Dating: Men and Bi-Racial Women

The whole dating scene is an interesting atmosphere. The rules, the games. And the surprising thing for me is that even as you get older, it doesn’t change much. Oh, the rules may differ, like the “how soon do I call him” rule, but it’s all still a game. Add in the bi-racial card and it’s even more complex. Let me explain.

After being married for 22 years, re-entering the dating scene was not something I was looking forward to. Eventually though, you give in if for no other reason than simple boredom. But I was in no way prepared for what I was about to experience.

Nothing could have really prepared me for this as I was completely oblivious as to what I was about to witness, something beyond my wildest dreams. I wasn’t even sure as to where this meeting would lead me in the future but I just took the plunge after consulting the okcupid dating app and dived into a whirlwind of what I am about to mention right now.

Being bi-racial, I leave my options open when it comes to men. I do have a particular preference, but at my age, you look past all the artificial stuff and try to get at the meat of a man. My life’s motto is whatsoever a man thinketh in his heart, that he is. This is scripture, and it is so true. Not just with men, but with mankind. What a person thinks and ponders in their heart, that’s who they truly are. And no matter how long you try to pretend to be someone or something else, eventually, the real you will surface. With that in mind, I don’t judge a book by its cover. Too many books take great pictures and create these incredible book jackets while hosting a terribly written story with a disappointing ending on the inside.

There are black men who only date white women. There are black men who only date black women. There are white men who only date white women. And, there are white men who only date black women. Now, you probably got bored reading the preceding lines, but you needed that information to answer this question for me: which of these men is willing to date me? Remember, my father is white, my mother is black. I myself am almost transparent. I swear I get lighter the older I get. I have dirty blonde hair, green eyes, a small nose and somewhat full lips. Who do you think would be attracted to me? Let’s take a look. Now stay with me, it might get a little tricky here.

Black men who only date white women. You’d think I’d be in like Flynn. No. Nada. Not even close. Now, I could play the role and never let them know I’m bi-racial, but that’s not my style. These men want a true white woman. Even though I look white, the fact that I am part black is a huge turn off for them, and so, I’m kicked to curb. Next.

Black men who only date black women. I bet I don’t even have to answer this one for you. Got it figured out? Yep. I look too white. Okay, moving on.

White men who only date white women. You’re getting good at this. You guessed it, the whole black thing got ’em running!

White men who only date black women. I look too white. That was not a typo. Go figure.

Now, I can’t say I’ve ever really tried any other nationalities, but at this point, I was ready to throw in the towel. Talk about identity crisis. I wasn’t really hurt by all of this; I guess I just found it all really interesting, and somewhat funny.

How did my dating story end? With a gentleman who liked the green eyes, the light skin, and the 3-inch heels I wore. To each his own.

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