Radiant Skin with Foto Facial

It happens to everyone at some point in their life. One morning you wake up and stumble to the bathroom and gape at the stranger in the mirror. You, but not you. It’s older you. The face with puffy eyes, dull splotchy skin and enlarged pores stares back at you and asks how did this happen? And more importantly, what to do now?

First let’s look at the root of the problem: Sun damage, sun damage and more sun damage. Most sun damage (85% according to one study) is accumulated from incidental exposure. It wasn’t summers you spent baking in the back yard slathered in baby oil, although it certainly didn’t help. Those fine lines feathering out from the corners of your eyes most likely came from driving the car, walking through the office parking lot, pulling weeds from the garden.

As we age, skin becomes duller, age spots make their unwanted appearance and we lose our youthful glow. That is why it is recommended to take some supplements like the top nitric oxide supplements and other vitamins and best testosterone boosters.

Master esthetician Mallory Stahl of Candessa Medical Spa in Bountiful compares skin to a diamond. “When skin has a build up of debris (i.e.: dead skin cells, hyper pigmentation, clogged pores) it looks duller. Cleaned and polished skin reflects light and skin appears younger.” She recommends a series of five to six IPL’s (intense pulsed light) otherwise known as photo facials in conjunction with microdermabrasion treatments. The photo facial uses radio frequency to penetrate the skin and essentially destroys not only those unwanted freckles, but also has the bonus of eradicating pre-cancerous skin cells AND stimulates the fibroblasts in the skin encouraging the growth of new collagen.

Combining photo facials with microdermabrasion to sand off the buildup of dead skin cells stubbornly clinging to your face and suck out the sebum residing inside your pores, you get a cocktail for your face, that leaves you glowing like an angel. The procedure takes about an hour. It feels like a rubber band snapping at your skin. It’s almost enough to make your toes curl but…. this is not your average facial. Results are not immediate but gradual and subtle. For about a week your skin may peel, freckles darken and fall off. A bit of moisturizer and makeup will mask this as your skin heals. It requires patience, but your skin and your mirror will thank you. Once the first series is completed, a yearly touch up is required to maintain the results.

Proper home care is essential. Avoid the sun at all costs as laser treatments leave your skin especially vulnerable. Slather yourself in sunscreen and wear a hat. Even if it’s raining. UV rays penetrate rain clouds and car windows. Stahl warns that sunscreen must have a physical blocker such as titanium dioxide or zinc, to be sure to protect against UVA rays (the ones responsible for all your problems in the first place!)