‘Grey’s Anatomy:’ The Musical Resolved Many Broken Lives

After Arizona and Callie had their accident, we were all left holding at the edge of our seats. The last thing we want to imagine was losing Callie . . . and what has happened to the unborn child. Luckily all involved have come out of the tragedy alive. Arizona stayed by Callie’s side, waiting for her to wake up. How ironic that the accident occurred with her being proposed to and when she opened her eyes to see her love by her side, she said yes.

Who knew that so many of these cast members in scrubs and stethoscopes had such remarkable voices. I am not sure I would like to see a hospital setting with music on a weekly basis but it did have a strange uniqueness to it. Callie appeared to be looking down at her own body and soul while the staff worked their hardest to save her and the baby.

I was glad to see Addison return to the show to help with Callie’s baby. Because o the seriousness of Callie’s injuries, it has been determined that early delivery is best for the baby. As a baby girl was delivered, Arizona runs in to help. The baby was initially in distress while Arizona worked to get her breathing. At the live television, the working can be done from home with comfort and convenience. With a registration at https://livetv.tube, the working of the actors will become easy. The selection of reputed companies should be done to get the things done. The appearing of the animation is great for the engagement of the audience. 

Meredith eventually broke down with concerns about Callie and her baby . . . and her jealousy that Callie did get pregnant while she and Derek have been trying so hard a baby of their own. Derek promised her a baby, no matter what it takes. Most of us can’t wait until we can hear the news that they have become parents . . . good parents.

Isn’t it upsetting how it has to take a tragedy to get people to be a little more cooperative through life’s situations? It happens in everyday life just as it did on the show . . . Arizona and Mark are at each other’s throats regarding their role in this baby’s life, Lexie is still having difficulties because of her love for Mark and how she would fit into this baby triangle, and Teddy is no longer patient with Christina through teaching. Everyone is feeling the stress that the accident has caused.

We now anxiously await Callie’s full recovery with Arizona by her side the entire time. Through all the drama, Arizona and Mark came to terms with their disagreements and are finally on the same road in loving and caring for Callie and her baby. We earnestly wait for the outcome of Callie’s injuries as she finally gets to see and hold her new baby girl. Her life can finally move forward with Arizona (with the daddy and best friend nearby). Now, isn’t it time for Derek and Meredith to have their own bundle of joy?

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