueing you when something falls on them and knocks them out.

So below are some creative and cheap ways I am getting organized this year in addressing everyone’s most difficult places to keep organized. You might want to buy affordable vacuum cleaner that have passed the staubsauger test as well.


  1. Use shoe boxes to put your shoes in and keep them stacked with product description facing out. Easy to access and you know what is in the box at a glance. Are you like me and have no idea where those boxes are? They sell clear shoe boxes and a pack of white labels for a dollar at the dollar tree. Grab a bunch and then you can see the shoes inside and keep your shoes in top shape and organized!
  2. Only keep no more than 25 outfits already paired together for quick access. No one needs more outfits than that, besides if you have more than that there is more than likely quite a few which are out of style. This will end up meaning less time for you in the mornings because you don’t have to decide to wear what with what.
  3. Keep suitcases filled with travel samples of shampoo, razors, etc. in a double ziplock bag (save the ones from your last hotel to keep it cheap) so that you can just grab and go and not worry about packing anything other than outfits.
  4. Put dryer sheets in an unseen place in your closet to keep that closet funk from creeping in there.


  1. Use clear small baskets to hold your smaller items like oatmeal packages.
  2. The key to keeping pantry organization easy for everybody who can read is putting everything in alphabetical order. Like putting your cereal labels A-Z.
  3. If you have kids and thats been your snag for staying organized try having a special basket that holds all of their snacks. This way they don’t rummage through everything looking for their fruit snacks and in turn wrecking your organization system that you spent so much time on!

The Catch All Area

Everyone has it. It’s the area that in your house somehow always gets piled up. The solution to keeping the piling down on that is that every night before you go to bed clear off that one place. Because lets face it ,we are creatures of habit and we like to just throw down our stuff when we enter the door. We aren’t all of a sudden going to neatly put everything away when we first get home when to be honest you’ve usually have one person in your party that just drops the stuff they brought in and is making a dash for the bathroom. So instead of beating a dead horse saying you’ll change similar habits, instead just make a pact with yourself to clean that catch all area away every night.

Hope this was practical, cheap, and has given you some hope that this year will be the one where you get organized and stick with it.

How to Select a Proper Crib Mattress

“You buy the crib for yourself, but you buy the mattress for the baby.” That’s the mantra that Bud and Donna Spoerl repeat to all new parents that come to their Lexington, KY children’s furniture store, Baby’s Room amp; Kids Too.

“One of the most important purchases in the nursery is the mattress,” says Bud. “Even if you don’t spend a lot on your furniture, you should always make sure you buy a quality mattress.”

Just as there are many styles of cribs and beds for toddlers, you came check some on, there are many styles of mattresses. The most common are foam and innerspring. Innerspring is what we are most familiar with in our own mattresses and many people believe these are best. They are firmer and tend to last longer, but they are also heavy, making sheet changes difficult. Foam mattresses are generally less durable but are lighter, and new technology is improving the firmness and quality of foam mattresses.

A good, firm mattress may promote improved posture and is more durable, so make sure that it is firmest you can find. There are no industry standards to determine “firmness,” so you will have to feel for yourself. Place the palms of your hands flat on either side of the center of the mattress and push your hands in at the same time. The greater the pressure needed to squeeze the mattress, the greater the firmness.

A common myth surrounding innerspring mattresses is the more coils, the better the mattress. Although the number of coils does matter, you also need to know what gauge of steel is being used. Heavier gauge steel is going to provide more support. But, according to Bud, if there are more than 300 coils, the grade of the steel often decreases. Look for the steel gauge number. The lower the number, the heavier the gauge of steel.

Along with the number of coils and the grade of steel, look for a steel border rod at the top and bottom perimeter for added edge support; the type of material used as an insulator (The Spoerls recommend coir fiber.); the quantity and quality of the cushioning materials (look for 100% all-natural cotton batting and a non-allergenic foam layer); and the quality of the mattress cover (triple laminate is best, which includes a vinyl layer, a nylon reinforcement layer and another vinyl layer).

“When you run your hand over the mattress, you don’t want to feel the coils,” offers Bud. He also suggests looking for a 9-gauge border rod and 14-gauge steel coils.

In a foam mattress, select the firmest you can find; check the density – heavier usually means better; and inspect the cover – the more layers of laminated, reinforced vinyl the better. Generally, the higher the price of a foam mattress, the better the quality, but always inspect the weight and firmness before purchasing.

A mattress with reinforced or embossed vinyl is leak proof and offers added durability by preventing tears along the foundation. Also, look for air vents along the edge of the mattress. These ventilate the mattress and help prevent the seams from splitting.

Finally, never store a mattress in a hot, dry attic or a cold basement. If the mattress has been out of use for several years, buy a new one, if needed for another child.

“Look and see if the retailer offers a cut-away sample,” suggests Donna. “That’s the best way to see what you are buying.”

Heming Your Pants With Or Without A Sewing Machine Has Never Been This Easy

For the best fitting and stylish looking pants, it is important for them to be hemmed properly as it provides the garment a finishing touch and makes the wearer look more professional and sophisticated. The hemming process is very easy and can be done very conveniently at home regardless of if you own a sewing machine or do it by hand.

Easy steps to hem your pant at home

  • Before starting to hem your pants, you need to make sure you have all the tools required in sewing.
  • To properly hem your pants and shorten them to just the right length, measure the inseam of the pants.
  • After measuring it, start removing the original seam slowly with seam ripper or scissors and let it hang loose. You can also use iron and flatten it for the best results.
  • After turning the same pants inside out, measure the correct inseam length while allowing the seam allowance of one inch.
  • Trim the pats by using a ruler or a rotatory cutter and remove the excess fabric.
  • Then you need to measure the hem and set the sewing gauge to half the length you need to trim and fold the hem or the pants’ edge to the same length on both the pant legs.
  • After all this complicated process is done, all that’s left to do is to get your sewing tools or sewing machine out and slowly hem the pants leg and repeat it with the other pant leg.

Although hemming your pants is very easy, you need to ensure you have all the right sewing materials and tools and if you are planning on hemming a hard material like leather, you can search ‘best sewing machine to sew leather’ on internet for efficient results.