About Zeroavia – Electric Powered Aircraft Tests In California

ZeroAvia is a popular British and American aircraft developer that deals with hydrogen-electric aircraft. Valery Miftakhov founded the aviation company in 2017. He is currently the CEO and founder of the aviation company. ZeroAvia aviation developer is under the works of development of hydrogen-fueled power technology that aims to meet the standards of conventional engines. These engines have zero emission and low noise. ZeroAvia company has expected to sell their products by 2023. They aim to demonstrate the aircraft’s up to five hundred miles with around twenty seats. The aviation developer claims that by 2026, they plan to fly an aeroplane for over five hundred miles. 

About ZeroAvia 

Zeroavia aims to keep the environment clean as they follow a sustainable and eco-friendly approach while manufacturing aircraft. They feel social responsibility towards climate change and the environment and support these causes.

Zeroavia aviation company has completed several electric-powered aircraft tests in California. They started with Q1 in 2019 to test the initial powertrain program. In 2020 the aviation company made a move from the US to Cranfield, England. They began the installation and testing of ZA250 hydrogen that was an electric powertrain with six seats. Piper Malibu covered a spot in Cranfield in 2020 to culminate in the first flight of hydrogen-electric Malibu. 

The novel zero-emission aircraft has around seventy-five per cent less fuel as well as maintenance costs. This has resulted in reducing the total trip costs by fifty per cent. The company delivers around 300 to 500-mile zero-emission goal with 10–20 seats fixed aircraft to utilize the existing infrastructure and simplify the regulatory issues. The aviation company has a team of experts that have proven success with great determination and experience. They are the top professionals in the aviation and automotive industries. Zeroavia has already formulated a strong ecosystem that is based on technology and business.