Frog Hunter New Video Slot Game By Betsoft

An addition to the already huge slot games in the BetSoft Library, the Frog Hunter video slot game brings to the fold very exciting mixture of bonuses, features and story line twist. With the an animal, and jungle theme, you are taken to an interesting world of a tropical rainforest frog which not only does it have to a hunter but also has to keep up with the predators.

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BetSoft has packaged it in a 5 reel, 5 line structures with the reels cascading from the top of the slot interface. Thanks to Betsoft’s famed technology in the 3D gaming sphere, the slot is also boosted with the powerful graphics that is also backed up by complementary game audio, simply put gaming bliss.

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The Frog will be will be all action jumping on from lily pads hunting dragon flies and warding off a dangerous alligators in order to impress a maiden frog.

Game Features

Unlike most casino video slot games , the Frog Hunter has a bi-directional payout feature where combinations can be created by from either left to right or from right to left. Either way goes and all the player needs to have is 3, 4 or 5 combinations of game symbols for him to win something.

Another game features is that the game comes with the triple and double whereby once you have hit that winning combination you can get yourself an even better payout by either tripling or doubling you winnings. Hit the feature button and you will be presented with a variety of fruit symbols of which when you select you can either draw more coins or nothing at all which will take you back to the main game screen.

Bonus Games

There are 2 bonus games in this rewarding slot game, the Water lily and the Dragonfly bonus games. The water lily bonus game is triggered when a player has 3 lily pad symbols appear on the screen during a winning combination. The Frog will be jumping from one lily to another but there is an alligator on the loose so you better watch out so that the frog doesn’t get eaten up.

As for the Dragon Fly bonus, you get to bring out the hunting instincts of the frog. This is a multiplier game which can triple or double you wager. To trigger the bonus game a dragon fly icon needs to appear next to a frog, male or female. the frog will not spare the dragon fly and this will reveal the multiplier awarded.

Coin Range

The least coin value playable is 0.02 while the biggest coin value is 1 which equates to a dollar. Per line a player can make a single coin bet with the maximum total bets per each spin being 5 coins.

Also included in the game is a turbo play feature where you get to select the game speed thus changing the animations as well as change the game audio.

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