Top 3 Camping Tents for 2020

Do you wish to kick-start the New Year calendar with a great camping trip? That’s exciting- and you must have roped in all your buddies or your entire family by now. Have you got your camping tent yet? Well, if you are planning to camp frequently with almost same number of people- it would be better to buy a camping tent rather than rent a one. Much to your convenience, the post below shares a brief on the best camping tents you might invest in this year.

Kelty Salida

You have a sturdy and waterproof tent here which you can carry in all your camping trips. It’s made from a solid polyester combo and carries a rainfly to ensure easy protection from rain. Users have also lauded the netting part of the tent that allows excellent ventilation. In regards to size, you will find the tent in single, two-people as well as four-people models.

Core cabin tent with Straight wall for 6 people

A smart camper will always look for a tent with screen porch to keep the bugs away. One of the best of such tents is Core cabin tent with Straight wall for 6 people. The tent assures convenient ventilation and hence is great for your summer camping holidays. The tent also carries rainfly which means you will always have protection if there is heavy shower outside.

Coleman Sundome

If you are looking for a good tent within budget, look no further than Sundome from Coleman. The tent is a breeze to assemble and disassemble and is suitable for rainy weathers as well. It comes with sealed seams, rainfly as well as welded tub-floor that keeps you safe inside if there is heavy downpour outside. Just one thing, you can’t use it for snow camping. So, if you have no plans for winter camping, you might give Sundome a try.

Read before Buying: Dirt Devil Vibe Carpet Extractor Review

The Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor is a superior product for the money. It is reasonably priced. I got it on sale for $99.00. It works like a charm and produce results similar to a quality carpet steam cleaner. We have two large dogs that on a rare occasion might have an accident on the carpeting. One example of this stands out in my mind. We had just gotten our new living room carpet installed. Not soon after that, Meadow, my sweet Newfoundland dog had urinated on the new carpet. Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor to the rescue. Between the smell of the new carpeting and the smell of the dog urine, it made for a very unpleasant odor.

I had purchased the Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor about one week before we got our new carpet installed in the event that one of the dogs might have an accident. If this were to happen we did not want the urine to permeate the carpeting and the pad before we could remove it. If you let it sit for a while, you’ll never get the smell out as it goes straight through to the pad. Luckily, we had the Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor on hand as soon as the urine accident happened.

I filled the soap tank of the Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor with hot water and soap and began to use it on the spot. The Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor sucked up the urine very well. It is very powerful and it does a great job of sucking up the water. It has a very large one gallon tank for holding the soap and water.

The Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor has 12 amps and the powerful suction removes dirt and stains every effectively. I also use the Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor on my basement floor. I am not sure if the Dirt Devil is indicated for cleaning hard surfaced floors, but it does a great job cleaning the floor. On one occasion the washing machine leaked all over the laundry room floor. Even though there is a drain in the laundry room, there still was lots of water on the floor. It would have gone down eventually, but I wanted to clean it up as soon as possible. I got out my Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor and it sucked up all the water in much less time than it would have taken it to drain on it’s own.

The Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor has five rows of brushes and a 12 inch cleaning path. The cord is 25 feet long. The Dirt Devil is easy to handle and easy to push. It is not self-propelled, but it’s not difficult to maneuver. The only time it gets a little heavy is when either the holding tank or the collection tank is filled with water. This product is easy clean and empty the water. Also, the Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor is not as loud as other carpet cleaning machines that I’ve used. This is especially important, as one of my dogs doesn’t take to kindly to vacuum cleaner noise and surprisingly, my big lovable St. Bernard doesn’t even bat one of his sweet eyelashes when I turn it on. Now that’s a good machine!

I highly recommend the Dirt Devil Carpet Extractor for anyone who wants to effectively and easily clean their carpets.

West Bend Cooker- Handle With Care

‘There is no place like home’ ‘Home sweet home’ are phrases that everyone must be hearing since their childhood.  But what are the factors that make up the place that is termed as home.

Everyone desires to have his/her own home and they take pride in doing so as the house is the outcome of their hardwork and success. Just as the outside of the house attracts the attention of others like the size, shape, color etc. the same goes true for the insides.

Home appliances are also a significant part in calling our house as home because they make up a core part of our drawing room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom  as without any of these the house would be empty and hollow.

