Starting a Sheet Music Collection

Sheet music displayed in the living room can be aesthetically beautiful because it adds a touch of the artist atmosphere to the hall. Starting a sheet music collection is a relatively easy, and inexpensive hobby. Once you have decided what you want to collect, you can easily find them at the garage sales, flea markets, and also on the Internet. Unless you’re looking for extremely less sheet music, most of the sheet music is generally priced from a few dollars to about thirty dollars.

But to start a sheet music collection, what you should do is to decide on a particular genre or period of music before you begin to start collecting them. It is generally a good idea that you concentrate only on one period of the music era at a time. For example, if you are looking at collecting sheet music for baroque music, you can begin with collecting the most representative pieces in the baroque era.

As you see it here, collecting sheet music written by a famous composer is also one of the very popular choices for collectors. For example, you can choose to collect pieces composed by the particular composer in the Baroque era such as Bach or Vivaldi. If you want to collect his music by the composer in the classical era, then you can look into his music for Mozart or Beethoven.

If you are thinking of collecting music that represents the early American style, then you can consider rag music from the early 20th century. This is because rag music is considered to be the foundation of modern jazz. And for this same very reason, it is hugely popular with collectors for vintage sheet music.

When collecting sheet music of a particular type of genre or a particular composer, you can also put together the history of the music or the composer you are collecting for, this will not only make you understand more on your collections, it will make the value of your collections much greater.

However, one thing that all sheet music collectors should know is that if your sheet music is not going to be displayed, then you’ll probably need to have the proper knowledge to preserve the conditions of the sheet music. A common way of preserving sheet music is to sort them out properly and store each set of sheet music of the same size into a plastic bag and seal it, preferably vacuum. When you have done that, you just need to store on the different bags of sheet music into a larger storage container to prevent them from scratch on damage from other sharp objects. Lastly simply store your containers into a dry area.

Collecting sheet music is a very rewarding exercise especially for musicians because they can read along when they are listening to their favorite music. In addition, they also provide great visual value to the décor of the room.


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