Make Youtube Kid Safe With Kideoplayer

I was watching a video of cute little puppies with my toddler when it happened – a scary clown face suddenly flashed on my monitor and scared my daughter. My toddler loves to watch videos on the computer with me, but keeping YouTube kid safe was a challenge until I found KideoPlayer.

What is KideoPlayer Player?

KideoPlayer was created by Tom, the father of two boys, who was looking for a way to allow his young children to safely view YouTube videos.

Tom continuously scans YouTube looking for fun and educational videos. These videos are then presented in the child safe KideoPlayer.

When a child wants to move to the next video, they simply press the spacebar. A new YouTube video clip will immediately begin playing on KideoPlayer for your child’s viewing enjoyment. If your child doesn’t press the spacebar, a new YouTube video will play after the current clip is done.

What YouTube Videos Are on KideoPlayer?

I spent some time punching my spacebar to see what types of videos appeared in the KideoPlayer. Among the many videos I found Veggie Tales, Charlie Brown, Sesame Street, a Jack and the Beanstalk animated story, Caillou, and other educational videos. These are all appropriate videos for young children.

What Did My Two Year Old Think of KideoPlayer?

My daughter was able to easily use KideoPlayer. The spacebar is big enough that she can identify what key to push to see a new video. If she neglects to push the spacebar, a new video comes up anyway.

She loved the Puppy Town video that played. We especially loved that there was no scary clown face popping in to ruin the fun!

The only downside to KideoPlayer is there is no way to re-view a clip. My daughter asked to, “watch the puppies again” but we had to go on to the next clip. However, I feel that is a small price to pay for child safe YouTube viewing.

What Did Mom Think of KideoPlayer?

KideoPlayer works great to entertain my toddler. The YouTube videos are short enough to keep her attention and educational enough that I don’t feel guilty about parking her in front of the monitor for a little while.

Sometimes I need to distract her while I’m cooking something on the stove. She loves to sit at the computer like Mommy and Daddy. This gives her something age appropriate to do on the computer and feel like a “big girl”.

On KideoPlayer, there is nothing but the KideoPlayer and a small link to the website hosting it (Poke). So, I don’t have to worry about my two year old accidentally buying a DeLorean on Ebay.

KideoPlayer gets a huge pat on the back from me. I remember playing on my father’s Commodore 64 when I was a child. I’m glad to find a way to share my computer with my daughter and build some more happy memories. For making your youtube much safer for kids you should download these different tools, moreover, you can get loads of real youtube subscribers by clicking here. You get active and live subscribers making your content on youtube more popular.

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