In kitchen appliances, we have spoons, knives, forks, cookers, cutlery, crockery and so on. The cooker is used to cook delicious food that the entire family can eat together and which is essential for survival.

There are many different types of cooker available in the market that you have to choose from for your kitchen. The biggest brands are prestige, Hawkins, skyline, Panasonic etc. etc.

Today, our topic of discussion would be the west bend slow cooker and its benefits. While there are plenty of cookers to choose from, when it comes to slow bend cookers, your choice is extremely limited as it consists of two separate pots with one on top of the other in the container.

Tips for using west bend slow cooker:

  • It saves time: It is quite simple to use when it comes to recipes that do not take much time to cook.
  • Affordable: It is extremely cost effective as it proves its worth by even cooking up food left out during previous night
  • Be careful not to use too much oil so that the food is natural and healthy.
  • Be it water or meat it is heated until it thickens up
  • Only those recipes are taken in that take less time to cook so it also saves time.

An ultimate guide to pick the best ring for your engagement!

Engagement is one of the most beautiful and memorable days of one’s life, and the most important part and center of attraction if this day is the engagement ring. The engagement ring is the symbol of love and bond of two people, and it binds them in a lifetime relationship full of love, care, and affection. It is the tart of their life together, which makes it more important for them to choose the ring carefully. It is a tough decision to make as there are various amazing designs out there in the market, but some tips from my sources can help you to pick the most unique and beautiful ring for your engagement.

Some critical factors to consider while purchasing an engagement ring

Follow the 4Cs rule

The 4Cs rule is one of the most useful tips that can help you to find the perfect engagement ring for you. The 4 C stands for; color, carat, clarity, and cut. There are various grades given to the diamonds on the basis of their color, and the diamond with the most fade color is considered to be most valuable. You must ensure that the diamond has excellent clarity and has an excellent cut so that it looks more beautiful on the ring.  At last but not least, the carat weight affects the value and price of the diamond. You must consider all the four C’s so that you can make the right decision.

The metal used in the band

An engagement ring not only consists of the diamond but the metal used in them and also holds great value. You must select the right type of metal for the band so that the ring lasts long. White gold and platinum are two of the most popular types of metals used in the band of the rings. So you must check all the factors and then decide on one.

Carrier Optima Wcary10ec 1-Hp Air Conditioner: Review

During summer, here in the Philippines, temperatures soar as high as 101 degrees Fahrenheit. People do everything they can just to stay cool, such as go to air-conditioned malls, drinks lots and lots of cold water, eat halo-halo (a famous Filipino summertime dessert composed of ice, milk, fruits and others), ice cream and so on. One of the hardest things to do is sleep in uncomfortably warm weather, especially for most of us who work at night and sleep during the day. I needed to sleep more in order to be more efficient at work, so I decided to buy an AC. There were lots of choices, such as cabinet types and split-type air conditioners. But ultimately, I came down to just one, which is the Carrier Optima 1-hp WCARY10EC air-conditioning unit. You can buy Carrier Optima 1-hp WCARY10EC air-conditioning unit from แอร์ 24,000 บีทียู. You can even compare its price from different websites. It is really important that you don’t overpay for something, so it is recommended that you have a look at the link.

The Optima series has 4 horsepower variants: 0.5, 0.75, 0.9 and 1 hp. They all practically have the same white and elegant front panel. The 0.50-hp, however, is a bit smaller compared to its more powerful counterparts. When it comes to cooling power, of course, the higher the horsepower is, the higher the cooling capacity of the unit will be. And the higher the horsepower is, the more energy you need.

The Optima 1-hp is a window-type unit. So if you want to install it in your room, you’d need to create an opening on your wall to support the unit. Don’t worry though. The unit isn’t that huge and heavy compared to the huge ACs.

When it comes to functionality, the unit has a thermostat where you can control how cool you want the unit to run on. There’s also a switch that allows you to choose between low and high fan speed. And, finally, there’s a timer where you can set the unit on for up to 12 hours. Those are pretty basic for an AC, and they’re all analog dials. Well, for a couple of extra bucks, it would have been more convenient if it’s digital and remote-controlled. It’s hard to get up and check/change the thermostat and the timer.

