Fast poke map Down Niantic Captcha

Ever since the removal of the three-step tracker, Pokemon Go trainers have been scrambling to find a suitable alternative to their Pokemon go accounts. While the new Pokemon tracking system is still in beta testing, many trainers have resorted to third-party tools. Websites like FastPokeMap have been extremely popular, helping trainers track down Pokemon. Niantic put a stop to that today, by activating the anti-cheat CAPTCHA system and shutting FastPokeMap down.

With the latest security measures effectively putting FastPokeMap down, the service joins another shutdown services like Pokevision and Poketracker. The next step in Niantic’s CAPTCHA system could also shut down Pokemon Go bots as well, although that remains to be seen.

FastPokeMap Down – Creator calls for Boycott

The creator of FastPokeMap isn’t taking this lying down, however. Recently calling for a boycott of Pokemon Go, it looks as though there’s not much chance of the Pokemon Go tracker making a return.

I’m so bummed, this will be tough to bypass. I sure hope Niantic has a real tracker planned because otherwise, I ask you to boycott. — FastPokeMap Official (@FastPokeMapCom) October 5, 2016

Could this be a sign that finally, Pokemon Go features like trading or PvP battles are around the corner? The last time Niantic cracked down on cheaters, trainers didn’t have to wait long before enjoying the Buddy system update.

Along with other security measures taken by Niantic, such as shutting down rooted phone access the game could finally be taking the right steps towards a fair and balanced playing field. What do you think about Niantic’s CAPTCHA system putting FastPokeMap down? Do you agree with the move? What other tracking services are you using if any? Don’t forget to check out our guide to using the Sightings tab to find and catch Pokemon.

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