Essential Guide in Organizing your House without Spending Big

Okay, so if you are like me your house looks pretty clean and organized, unless someone opens up a closet door and then they may end up sueing you when something falls on them and knocks them out.

So below are some creative and cheap ways I am getting organized this year in addressing everyone’s most difficult places to keep organized. You might want to buy affordable vacuum cleaner that have passed the staubsauger test as well.


  1. Use shoe boxes to put your shoes in and keep them stacked with product description facing out. Easy to access and you know what is in the box at a glance. Are you like me and have no idea where those boxes are? They sell clear shoe boxes and a pack of white labels for a dollar at the dollar tree. Grab a bunch and then you can see the shoes inside and keep your shoes in top shape and organized!
  2. Only keep no more than 25 outfits already paired together for quick access. No one needs more outfits than that, besides if you have more than that there is more than likely quite a few which are out of style. This will end up meaning less time for you in the mornings because you don’t have to decide to wear what with what.
  3. Keep suitcases filled with travel samples of shampoo, razors, etc. in a double ziplock bag (save the ones from your last hotel to keep it cheap) so that you can just grab and go and not worry about packing anything other than outfits.
  4. Put dryer sheets in an unseen place in your closet to keep that closet funk from creeping in there.


  1. Use clear small baskets to hold your smaller items like oatmeal packages.
  2. The key to keeping pantry organization easy for everybody who can read is putting everything in alphabetical order. Like putting your cereal labels A-Z.
  3. If you have kids and thats been your snag for staying organized try having a special basket that holds all of their snacks. This way they don’t rummage through everything looking for their fruit snacks and in turn wrecking your organization system that you spent so much time on!

The Catch All Area

Everyone has it. It’s the area that in your house somehow always gets piled up. The solution to keeping the piling down on that is that every night before you go to bed clear off that one place. Because lets face it ,we are creatures of habit and we like to just throw down our stuff when we enter the door. We aren’t all of a sudden going to neatly put everything away when we first get home when to be honest you’ve usually have one person in your party that just drops the stuff they brought in and is making a dash for the bathroom. So instead of beating a dead horse saying you’ll change similar habits, instead just make a pact with yourself to clean that catch all area away every night.

Hope this was practical, cheap, and has given you some hope that this year will be the one where you get organized and stick with it.

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