Heming Your Pants With Or Without A Sewing Machine Has Never Been This Easy

For the best fitting and stylish looking pants, it is important for them to be hemmed properly as it provides the garment a finishing touch and makes the wearer look more professional and sophisticated. The hemming process is very easy and can be done very conveniently at home regardless of if you own a sewing machine or do it by hand.

Easy steps to hem your pant at home

  • Before starting to hem your pants, you need to make sure you have all the tools required in sewing.
  • To properly hem your pants and shorten them to just the right length, measure the inseam of the pants.
  • After measuring it, start removing the original seam slowly with seam ripper or scissors and let it hang loose. You can also use iron and flatten it for the best results.
  • After turning the same pants inside out, measure the correct inseam length while allowing the seam allowance of one inch.
  • Trim the pats by using a ruler or a rotatory cutter and remove the excess fabric.
  • Then you need to measure the hem and set the sewing gauge to half the length you need to trim and fold the hem or the pants’ edge to the same length on both the pant legs.
  • After all this complicated process is done, all that’s left to do is to get your sewing tools or sewing machine out and slowly hem the pants leg and repeat it with the other pant leg.

Although hemming your pants is very easy, you need to ensure you have all the right sewing materials and tools and if you are planning on hemming a hard material like leather, you can search ‘best sewing machine to sew leather’ on internet for efficient results.

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