How to Measure Click Speed Test?

Many people opt for trying the CPS test, but some don’t know how to measure it due to which they face troubles in dealing with that situation. It is a must for all the people who want to get involved in various interviews related to computers or any other typing related job to learn how to measure the clicking speed. To measure the speed, you must consider a click speed test, which will help you to know about your actual clicking speed and also allow you to improve it if any bad result occurs. 

Steps to Measure the Speed 

  • Firstly you must start the game and then hit the click button as many times as you can through the keyboard or mouse.
  • Then you have to multiple the score that you have earned from 6 to get the actual result. 
  • After that, you will get a number of total clicks that you have scored in 1 minute and help you see your clicking capacity.
  • If you want to know the number of your clicks per second, you have to divide the multiplied score by 10 to know your actual clicking speed per second. 
  • Finally, it will help you know your actual clicking speed per minute and per second, so be attentive to your clicking speed, and if there is any lack in your ability, you must opt for improving it.

Wrap It Up 

Once you succeed in dealing with the various steps mentioned above, you can easily move close to your best clicking speed. The above steps will help you learn about the click speed test, which will help you learn about your best sped of clicking. It will also help you to get motivated to opt for this test as it will help you to improve your licking speed.

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