Selling Your Novel Idea Using Social Networking Strategies

There are thousands of novels written each year, however, only a handful of novel projects are actually published. The challenge of getting a novel published has to deal with the notoriety of the author, the strength and marketability of the storyline and the shear volume of novel submissions that are sent to publishing houses each year. If you have a novel idea that you think will be a big seller then there are steps that you can take to make your novel idea stand out from the others.

Develop a Following for Your Writing

The first step to make your novel submission package stand out is to develop a following for your fiction writing. This can be accomplished by setting up a website and/or blog that features your fiction writing. You will need to invest a considerable amount of time developing your website and blog. For example, you will need dozens of entries such as short stories and novellas. Your blog can be set up to deliver a serial story segment each week. In addition to developing content around your writing you will also want to set up a biography page and a news release page. The more page views your author’s website gets the more impressed publishers are going to be and the more likely it will be that they will take your novel seriously.

Introduce Your Characters to Readers

The next step is to introduce your characters to your reading public. The key here is to use social networking strategies like blogging, Twittering and possibly even YouTubing to generate a buzz about the main characters from your novel. You can introduce your characters by creating short stories that introduce their back stories or that feature them in a mini-story line. You can also provide short snippets from your novel in your social networking entries. To make this strategy effective, you will want to make hundreds of entries on various social networking sites to up your exposure. One way to know your readers or possible subscribers is to use This tool will help you see the profiles of people who may be interested in the book or novel ideas that you have.

Social Networking Scavenger Hunt

Another strategy that you can take to increase your online exposure is to set up a story scavenger hunt. For this scavenger hunt your readers will start at one social networking site where they will get part 1 of your story. They will then be directed to another site where they can pick up part 2 of the story. From this site they will be directed to another site. The final entry page will provide your readers with a cliffhanger entry and told to get the rest of the story they will need to buy the novel. Then have them enter their contact information in your guest book in order to be updated when your novel will be made available to the public. You can use your guestbook entries as proof that there is a market for your novel and that you already have engaged fans.

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