Human Resource Management: Career Considerations

Although I think Hate is too strong a word, I must say I have noticed the problem. In many organizations HR is treated like the “fifth” wheel, (the spare tire) needed but not really appreciated until a flat tire occurs. But I know from talking to my HR colleagues that they really long to be full-fledged members of the management team in their organizations.

In some organizations, very few in fact, the Human Resource function is that dream position where the person occupying the top HR job sits as a full member of the management team. In these companies the HR Staff have a well defined purpose as a genuine ally of both the organization and the people within it. Seeing itself as a “profit center”, it is itself lean, effective and vital to the company’s success.

First let me say that Human Resources like Management itself is still relatively new. And just as, over time we have come to have new insights about leading and managing people, HR as a corporate business function has been evolving right along with it. With that grace in mind let me offer some possibly new insight. The purchase of the singapore salary software can be done through the human resource managers, A sight of the future should be available for determining the expectations of the business employees.

Exactly what are the right skills, knowledge and character that produce an HR person that can truly be effective? This is evolving and becoming clearer all the time as CEO and business owners determine exactly what they want from their Human Resource Department. Our training of HR professionals needs to keep constant pace with the marketplace in this regard.

I think to be truly effective, there needs to be some tweaking of the preparation for HR professionals that breaks the current mold. In my opinion, the best case scenario would be that the person leading the HR department has qualified HR knowledge AND has spent time in a supervisory or management role that is responsible to produce revenue and achieve profitability, or in the case of a non-profit, tied to accomplishing core mission, and, has that experience under the pressure that typical line managers face every day successfully.

True credibility comes, well, from being credible. (Duh!) Believability comes from having “done that”, and from knowing the truth. Any would-be HR professional who really desires credibility, should, upon graduation, get a job in a management capacity where he/she has direct responsibility for revenue and cost controls as their P L; responsibility. We should consider requiring that any BA, BS or MBA candidate seeking a career in HR should intern at least two summers in a business environment as a management trainee. This should be a minimum. At most, people who desire to be Human Resource professionals should work in the industry they want to serve, first, as a low-level supervisor on a production line or in an office where they are responsible for generating revenue or controlling costs, before they work in HR. (I would recommend this for any accounting major as well.) With 2-3 years of this experience, they can pursue their HR career full steam ahead, with true understanding of what it takes to operate a business, an understanding of the language of profit and loss, and experience of managing people in “real life” that they could never get at a college of university, (as good as those Human Resource programs are.) Being able to look a line manager in the eye and speak his\her language goes much further when it comes to being asked to the strategy table. Applying your understanding, gained through hands-on experience, and to have a true “working knowledge” of what it really takes to get the business results, ADDED to your degree, is a recipe for a long-term effective career in Human Resources.