Procrastination – A Self-Help Guide

It’s a classic scenario: You know the light bill, $100.00, is due February 1st. You get paid this Friday, January 18. You know your check from work is to be about $500. But instead of making the payment of tithes and of your bill your first priority, you and the honey head out for a night on the town, which includes a carriage ride, a trip to an exclusive restaurant, and a play at an exclusive downtown theatre. “Oh, I have two weeks, I can make it up later,” you think. So by Monday, you find that you only have $50 to your name. Meanwhile, several other emergencies come up, so you are unable to save what’s left. It’s–well, that time of the month for your wife and she needs a crapload of things and she needs them NOW, darnit! So, you are out of luck now. To make matters worse, on Tuesday, Jan. 22–just when you were praying for the opportunity to make that money up, the hammer falls at work. Your boss calls you in for a talk. “You know, we’ve been running alot slower than we had hoped, and we are going to have to make some cutbacks. Sorry, bud, but we are going to have to let you go.”

Now, come February 1st, your wife is angry because you didn’t handle your business like you said you were going to, and on the verge of divorcing your behind. And all could have been avoided if you had not procrastinated.

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But procrastination is something we are all guilty of to a certain extent. I know I do it a lot. I don’t like to deal with unpleasant things right away. I don’t want to write that check for my overdue taxes. I don’t want to file now, I will wait until tomorrow. I know the application for that job is due in February, but it’s January 15th–don’t bother me about it right now! Or here’s the classic one: Instead of filing my taxes right now and getting it over with, I wait until the night of Sunday, April 13th before I even think about it. Mind you, I have known for at least the past 35 years or so that April 15th is the deadline.

So all day Monday, I am scrambing to get everything together. I take a sick day off work, get all my W4 forms together, which tell me in detail how much I made this year. I try to do them myself, cramming what could have been done by weeks of careful thought and preparation into less than 30 hours. It’s due by 12:00 midnight on Tuesday. To avoid a penalty, I have to make sure I file. I must ensure that everything is accurate.

But the next day, something unexpected happens. I am walking around with my backpack on my back. It is around 7 at night. I look for my tax paperwork. It’s all gone–disappeared like magic. Suddenly my heart is beating fast. I must file an extension, for my W4s are all gone, and everything else.

Just think, had I filed in February or early March, I would not have had to worry about all the complications that set in.

I’m talking to myself too when I say this. Procrastination is NOT the way to do things. Why does it not work? First, because if you wait until the last minute to do something, you run the risk of complications setting in to keep you from getting it done at all. An example from college. You wait until the night before to do your term paper. You knew all semester that it was due, no excuses. Well, sure enough, you wait til the last minute. That very night, a powerful thunderboomer roars through the town with the ferocity of seven lions. Power is knocked out, and the computer crashes. Gone is all the hard work you had been doing all night. Meanwhile, it’s due the next day. Just as you think to call your professor to tell him your sob story, you discover the phone is out. Again, all of this would have been avoided had you finished weeks ago! You knew you had to have it done.

Second, procrastination is just plain immature and irresponsible. Need I say more. If you are not mature enough to manage your life better than that, what are you doing being married, or the head of a household, are in college, even. You won’t last at a job very long, especially one that is contingent on you being able to handle deadlines. Indeed, we would do well to heed the classic advice from Mom: “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

How Is Life Coaching A Life-Changing Experience?

The majority of people want to change their way of living. It is because they want to live happy for long, but they don’t what to do.

Well, there is no need to worry as life coaching is one of the best methods for experiencing a great life. The coaches are qualified and know what others want.

Some people ask how much do life coaches make to ensure that if they are cheapest or not. It is not good to know about their earnings as the task done by them is awesome.

In this guide, we have covered all the aspects related to know about the reasons to go for them to get most of your life.

Let us discuss them below

  • Accessible

There is no need to worry as you can go for finding them online. It is best to find the reputed one to make sure that you get the best services.

  • Right knowledge

Self-determination is one of the most significant factors to live a great life. The life coaches have the right information and methods to change their way of living. It is essential for everyone to increase self-confidence.

  • Aspire to become successful

They will give you the motivation to have success in life. There is no need to ask how much do life coaches make to ensure that you don’t go for choosing the wrong one. You will also learn how to choose the right career.

To conclude, in my opinion, these all are the essential reasons to go for life coaches. It is most beneficial to book a consultation in advance. Always try to get most from them for experiencing the life at its fullest.

Joining Your Condo Condominium Association Board of Directors

In 1987 I bought a condo. After friends congratulated me on my purchase they warned, “Don’t ever agree to be on the condo board.”

You can visit Newton MRT Station to see the tips and recommendations that you should consider before you become a member of your condo association board. This can be a big responsibility for you so you should make yourself prepared for this.

The board of directors of a condominium association is responsible for making sure that the maintenance required to maintain the property is done, and deciding how the fees collected from the residents are spent.

The reasons I was given not to join the board included:

  • People will knock on your door in the middle of the night when something is wrong, even though they should call the emergency number provided.
  • Other residents will treat you like staff, even though you’re a volunteer.
  • No matter what the fees are people will complain that they are too high because the board is not managing the money properly.

I took that advice until the retaining wall crisis. We have a large retaining wall on our property, which we always knew had a life expectancy, and would need to be rebuilt. When the time came the soil beneath it started to fall as soon as the old wall came down. The street was deep in mud. The engineer, our management association and the company rebuilding the wall all began pointing fingers at each other; no one accepted blame for not predicting this was a possibility. A project budgeted at $100,000 would now cost $300,000 to complete.

The residents all complained and pointed fingers at our mostly inactive board members. At this point I decided that there was no point in complaining, I could make a difference only by working from the inside. So despite all the warnings, I joined our board.

For the next six years, I was actively involved in making the decisions that kept our property looking its best. The time commitment wasn’t cumbersome since we employ a management company that contacts vendors, obtains bids, oversees maintenance and is responsible for financial operations. As a firm believer that all knowledge will eventually become useful I learned:

  • Why the cheapest landscaping company bid is not always the best bid to accept.
  • Why a collar is necessary to have around a sewer and other cement related issues.
  • A building can leak from the roof into the middle units.
  • How to evaluate, negotiate with and choose a new management company.
  • Your association can borrow money at a favorable rate even if you don’t have collateral. There is nothing for a bank to claim if a condominium complex defaults, but they will still loan you money.
  • Why maintaining a swimming pool is expensive.

After serving two complete three-year terms on our board I took a couple of years off. Last year I rejoined the board for another three-year term because I discovered I liked to know what is going on from the inside.