Looking for Bluetooth Earbuds? Here are what you should Consider

If you are planning to buy a pair of earbuds, here are some of the important factors that you should consider:


One of the biggest factors that you need to consider when buying bluetooth earbuds is the cost. Certainly, there are several brands and models in the market. This will give you wide options to choose the one that has a competitive and reasonable price and at the same time, the quality is reliable. But generally, good wireless earbuds don’t come at bargain basement prices. So it is important to be prepared to pay enough to get something decent or find the best bluetooth earbuds under 50


Aside from the cost, you should also be able to consider the codecs when choosing the right bluetooth earbuds for you. The most basic models usually work with SBC. SBC is a codec that doesn’t support higher resolution music. SBC also usually sounds a bit flat . But as recommended by experts, if you are an Android user, it is better to choose Hi-Res aptX HD. But if you are an apple user, AAC is the best deal for you.

Ear Tips

The most important part of a pair of earbuds is its ear-tips. So when choosing a pair, it is also important to check ear-tips. It is advisable to ensure that the ear-tips of the earbuds you are considering come in a range of sized and that they can fit your ears properly. You certainly don’t want to use earbuds that are not fitted to your ears.

Battery Life

You should also be able to check the battery life of the earbuds you are buying. Ideally, go for earbuds that can perform 12-15 hours. This will give you more time to use your earbuds. 

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