Now, one thing that you’ll notice is that it has a top-side ventilation system. It’s not the sway type where you can set the air direction. It’s just spread out from the top. The good thing about this is that the cool air spreads out in the room much quicker and more evenly compared to sway types.

Let’s talk about the price. The unit is only around $325, which is quite cheap but still near the normal price range of a small window type air-conditioning unit. I never had a problem with its cooling power even during summer at noon. Its power consumption is reasonable and much lower compared to other the air-conditioning units of the same horsepower that we’ve had.

If you’re looking for a basic air-conditioning unit with no advanced and confusing features, cheap, energy-efficient, and with excellent cooling capacity, the Carrier Optima WCARY10EC 1-hp is a good choice. If you want a feature-rich AC with remote control, there are lots of other choices out there. However, they are certainly and considerably much more expensive.

Saving Money With Grocery Coupons

I haven’t always used coupons at the grocery store. I tried to get started a few times and found it wasn’t worth my effort to spend time cutting and organizing coupons, only to get to the store without them or finding I couldn’t use any of them. But last summer I decided that I was going to try one more time. This time I armed myself with more information. I searched the Internet and found

This was a very helpful website for me. It took me some time to read the ebooks and figure out what I was doing. But now that I know, I can get online, check the site, find the deals I want to take advantage of that week, and have a list of stores and items to buy ready in minutes each week. One disadvantage for me is that this website only lists one of the three main grocery stores in my area. I get around this by making sure I look closely at the ads for the other two stores and check their sales against the coupon database listed on the site. You can also check out Lowes Coupons 2019 for great printable coupons. You can redeem these coupons on several websites. According to your coupon you get a specific percentage of discount. This is free of cost which makes it a really good option to consider.

I do spend quite a bit of time cutting and organizing coupons each week. But I usually work on this process while I’m watching TV (not all shows require you to watch every minute – and if they do, there is always commercial time). There are opposing opinions out there about which coupons you should clip – only those of products you would normally purchase, or all the coupons. I’ve tried both ways in the past and found that I use more coupons by clipping all of them. I usually have at least two sets of coupons, as I get sets from either my father-in-law and my mother-in-law, neither who uses coupons themselves.

Overall, I save quite a bit of money at the grocery store. I am not always able to use a bunch of coupons. Some weeks I only use a few. But I have been able to take advantage of sales several times and walk away paying a cents on the dollar. It is these times that give me the encouragement to continue with my couponing.

Recently, one grocery store in my area had a sale on many items 10 for $10 and get the 11th item free. I compared the sale items to what coupons I had and was able to purchase 6 packages of Totino’s Pizza Rolls, 2 tubs of I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, 4 cans of Glade Air Freshener, 5 packages of Betty Crocker Cookie Mix, and 5 packages of Chex Mix (A total value of $38.07 including tax) for $3.97 including tax. That means I paid $0.07 per package of Totino’s, $0.10 per tub of butter, $0.47 per can of air freshener, $0.00 per package of cookie mix, and $0.30 per package of Chex Mix.

On another occasion, before I went to the grocery store to buy milk, I checked and found a deal at the store that I would not have noticed on my own. The store was having a sale where you purchased 10 items from the list of available products (sale price $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, or $2.50) and you would get $5.00 off the total. We were able to purchase 6 rolls of cinnamon breakfast rolls, 2 bottles of mustard, 1 package of cookie mix, 1 package of muffin mix, and 1 gallon of milk for $1.99. The regular cost of these items would have been $21.49.

In both of these cases I purchased items that I would normally not buy. If I had not taken the time to clip all the coupons in the Sunday newspaper, I would not have been able to take advantages of these sales.

Also, please realize that these are two extreme cases. I am not able to do this type of shopping every week. Nor am I able to buy everything my family needs when it is on sale. But times like this help the grocery budget cover those things I have to buy at regular price.

Insoles – Why And When Do We Need Them In Our Daily Life

Are you suffering from any diseases like foot ache, arthritis, flat feet, etc causing chronic pain in feet muscles from toes to thighs? Are you looking for a one stop solution to all your feet problems? Well, the wait is over. Insoles are here to as your savior. Insoles are literally the sole solution to your sole problems rather all your feet problems.

