Samsonite the Classic Name in Luggage

Most of us were raised with Samonsite the classic name in luggage being a part of our family vacations and pilgrimages to college. Though there are many luggage brands that have come and gone, there has been one of many, and that is Samonsite the classic name in luggage has maintained the test of time.

Whether you travel frequently or must make that once or twice family pilgrimage for summer vacations and going home for the holidays. Either way you still need luggage. Samsonite the classic name in luggage is a great choice for a modern, attractive, stylish, and sturdy piece of luggage.


With all of the changes made with travel, securities procedures have become more stringent, where manpower may have decreased; the handling of bags has changed. If you check your bag it’s handled more than it would normally be handled, and if you carry it own it will be handled more than usual. Procedures simply require more handling. That being said, travelers need luggage that can withstand handling without damage occurring. This is going to require a product of strength, durability, and integrity, which you will find with Samsonite the classic name in luggage.

Having been a leader in the industry for over ninety years and have lived true to their mission of “providing innovative solutions for the traveling world.” More people travel today than every before, and the majority of them are stylish travelers. Samsonite has followed trends and technology and have responded to the needs of the traveling public by keeping their products fresh, innovative, secure, dependable and durable. Samsonite not only makes suitcases, carryon bags, backpacks, attaches and other luggage items, but has chose to lend it’s name to other products associate with quality in the travel industry.

The Samsonite today is not our parents Samsonite. Some of the products offered today look like luggage carried by most runway models. One style in particular the Samsonite Black Label line, remaining true to the classic name in luggage, but also offering a trendy new style to meet the demands of the consumer. One of the most favorite collections is the Vintage contemporary retro collection from Samsonite Black Label.

The Mini Bag and the Beauty Case are gorgeous as well as functional. The collection pieces form the Mini Bag up to the large pieces of luggage range from $250.00 up. The X-Lite Collection, which is perfect for men, has an edgy contemporary style. The set starts with the smallest being a Toiletry Kit with approximately 18 pieces offered, ranging up to a 35″ Hard side Spinner Upright. The bags are lightweight, and environmentally designed with a lightweight synthetic fabric. Prices range from $150.00 up and truly representative of Samsonite the classic name in luggage.


When you make the initial investment in your luggage register it with Samsonite for your product warranty. Samsonite the classic name in luggage offers a warranty for all products with the warrant varying with the product line, and purchase day. Warranties range from 2 to 10 years based on the product. All repairs are done at authorized Samsonite dealers. If there is not one in your area, it can be shipped to an authorized dealer who will repair your bag based on the warrant. For more information on Samsonite the classic name in luggage, visit the Web site.

So, guys and gals, what are you waiting for? Just grab onto the opportunity with open hands and buy your own samsonite kohvrid and plan a long and well deserved vacation with friends and family and allow Samson suitcases to prove their potential which they already have to the world at large and is now today one of the best brands of luggage today as well as the first that comes to the mind of customers.

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