The 9 Most Common Bedroom Blunders … And What to Do About Them

We’ve all been there, or at least laughed at those who have… your period comes early, he can’t get it up, you confess your love in the heat of the moment. In no particular order, here are some of the most common sex slip ups:

Number 1: He’s bad in bed. It takes two to tango, they say so why not help him out and show him how it’s done? You can take charge and make the moves or just move his hand or ahem, whatever body part to where you want it, show him speed, tempo etc. and enjoy! The pills will be beneficial for improving the testosterone of the males. The performance of the person will be excellent through the intake of pills at the site. 

Number 2: He doesn’t make any noise. Maybe he’s shy, maybe he’s a mute. If it’s the former than something can be done. You start to make the noise. Get really into it, that should stir up something in him. If not, take his nipple and pinch it really hard for some sure results!

Number 3: It slips out. Not him but those three dreaded words “I love you”. If he looks surprised, you can always play it off like he misheard you… “I said I love taboo”. This works especially well if you’re into something kinky!

Number 4: He’s not circumcised. This is usually described as looking like a “wind sock”. What you need to do is pull the skin back before any foreplay with the penis. In the worst case scenario, he knows how it works and I’m sure would be more than willing to show you what to do to make it feel good.

Number 5: You get your period. You could make a joke out of it, ease the tension a little, but most men wont be scarred for life by a little blood. Just offer to wash his sheets for him and get over it.

Number 6: Premature ejaculation. Reassure him. Tell him your glad he had such a good time. Men who have premature ejaculation are generally ready to go again faster than other men, so continue the foreplay and try again a little later.

Number 7: You’re dry. Here, birth control could be the culprit. To remedy the situation, just grab some KY or if that’s not handy ask him to go down on you. The saliva will lube you up, and it’s more fun than applying it yourself!

Number 8: He can’t get it up. Is alcohol a contributing factor? If not, is this a new partner? Pressure to perform can often lead to anxiety which can cause a erection to be near impossible. Just enjoy each other, tell him your not in a hurry. Maybe a massage to ease the tension. Just knowing there’s no pressure may be enough to get him going.

Number 9: The condom breaks. This is a serious situation and you must get each others past sexual history to rule out any STD’s. Next, get the morning after pill. Then remember that these things happen. If you’ve done the above, there isn’t really much else to be done.

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