What causes feet problems?

  • Plantar Fasciitis: caused by inflammation in the connecting tissues between toes and heels, this leads to chronic morning paint in the feet.
  • Heel Spurs: Any kind of abnormal growth on any part of the body can be termed as a kind of excess calcium deposit.

These illness and painful scenario occurs most often when we choose the wrong sandals stilettos, or slippers, and more as our daily foot wares. Most of the models out there are suffering from one or the other problems as they have to keep wearing high heeled shoes all day long.

What are insoles?

Insoles are the cushioning material put inside our footwear to make it more comfortable, and wearable. They help keep our feet warm, cozy and also help in proper blood circulation in the feet are. Insoles like mindinsole foot inserts also target pressure points in our feet, making us feel comfortable and relaxed upon wearing them.

How would insoles be helpful?

Most often we end up wondering why our feet hurt so much, and any other thing like, what can help me reduce my feet pain. Here are a few problems that insoles can help you with.

  • Provide arch support to our feet,
  • Helps reduce diabetes and cure arthritis
  • It provides ample and comfortable cushioning
  • Reduce muscular pain in feet and legs and joints.
  • It is a great move for flat feet

Thus, insoles are indeed sole solutions for your feet problems.


Companies have utilized various marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and recognition. Targeted at existing potential and existing clients, marketing strategies are done to ultimately increase revenue. One of the most common marketing strategy employed by most companies is through the use of corporate gifts. Handing out corporate gifts to clients, target market, and even own employees, have proven to be effective in increasing brand awareness among a targeted demographic.

There are hundreds of corporate gifts ideas for such purpose, and choosing which ones can be effective and can yield the optimal result can be confusing. Here are some wonderful solutions for corporate gift giving to help increase its results towards the company’s goals.

Consider gift baskets for existing clients

One of the most effective corporate gift to hand to existing clients are gift baskets. They have been a popular choice among companies as it offers a number of gifts carefully selected and compiled in an attractive basket package, making it a practical and effective token of appreciation for the current business your company has with the client. Tailor-fitting the contents of the gift basket will make it more appreciated as it reflects the depth of relationship between you and the client.

Promotional corporate gifts for corporate events and a large audience

It’s not uncommon to hand out corporate door gifts in a corporate event. Gestures like these wills serve more as a promotional strategy towards a targeted audience to increase brand awareness and attract potential clients. Handy and practical items that can be used in the workplace are ideal corporate door gifts. A small logo and slogan printed in each of the promotional door gifts are effective in improving brand recognition for the company.

Personalized gifts for the special and important clients

There’s no denying that there are important clients that contribute greatly towards the business relationship. For individuals like these, generic corporate gifts will not just cut it. Giving out personalized corporate gifts for important clients is an excellent gesture of appreciation and shows how much the company values their relationship with these individuals.

A Lanyard – Serving A Lot Of Different Purposes

Lanyard is a strap-like structure with a big loop in between, which allows the user to wear it around their neck. It has an attachment on the other side of the lanyard where you can attach various things such as ID cards, cameras, Flashdrive, badges, etc. The attachment and clips may vary according to the use of a lanyard. IF you are using your lanyards for holding badges or ID cards, it is better to have a cardholder along with it. It is a plastic case which holds your card or badge. Companies get their lanyards printed and customized to make them look attractive. There are various printing services, but you must avoid hiring cheap lanyard printing services as they don’t offer good quality.

Various common uses of lanyard

Safety strap

Lanyards are also used as a safety strap in industries and factories. Workers and employees work with massive, dangerous machinery, and they are unpredictable. A machine can break down anytime and cause a lot of damage to the workers and business. So, usually, a lanyard is attached to the main switch so that if the worker working on that machine falls or face any problem, the lanyard will automatically get pulled, and the machine will stop working right away. Lanyards are also commonly used in armed forces to carry their weapons so that they don’t fall while moving.

Part of uniform

At some places, lanyards are used as an item to decorate their attire and make it look more attractive. There are various colors, designs, and material available for lanyards. Different organization and authorities use them as an integral part of their uniforms. It used as a strap to carry a key or any other item. Different colors of lanyards are used to differentiate between men and women.