How Will You Identify The Male And Female Electric Yellow Cichlids?

Maintain the ratio

The Electric Yellow Cichlids are a brilliant choice for the freshwater aquarium. They are active and also respond to social groups. But it is best to keep them in a ratio of one male for two females. That helps in the process of breeding also. But how can you recognize the male and the female ones. Well, there are some changes in their looks and color at the time of maturation. That helps in identifying the sex of these fishes.

Noticeable difference in male and female Cichlids

The difference between male and female electric yellow Cichlids is not much. But some factors can help you to find out the gender of the ones. Let us have a look at it.

  • The male ones are bigger. The average size of them is up to four to five inches. But the female ones go up to a maximum of two to three inches. These are the length of the full-grown ones.
  • The color of these fishes also changes at the time of breeding. The male ones have a golden color while the females have yellow. You will also find vertical black stripes on the male ones. The females do not have them.
  • The anal fins of the male cichlid turn black when it’s matured. But you will find yellowfins in the females. The males will also have a black color in the stomach region.

The best fish tank for them

The yellow lab cichlid tank mates can help in their lifestyle. The Mbuna Fish, the Yellowtail Acei Cichlid, and blue dolphin Cichlids are the best companions. Keeping a massive aquarium that consists of up to 30 to 50 gallons of water is also better for them. People like to have many hiding spots and caves in such tanks. That makes it look beautiful and is also safe for the smaller fishes.

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