How To Look For Recyclables

With the economic slump that the country is in, more people are turning to can hunting (and that is not limited to cans, people collect plastic and glass bottles too) to bring in extra money. There is nothing wrong with looking through trash for recyclables although unfortunately many people still look down on it. You don’t have to be homeless to be a can hunter. You can be anyone. Maybe you need to pay a bill, maybe you need food, diapers or gas in your car. Maybe you want to take your kids on a trip and can’t afford it unless you save the money. You have your own reasons for wanting to be a can hunter and that’s fine. Don’t let anyone tell you that there is something wrong with it (unless it’s the police!). If you can hunt in a respectable way, and stay safe, you can have a successful can hunting career. This article will tell you how you can be safe and considerate as you can hunt, trash dig or look for recyclables on the side of the road.

#1: Know your Towns Laws on Trash Digging

Before you go out to can hunt by digging in residential and business trash cans, you need to know the laws of your town. You need to see if it’s legal and if it’s not, you need to see what leeway there is if they catch you can hunting. For example, in some towns, you’ll get a warning the first time you’re caught. I am not recommending breaking the law but I know that some people will can hunt no matter what if they are desperate for money. So whatever you do, just make sure you know the laws so you’ll know what will happen if a police officer stops you.

#2: Clean Up After Yourself

One of the things that business and residences hate more then anything about can hunters, is the ones that do not clean up after themselves. When you go through a dumpster or a trash can, you want to make sure that it looks exactly the same, if not better then when you first approached it. If the lid to the trash can was up when you got there, leave it up. If it was down, put it back down. Homeowners and business owners do NOT want to clean up after you, nor should they have to. Clean up your mess and everyone will be happy in the long run. People are less likely to chase you off if you always keep it clean. You can avail dumpster rental Pomona, ca. This dumpster rental provider is one of the reliable rentals that you can find in the market. They do offer dumpster that varies in size.

#3: Stay Safe

Staying safe is very important. While can hunting may bring in extra money, it is not always safe. If you are going at night, try to bring someone with you. Avoid bad parts of town or bring a buddy. When you are going through a dumpster or trash can, always be aware of your surroundings. You need to be on the lookout as you dig in case someone sneaks up behind you. If you can afford a cell phone, even if it’s a prepaid one, keep it on you so you can call for help if needed. You also need to stay safe by looking out for poisonous bugs and broken pieces of glass that are found in trash cans and dumpsters.

#4: Don’t Stay in One Place Too Long

Can Hunters know that you should not stay in one place digging through a trash can. When you spend a long time digging in one trash can or dumpster, you have the chance of drawing more attention to yourself. Get your system down for can hunting so you can get in and out. Also don’t stay in one place a long time if there is a dog barking or a lot of people. Again, you’d draw a lot of unwanted attention to yourself and this is a hobby best left unnoticed.

#5: Avoid Confrontations

Some people will not like it that you are digging through their garbage. If someone asks you to leave, then leave. It’s not worth arguing or getting into a confrontation with someone because they don’t want you to dig through their trash. Try to put yourself in their shoes and quietly leave.

#6: Have the Perfect Kit

Having the perfect kit can make your can hunting much easier. You will need gloves, a flashlight and extra set of batteries (for night digging), water (make sure you’re always hydrated), small package of wet wipes (to get off yucky stuff that you come across), a box cutter (for cutting bags quickly), at least one trash bag (you can get other trash bags from trash cans or dumpsters as you go along) and some kind of stick with a hook or grabber stick for getting hard to reach items. If you can afford or find one, have a basket or cart to put your recyclables in so you don’t have to carry them a long distance.

#7: Observe Trash Days for the Neighborhood You Are Hunting In

You don’t want to go can hunting only to find that all the trash has been collected by the garbage company. As you can hunt, observe with a neighborhood’s trash day is so you don’t go hunting after the trash truck has gone. The perfect time for can hunting is the night before trash day and the morning of trash day because people put out their trash cans or add more to a trash can that is already out there.

#8: Know Where to Go

Learn where the best areas to can hunt are. Beside trashcans at homes, gas stations and hotels are a good place to look for cans. If there is a sports event, you may be able to can hunt after that. Go to Walmart on a busy weekend day and check their parking lot, people are constantly just dropping their recyclables right on the ground.