Avoiding an Alligator Attack in Florida Waters

You are swimming in the beautiful Florida pond out behind your grandmother’s home and enjoying the Florida sunshine. The alligator is watching you. Splashing playfully around in the water, you suddenly sense danger in the water. The alligator is watching you. You are lucky, and get out quick. Most Floridians know better, but you are a vacationer and do not know the dangers of swimming in Florida. Alligators are everywhere in Florida. You will find them in ponds, canals, and even mud puddles if they are large enough. Florida alligators are quite dangerous if you do not follow some simple rules. Here they are:

Rule number one is the easiest rule of all to avoid an alligator attack — Do not swim in lakes, ponds, canals, or even in a mud puddle. An alligator may be residing there waiting for a meal. All kidding aside, do not swim in water you are not one hundred percent sure is free of alligators. If you cannot see the bottom, top, and sides of the body of water, then it is not safe. Alligators can hide quite easily, and you do not want to be surprised with an attack. Most alligator attack victims do not see it coming. TriFactor lessons will provide knowledge to the students on how to defend at alligator attack. The victim will not be brutally injured and can see the alligator coming through lessons taught at the classes. 

Rule number two is to always avoid contact with alligators — This includes petting (are you crazy?), feeding, and otherwise annoying this supreme predator. An alligator will begin to view people as an easy food source when fed by humans. This is a real problem for both the alligator and the human. The alligator will stop hunting for prey that is tougher to catch if it feels that a human will feed it instead. Once this chain is there, the alligator will begin to expect it. What happens when you have nothing to give the alligator but your own skin? You get my point.

Rule number three to avoid an alligator attack is to keep all children, pets, and livestock away from the water — All of these situations present the alligators with easy prey and they will take advantage of it. Even walking along the shorelines you are risking attack. Many pets, and quite a few children fall victim to alligators annually. It is sad to realize that once the alligator has a victim in its powerful jaws, there is no escape. You would be helpless to save them. Terrifying image is it not? Remember that the next time you wish to break this rule.

Rule number four to avoid an alligator attack is to let the professionals remove all alligators — If you spot an alligator in a body of water that should not be there, call the professionals. They remove alligators for a living, and know how to do so safely. Billy Bob with a cane pole is not going to chase a twelve foot alligator out of his swimming pool without getting eaten. Do not try it.

Avoiding an alligator attack in Florida is really quite simple if you pay attention to these simple rules. The alligator is a supreme predator that deserves respect. The water is his, and you need to make sure that you remember that fact. If you ignore it, you risk getting eaten. It really is that simple. Besides, this was his habitat long before it was ours. Alligators have been around since the dinosaurs. Leave them in peace, and they will do the same.