Childcare Choices

Finding reliable, affordable childcare sometimes feel like a full time job for parents who are already working full time. Luckily there are options, and the internet has made searching for childcare easier. The one that has been considered the best by many is the daycare east gwillimbury based on the reviews.

In The Family

Relatives are often a first choice for parents when it comes to childcare. The love and care from a relative is one of the reasons many families choose the help of a family member. A parent may hire a relative or other person to provide child care either in their home or yours. These arrangements can be lower cost or free. Unlike daycare centers, there are no state requirements for training. Before hiring a relative consider compensation, formal scheduling and taxation issues carefully. Relationships can also be tested, so parents should be upfront about their needs and plan on asking for feedback regularly.

Au Pair = International Exchange + Childcare

Live-in childcare is a best for families who need flexibility and have an extra room to spare. For years, the au pair exchange program was seen as childcare for the wealthy, but as rates for domestic nannies reach $100 per day, and offer little flexibility, parents are turning to a live-in solution. The au pair program is overseen by the United States Department of State, and ensures that the caregivers have been screened, speak English and hold a valid visa to enter the United States to provide childcare. The au pair program is essentially an international exchange program that offers foreign caregivers between 18-26 years of age the chance to work in the United States, live with an American family and share their culture. The program works best when families are open to learning about new cultures.

Many parents choose the au pair option to teach children or reinforce a second language in the home. Sweden, Germany, Brazil, China and Russia are popular countries for au pairs to apply to the program. Many families report that they keep in touch with their former au pairs even after they return to their home country. There are au pair groups throughout the United States, to find one near you visit

Back-up Babysitter

Not every family needs full time daycare. The internet has made finding a babysitter simple, but also more complicated. Websites like and offer online resources and listings from possible babysitters. Some babysitter websites also offer background checks, pay rate information and helpful tips for interviewing babysitters.

Daycare Decision

Daycare centers can be located online quickly by visiting While daycare is an affordable choice for families, it offers limited flexibility. Some daycare centers offer early drop off and late pick up times, but extra time means extra expense.

When selecting childcare families must consider the needs of their children first. Some careers require childcare that can change from month to month – like nurses, police officers and those in the military. For these careers, live in childcare is often the best solution. Daycare is often a suitable solution for families that have a set schedule that rarely changes. Parents should consider their options carefully, and give themselves plenty of time to tour facilities, interview caregivers and review applications.

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