House Siding In A Green Way

The appearance of the house is as important as of the people inside. House Siding is an innovative way to give new look to your house without re-building it. Materials like wood, vinyl, fibre cement are put on the exterior of walls for decoration, weatherproofing and warmth purposes.  Vinyl; a plastic exterior siding might be popular in most residential homes but it’s a mere imitation of wooden clapboard and is not environment-friendly. However, siding with natural material gives a more aesthetic look to the house.

Green alternatives for house siding

Fiber cement

It is often claimed as a green alternative for Vinyl which is made from sand, wood pulp and wood.In the process of manufacturing it emits less dioxins and no dangerous fumes releases.james hardie siding installation is one of the trusted fiber cement providers.Their online installation manual includes instructions, warning and detailed description of the product.

Adobe and earth products

Adobe is mixture of water earth, and straw. When they are completely made then are exposed to sun so they get dry and become hard, which clearly tells that there is no manufacturing of adobe. In all of multiple siding choices. This one is known to be the best eco-friendly siding and the safest material for environment which can easily be used for homes. A classic adobe home looks like the architecture of modern suburbs and is the most sustainable and greenhouse.

The above-mentioned alternatives are not perfect substitutes for low-cost vinyl and wood.They have their own drawbacks. One of the potent dangers of fiber cement is that they release crystalline silica dust when cutting with a saw, and cause respiratory diseases.Adobe and earth products are locale to a region, thus transportation to long distances incur huge expenditure. Nonetheless, green alternatives are more sustainable and durable than artificial materials.

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