Marijuana Growing Problems And Solutions

There are many Marijuana Growing Problems facing the cultivation of marijuana these include nutrient problems, heat and light stress, underwatering, overwatering, nitrogen toxicity, and pH problems. Due to different geographical areas, it is not easy to generalize these problems. However, some of these problems facing marijuana cultivation are somehow related in many areas. Considering all this, there are people that look online for cbd oil for sale near me, in order to avoid all this hassle with growing marijuana.

What are the most common nutrient deficiency problems?

Nutrient deficiency problems are problems associated with the lack of enough nutrients in the soil. They cause a myriad of problems to the plant. However, they are reversible. Some of the nutrients deficiency include:

  1. Nitrogen deficiency

It will cause lower leaves on your plant to turn yellowish and may eventually die. It is normal for your plant’s leaves to start turning yellow at the end of the flowering cycle. However, if you notice that it is turning yellow at the vegetative stage, then your plant might be experiencing nitrogen deficiency. In order to cure this condition use soda or organic fertilizer as they are rich in nitrogen nutrients.

  1. Magnesium deficiency

It is characterized by the plant’s leaves become yellow and feeling crispy as you touch them. This yellow coloring or light green may affect the leaves’ veins. It can be cured by maintaining proper PH. You can do so by flushing the plant with PH’ed water which contains nutrients.

  1. Iron deficiency

Iron deficiency is one of the more common nutrient deficiencies in most plants not only marijuana. It is usually characterized by yellowing in leaves while the veins tend to remain green. It is almost similar to magnesium deficiency however, it affects only the younger leaves. Its solution is the same as that of magnesium deficiency. Simply check your plant’s PH, ensure that it is kept below 6.5. You should also flush the plant with PH’ed water which contains nutrients.

What Are Some Of The Other Marijuana Growing Problems?

Heat and light stress

This is another very common Marijuana Growing Problems. A typical cannabis plant can withstand a certain amount of heat and light. If it exceeds the optimum the plant can withstand, then, your plant will start showing signs of stress especially near the light source and/or heat source. The most common sign is that of, yellowing of leaves as well as brownish spots appearing on their leaves. The leaves will also appear burnt in places with too much light. When the heat level gets too high, then the leaves will begin curling up. You can cure this condition by reducing the temperature in the grow room and increase air circulation to reduce heat problems. Alternatively, you can have small fans blowing over your plants to maintain cool temperatures.

Nitrogen toxicity

The marijuana plants suffering from nitrogen toxicity always appear talon-like. They also have a weird curving that you can easily confuse with overwatering. If this condition is left untreated the leaves will continue being more and more clawed. Eventually, they turn brown and fall off. You can cure this condition by reducing the amount of nitrogen being supplied to your plant by reducing the nutrients that you are feeding to your plant.

Overwatering and under watering

The leaves will start drooping if they over or underwater. Overwatering the plant will cause air poisoning. This means that your plant will lack oxygen due to suffocation or call it drowning due to lack of a better word. You can easily cure this condition by ensuring optimum supply of water to your plant. If the water is too much consider draining some of it.

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