The Magic Of Mushrooms – What They Do? 

Have you ever heard about the magic mushrooms? The magic mushrooms are known as cultivated or wild mushrooms. It has been known from different names in different places such as shrooms, golden teacher mushrooms, blue meanies, liberty caps, Amani, golden tops, and agaric. It contains naturally occurred psychoactive, psilocybin, and hallucinogenic compound. You may hear about psilocybin that is a popular psychedelic according to the mental health administrations.  

What do they do? 

In simple words, magic mushrooms are classified as hallucinogenic drugs that make you see, feel and hear things that look real, but they are not real at all. The effects of magic mushrooms depend on environmental factors and can fluctuate according to the conditions. Generally, the magic mushroom effect starts kicking in 20 to 35 minutes and can stay several hours. The effects depend on various factors that are as follows. 

  • Individual weight, age, and personality. 
  • The amount of dosage an individual takes of magic mushrooms. 
  • The emotional state of the individual while taking the dosage. 
  • Any mental illness background of the individual. 

They have been used for many decades because they are believed to be associated with self-discovery and spiritual experiences. Some people believed that drugs like weed, mescaline, or magic mushrooms that naturally occurred help attain a spiritual state of mind. The maximum people take magic mushrooms for experiencing a distorted state of sense and euphoria sense over time.   

After different studies, the magic mushroom drug has been classified for medical use. Its use for treating anxiety, depression, cancer, and any psychiatric distress. Still, they are not legalized in many countries, and people can face criminal penalties for drug possession. 

Do not take magical mushroom without the consultation proper consultation with your doctor because it can trigger mental and emotional problems.

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