Do I Need a Social Media Content Calendar?

We have talked with many small businesses and marketers who think a social media content calendar is unnecessary. Some would go so far as to say a content calendar for social media is a waste of time. After all, they say, social media is about the conversation on the spur of the moment and as you Buy Real Instagram Video Views you get a significant benefit as well. To a point, we agree with the sentiment. Yet a social media content calendar has several valuable benefits.

Opponents of content calendars for social media have argued that if something can be planned it is not appropriate social media marketing is about lively interaction. They have also argued that trending topics of social media content change too often and too much, making content calendars a struggle to update and maintain.

Although these objections might make sense for some, we have found that a content calendar for social media interaction is a valuable tool.

  • Using a dynamic format for a content calendar enables you to make changes instantly as necessary. As marketers, you want to engage in lively conversation with followers, yet you also want the conversations to have relevance and value both for you and for your followers.
  • It is possible to plan for interaction on trending topics by including them in the calendar. By tracking and analyzing interactions, it is possible to determine when these conversations are most likely to occur and schedule time and space in the calendar to engage and respond. Further, because you actively monitor conversations, you can jump into them at a propitious moment in addition to the posts you have scheduled. Again, the calendar is dynamic and allows changes as opportunities arise.
  • A content calendar facilitates the coordination of social media sharing with other marketing activities. For example, it plans posts promoting new blog posts or new articles published on your website. By planning ahead, you can ensure interesting posts for our followers.
  • A content calendar helps you maintain the integrity of your brand image and value. It allows the time to ensure continuity in your messaging.
  • A content calendar helps you stay “on the topic” and ensures that your message is consistent and cumulatively valuable.
  • A content calendar enables everyone in your organization to participate meaningfully in your conversations with customers and prospects. A theme of the day, for example, facilitates multiple points of view on a topic from a number of people in your organization.
  • A content calendar facilitates the movement of prospects through your path to purchase.
  • A calendar ensures the implementation of your customer loyalty program on social media.
  • A calendar ensures some desirable variety in posts each day.

There are certainly other benefits of social media content calendars. These are some of the benefits we derive from the use of a calendar. What other benefits do you see? Please tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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