Designer Handbags: Arm Candy Of Celebrities Without The High Cost

We’ve all seen enough ads in enough magazines that at some point we spot something we’d really like to have. One item that a lot of magazines seem to cover is what handbag the celebrities are donning while they’re out on the town or just running errands. I’ve been looking around for a particular handbag I saw Reese Witherspoon toting and finally found it for a fraction of the cost I’m sure she paid for her “authentic” purse. The thing is, mine looks just like it and no one would know the difference. I don’t have really pretentious friends that would question whether or not my handbag is the real thing or a fake, but I’m guessing some of us out there do, so here’s some great purses I found at which can’t be beat in price and looks. You should check out Luxurytastic Reviews for more designer handbag reviews. You get a wide variety of products that you can look at.

I saw a few shots of Reese carrying this bag in black and also in white and I just had to have it. Fortunately I was able to obtain one from Baghaus for a mere $69.60. The Primo Limited Costs handbag comes in several colors and is made of high quality synthetic leather. Yeah, I’m sure Reese’s bag is real leather, but I don’t have those kinds of funds. This handbag has a zipper pocket on the outside and two open pockets for cell phone and keys. Additional zippered pockets inside and out. Not that this is anything to help you decide on this bag, but Mischa Barton has also sported this handbag on a few occasions.

Hillary Duff and Nicky Hilton have both been seen carrying Marc Jacobs Hudson Tote which you can get for a steal at Baghaus for only $38.00. Of course here they call it the Urban Expressions Hudson Tote. I can’t even get a K-Mart knock-off for less than that. There are several other sites that offer the same inspired totes but from what I can find they are going to cost you about another twenty dollars. These lovely totes are large enough to carry just about anything you need and come in two tone colors such as grey and black or blue and black with a shoulder and hand straps.

If you happen to have about $2,300 then you can always purchase a real Fendi Spy Bag just like Ashlee Simpson has been seen carrying or you can snag this great looking purse at Baghaus for $50. Made of butter-soft high quality synthetic leather with polished silver-toned accents and double women handles. The fold over flap hides a secret coin purse and there is lots of room inside which is divided by zippered security pockets. It is available in many color choices including a leopard print.

You may want to snag a copy of Jessica Alba’s Chloe East West Paddington bag which you can acquire at for around $135.00 in tan or cream. This is certainly better than spending the roughly $650.00 a real one would cost. How about a bag that you constantly see on Nicole Richie’s arm. She seems to have quite a thing for Balenciagas bags which retail well over $1,000 but can be found at for a fraction of the cost. The same purse I saw at Balenciagas for $1,595 is only $278 at this site and comes in many colors.

Head on back to Baghaus for a similar handbag to Halle Berry’s Highland Tote which they also offer in a mini size here. This purse has been spotted on not only Ms. Berry, but also Hillary Duff and Jessica Biel. They offer this style in red, black, brown and silver. Another option is the Medium Quilted Courtney which was inspired by Marc Jacobs Stam Bag which was designed for Canadian model, Jessica Stam. Available in blue, black and grey for a nice low price of about $48 and you can look like a model too. Ok, maybe not so much a super model, but you will look like your carrying a high priced handbag. If you’re into something a little more wild, then check out their selection of leopard prints handbags which Carrie Underwood seems to like to carry. They have many styles and sizes to choose from for reasonable prices.