How to Keep Social Networking Safe and Fun

Social networking can be an enjoyable experience, if a few simple rules of thumb are administered. I’ve discovered these experiences on my own. Below are a few tips I’d like to share.

Know Which Friends Should Influence You

We’re social creatures by nature. We all want to follow the leads of our friends. Part of one’s wisdom involves knowing whom to take advice from and listen to, and whom to be careful with. Discernment is always an asset, especially online or off. It is wise to keep level-headed friends in your social network activities. They’ll be around to steer you back gently towards healthy reasoning and help keep you out of trouble. With the availability of instagram private profile viewer, the entertainment and fun of the person will be doubled. The connection between the friends and relative will be excellent at the social networking site. The use of the social networking site will be done in the best way to develop more followers. 

Remember, When online, People Can’t Hear the Tonality of Your Voice

It’s very hard to decipher at times what online friends are actually thinking behind their written words. Second-guessing is no fun. When writing, try to use words in such a way to help your online friends better understand you. High caps is a definite no-no if you want to bring across the idea that you’re relaxed and calm, as it indicates a person trying to angrily get their point across. If in doubt as to what your friend means, ask them. No one likes to receive cryptic messages.

Know Your Tracks

Though social networking can prove to be advantageous, we really never know who’s there. For those of us that take privacy seriously, we need to take into consideration what to write as opposed to not what to write. Sadly, the reality exists where many people take advantage of social networking as they see this an opportunity to harvest information for their own ill motives. Don’t allow yourself to be bait.

Avoid Drama and Don’t Create It

Many people turn to social networking for a reason: to interact with other like-minded people and to temporarily escape the stress they live in their off-line realities. No one wants to become implicated into another person’s dark moods. On the other hand, don’t think that you can just vent online without consequences. If anything, that’s been proven to bring more trouble into your off-line life.

Be Kind and Friendly

We don’t know who’s behind the screen, and it would be a grave error to presume. It could be someone who’s had a rough day at the office; someone who’s seeking to build their self-esteem; or more importantly someone who’s trying to overcome personal handicaps, whether psychological or physical. Bottom line, every one has a different reason for wanting to socially interact. Besides, being kind and friendly may very well earn you off-line friends with lasting relationships.

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