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If you go to the SIGG website, or a major retailer of their product, you’re going to hear mostly good stuff about the product. Before you consider buying however, it won’t hurt to look into what some purchasers have to say about these bottles, both pro and con. A summary of a number of such reviews is given here, looking at both adult and kids-sized bottles. It’s important to make the distinction between a testimonial, which says mostly good or great stuff, and a review, which sometimes at least, shows both sides. If reviews appear no different from testimonials, either the product in question is a truly great one, or someone is filtering some negative information out. Reviews of SIGG water bottles are for the most part very positive, with just enough criticism to indicate that the product line isn’t perfect and the reviews are objective.

Pros-And-Cons -What many see as positive features of the SIGG water bottles are, they give no plastic taste, are easy to drain and clean, are free of toxic agents, and basically unbreakable. The cons are that the bottles dent easily if dropped, and they are somewhat pricey. Also, though advertised as having a leak-proof lid, some users have commented that the lids can be leaky. Part of the problem seems to be that the screw top is so closely engineered that it takes a little effort to put the cap on correctly. Another negative comment has been that it seems to take “forever” to screw the cap on or off, not just a couple of twists, as is the case with your typical plastic water bottle. Of course if you’re riding a bike, it is a bit of a hassle to have to be trying to screw a cap off while still in motion. In fact if you’re taking a sip of water while doing much of anything, like jogging or running for example, something that takes time to screw on and off can be a bit of a pain. Maybe SIGG can come up with an answer for that one, but it’s hard to come up with a product that pleases everyone.

The vast majority of the comments about the SIGG water bottles are very positive. Hardly anyone indicates that they made a mistake in purchasing one. Lots of people find them “adorable”, you can collect them if you wish, but it would be an expensive thing to do. E-Bay probably has some collector’s items for sale. Most reviewers seem to like the fact that even if they can be dented, the bottles are unbreakable, easy to grip, and easy to pack away in a backpack or day pack. Plus, they are designed to fit in most bicycle bottle holders. Lots of reviewers praise the designs of the bottles, which admittedly are somewhat striking. One reviewer, who apparently had just finished reading a series of reviews praising the different designs wrote, “Lighten up man, it’s just a water bottle!”

The reviews contain a few comments regarding an apparent inability of the water bottles to keep the contents cold (or warm), citing that, since the water bottles are constructed of aluminum, and excellent conductor of heat, that they therefore are not particularly useful. There are two answers to this one. First, the inner coating of the bottles, and enamel-like substance, is not a good conductor of heat, and will therefore act somewhat as a thermal buffer. Second, the purpose behind the bottles is not to keep an ice cold drink ice cold for a lengthy period of time. If this feature is desired, SIGG does have a line of thermos bottles and mugs which will do the trick.

There have been a number of positive reviews in the media as well, both on TV (The Today Show), newspapers (USA Today, The Seattle Times), and magazines (Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Newsweek). Sporting goods retailers and outdoor magazines generally won’t go out of their way to heap praise on a product unless it is a truly good one, and if a company has been working on a product line for 100 years they’ve probably got it right. It would seem then that given the design, eco-friendliness, durability, and attractiveness of SIGGS water bottles, they indeed did get it right.

For getting first hand information about SIGG water bottles, you can simply read this article again and again without the need to waste time scanning blogs and articles online as they all have their own opinion that confuses people so much that they aren’t able to make up their mind.

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