College Grads: Update Your Information & Be Found Online

The post-grad period is one full of transitions. From moving out of a college apartment, to starting a new job, to realizing your life as a student is over, recent college graduates juggle numerous changes in their lives.

With this being said, it is important for the college graduate to make necessary changes to their resumes and online social media profiles as they make the transition into the real world.

It is critical to let people know about your next step in life. Even if you don’t have a job yet and are simply moving back home, it is still important to update your information to share that you have earned a degree and are job searching. Share your aspirations: explain what you want to do and why it is that you are so passionate about doing it.

Recent graduates should also join alumni groups of their alma¬†mater and any other professional organizations that can help establish connections and boost their job search. These groups can help connect you with people in your desired industry. Even if there aren’t job openings currently available, building relationships with alumni and professionals can be beneficial in the long term.

Hopefully, while in college, you were able to hold part-time jobs and internships related to your future career aspirations. Now, in a time when networking is vital to the job search, nothing can be worse than losing track of the connections you made as an undergrad.

One of the easiest ways to lose a connection is to let your information online become outdated. Even if you don’t personally communicate with your extended network, you can stay connected through social media. For instance, if a mentor from your previous summer’s internship is connected to you via LinkedIn, he or she can see when you make changes to your experience. But this all boils down to the fact that you actually keep your LinkedIn and other sites updated. Getting¬†followers for instagram is not only for fame or something. It can also be used to expand your professional network.

Another thing to look into is how long your university email address will be valid. Some universities remove student emails from their system a few months after graduation, while others give students more time. If you don’t already have an alternate email address, now is the time to sign up for one. Start using your new email address as your primary one. Make changes to your contact information on necessary documents and notify your contacts that you have a new email address.

Lastly, remember that potential employers could be looking for you online. If you are still listed as an undergraduate who works as a server at a restaurant, hiring managers might not see you as a potential employee because you didn’t take the time to update your information–just another reason to be cognizant of your online information and to keep it current.

How often do you find yourself updating your information online?

2020 Presidential Candidates Enter the Digital World

Since the creation of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube , businesses and other groups have taken advantage of promoting their products or ideas through advertisement or the creation of mobile groups. Now the 2012 presidential hopefuls are gearing up to enter the digital world of social media in order to advertise their campaigns. Through social media efforts, they are hoping to reach more people in order to get to the Oval Office .

Newt Gingrich is one such hopeful, making a splash into the race with an official tweet at 9 a.m. Wednesday stating that he is making a bid to run for president. However, the same social media he hopes will gain him favor with the populace can also be used against him. Hours before his official tweet, people are abuzz with their reactions on Twitter. Many people are making statements wondering if he is the best candidate for the job. Some even believe he is too old for the presidency, that he does not have the best experience, and question his sense of lifestyle. He is not the only presidential candidate hoping to garnish attention from the U.S population through the use of social media network; other candidates are using social media for their own gain as well in this 2012 race.

Republican candidate Herman Cain, a self-proclaimed media guru, is amassing quite a following on websites such as Twitter and Youtube. His speeches on Youtube are reaching thousands of views every day, and his official Twitter account is becoming a well-commissioned social media site for his campaign. He has even coined his own social media reference on Twitter with terms like #citizencain.

In April, President Obama’s team announced his bid to re-run for president through a video posted on his website and massive emails sent to his followers. Unlike his 2008 campaign, Obama is now embracing social medial in this second campaign for the Oval Office. He further kicked off his social media campaigning with online video answering questions from Facebook’s home office. Millions of people are following Obama on Twitter and his infiltration into Facebook advertising is helping him create a large fan base in the Facebook world.

Independent Mike Bloomberg is also using the social media train to help assert his name into becoming a wanted presidential candidate. His new official website has links promoting his Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , foursquare, YouTube, and flickr usage and accounts. He is an up-and-coming hopeful trying to build his own social media credentials as the easiest way for him to garnish support for his presidential run against the power of the Democratic and Republican parties.

In the social media world, the presidential candidates are trying to create their own followers on Twitter or advertise on Facebook their ideals and what they stand for. The value of viewership and promotion in social media is definitely taking a new turn in this 2012 presidential race.

The presidential elections of 2020 are going to be a roller coaster ride with the democrats and republicans fighting it out to form the next government. Also, it will be a litmus test for Donald Trump regarding his performance in the first term and social media is going to play the biggest role in providing a positive and negative impact in the form of campaigning. Supporters are searching for platforms on where to buy 20 instagram likes as it is the most popular medium as of today.