Turn Web Site Visitors into Customers with Attention-Grabbing Content

How to Create Attention Grabbing Content – Keys for a Converting Website

As we all know, the internet is fueled by websites that have helpful content. The saying “Content is King”, is a true one, as content can make or break a website and ultimately an internet business. Converting visitors into sales is hard enough, as the average business only converts 1 in 100 visitors. By having rich valuable content on your website, you will build a great deal of credibility and trust with your visitors. Remember, the key to success online is to build a great amount of trust.

Catching the Visitor’s Attention

First off, when you finally get traffic to your website you want to keep their attention long enough, so they will not click the back button and go to a competitor’s website. So how do we achieve catching and maintaining the visitor’s attention? It’s quite simple actually, what you have to do is simply create headlines that get straight to the point. For example, if your website is about the positive effects of drinking green tea, then you will want your headline to read “The Positive Effects of Drinking Green Tea”.

The internet moves very quickly and if the visitor isn’t receiving the information they need right away, they will move on to the next website, who probably does get straight to the point. You can absolutely be creative, however, make sure that it does not interfere with the message your website is trying to get across.

Use of Power-words and Keywords

Using power words and keywords on your website will also help convert website traffic as well. If your site is about making money online, then be sure to include that keyword wherever relevant, including your title and throughout the main bodies of your articles. Not only do keywords get your message across; they also attract targeted search engine traffic to your website as well. Make sure that you use keywords as often as possible, however, be sure not to saturate it. 1%-3% of your words should be keywords, anymore and you might be penalized for “keyword saturation”.

Power words are highly important as well, especially on an e-commerce or EBay site. If you are selling a new lap-top on your website then you will want power words such as “Brand New in Box”, “New”, “Great Bargain!”, and things of that nature. By using power-words, the visitor’s attention switches over to what your site has to offer.

Use Niche Keywords throughout your article

The importance of using keywords throughout the content of your website can not be emphasized enough. First of all, you may be asking yourself what niche keywords are. Niche keywords are keywords that apply to what your website has to offer and whom the website is marketing to. For example, if you start a website that sells inhalers for asthmatics, then niche keywords would be: “cheap asthma inhalers”, “asthma relief medicine”, or “asthmatic medicine”.

You will have to perform keyword research by using the hundreds of keyword tools that exist all around the internet. Be sure to use this in your titles, articles, and meta-tags as well, this way you will get the greatest amount of exposure. The checking of the Lumen5 review will provide the use of best title for the articles. The top ranking in the reviews will be given to the expert and premium articles. A visit to check the review will add effectiveness in the articles. 

By catching the visitor’s attention, using power-words, and using niche keywords throughout your article, you will surely convert the targeted traffic into a great deal of sales. Be sure to be consistent in your efforts, and you will see success quicker than 90% of other internet marketers.

The Key Differences Of Fountain Pen Ink And Calligraphy Ink

The variations concerning ink for fountain pen and ink for calligraphy are very few. However, those few differences are still very necessary to know. That’s why in this article, we will discuss the main differences among fountain pen ink and calligraphy ink. Meanwhile, if you do not care for calligraphy pen and just want to find out about the best fountain pen ink that you can buy this 2019, check out this link below: https://avalonpens.com/best-fountain-pen-inks/.

1. Fountain pen ink

Fountain pen ink consists of a mixture of solvent liquid in addition to a solute, therefore it is in liquid form. This is also called a solution, in which a solute is dissolved in a solvent. Being dissolved properly will make a solution consistent. The components of fountain pen ink are usually diminished to the molecule form and for that reason, it has absolutely zero solid components that can choke up a fountain pen. For this reason, fountain pen ink can be used as a calligraphy pen ink. However, it is thinner than proper calligraphy pen ink, and it can fall from the nib when it touches down on paper.

2. Calligraphy ink

Calligraphy inks are usually pigmented, meaning their shade comes from carefully pulverized solid matter, comparable to paint. Calligraphy pen does not use the same solution technique that is being used to produce fountain pen ink. As a result, using this type of ink for a fountain pen will clog up a fountain pen. A number of inks, such as calligraphy inks from India consist of gum arabic. Gum arabic is a thickening ingredient that will block a fountain pen even more.


You can use fountain pen ink for calligraphy pen, but the results will not be as good. Also, do not use calligraphy ink for fountain pens.

Essay Writing Service: Totally Legit And Effective

One of the biggest questions students and professionals across the globe ask is – is using an essay writing service legit? Well, if you are one of the thousands of students who are asking this question, you are definitely in the right place. This article will give you the necessary reasons why it is legit and good to hire an essay writing service. To be honest, there are several advantages and benefits that one can get from hiring an essay writing service. Hence, to help you out, here are the main reasons why essay-writing services are totally legit.


Writers of essay writing services are mostly professionals with MA or PhD. That said, you can guarantee that the content that they produce are quality and original. Moreover, since you will be able to get quality contents or compositions, you can guarantee that you will get high grades if you are a student.


When it comes to essay writing services, quality is not cheap. Most of these providers offer low rates and affordable prices. Since most of their clients are students, you can guarantee that they offer student friendly rates to all their customers.

Customer Support

The good thing about essay writing services is that they do have 24/7 customer support. So anytime and anywhere, you can always reach them if you have any concerns or issues. As such, you should always go for companies that have 24/7 customer support via phone chat, email etc.


If you look at the websites of these companies, you can see some customer reviews and feedback. Hence, this will serve as your guidance in determining what essay writing service is the best deal for you.

Quality Service

Most importantly, according to Quora, essay-writing services certainly and definitely offer quality service.

What Are The 10 Reasons For Hiring An Essay Writing Services?

Nowadays almost all business houses seek an essay writing service for completing their business essay project.

There can be plenty of reasons why business houses create essay writers. then, let us take a look at how hiring services can benefit you and your business.

Benefits Of Hiring An Essay Writing Services

  • It allows us an efficient time management by concentrating on other focal areas of the business.
  • They can come up with unique and well – researched content that can improve the business credibility and score.
  • Since online written services are made of professionals writers with educational backgrounds and years of writing experience, they are 100% authentic.
  • Not everyone knows how to write professionally. This is why most business hires them to improve their quality of writing as they are properly written.
  • The affordability factor is one of the reasons why most businesses rely on these services you can receive a page of professionally written content in just a few dollars.
  • They help in modifying the already existing content by improving its quality, they revise the content and convert it into one that is more readable and professional.
  • If you are a student who is struggling with education, you can seek the services of an essay writing agency that offers a quality essay.
  • They are completed way before the actual deadline, so the client has adequate time to get the work done.
  • The life of students becomes more enjoyable and they can have more time for friends and other fun activities.
  • You can use them as insights on how to do them in the future as already existing them as one standard.

Online essay writing service has no doubt become a huge respect for most of the students. However, you can receive quality writ ups standards from every company. Therefore make sure you avail these services from well- professionals in the industry. To know more click on this site https://www.reddit.com/r/stressays for various professionals providing these essay writing services.